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Re: SPOILER THREAD FOR Game of Thrones (TV series discussion)

we're arguing two different things. we've seen cersei play and we've seen her results their awful. not only has she embarrassed herself. she has a prophecy that dictates her actions and cause her to do stupid things. her own family think she's painfully bad at the game. they have time and time again neutralized her power. or told her to get a grip on things.

joffrey isn't playing a game of thrones. he thinks he's the rightful king. our argument stemmed from being very little more dangerous than mad king mad. i said joffrey probably is, what i've been arguing is that cersei isn't mad king mad. her danger can be dealt with. her reach can be avoided and you can fool her easily.

we've seen her elevate people off who she think she can control and give her flashbacks to things robbed from her. she's lost investments, she has no support. she's constantly playing off someone else game. hell a lot of her positioning and moves are based off of littlefinger's infrastructure and she continuously gets played by him. the infrastructure she made fell apart and lead to her downfall. her decisions have this overwhelming tendency to be double edged swords.

cersei is very much bothered by her son. she continuously has to regret that she let her son chop stark's head off. tyrion was only sent because tywin felt she couldn't control her son. her son put them in the position she is in now.

if we argue in the context of the whole series she's the worst active player. i won't give her credit for sticking around because then i have to applaud mace tyrell by all account isn't impressive at all. if i praise cersei for staying afloat, i have to pat mace, doran, and stannis all on the back.

since we're arguing in the context of the show. we have seven kingdoms. four of them are in outright rebellion of the crown. two lands that belong to the crown's family is out right rebelling. the other two kingdoms the vale and the dorne aren't raising the banner for her king. she's lost her brother to the starks. her main accomplishment at this point is getting lady killed. the westerlands the only one fighting for their king is losing a war to the starks. her son is slipping out of her control. her father sent her hated brother to rule instead of her.

her crowning accomplishment getting a full lannister on the throne. wasn't strategic. it was pure spite. for being called lyanna. the fallout from her decision could have been neutralized with one child from robert. the north seceding is easily avoided if she could have controlled her child. she is short sighted in her game, has awful judgment, incapable of rule. her paranoia of a prophecy ruined her.

you can't be capable and go from the top of the pecking order to the bottom. she's an enable for the real players in theory. she was sidelined when tyrion was a hand and was a spectator. she enabled littlefinger to reach his current position. hell one of the players went out of their way to make sure she was in a position where she could crawl herself back to power. she's an inefficient lannister and the two shouldn't go together.
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