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Re: SPOILER THREAD FOR Game of Thrones (TV series discussion)

Mace isn't playing for the Tyrells. Olenna is. Stannis has done pretty well having little support. Davos is the guy that's really kept him in the game though.

Doran has done nothing really. The one thing he did failed because Dany is an idiot. It wasn't Quentyn's fault she's blind. On the other hand Quentyn was ill suited to be a suitor, but an alliance with Dorne could only be a good thing.

As for Cersei, you're attributing a lot of failures to her she could never accomplish. She'd never get the Vale or Dorne to raise their banners for them. Not even Tywin could do that. The Martells hate the Lannisters as much if not more than the Starks. The Vale is allied to...lol...yeah. She had no control over losing Jaime to the Starks either. Tywin sending Tyrion, however, does show how little Tywin thinks of Cersei.

I do agree that paranoia and obsession blinded her and brought about her downfall. But again, she's not done/dead. I can't see her giving up her obsessions however. She's had them since she was a child. If she does let go of her obsessions, she could be good at the game. As it is, yeah, she's awful.
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