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Re: SPOILER THREAD FOR Game of Thrones (TV series discussion)

Originally Posted by MrMister View Post
It also should be noted that Cersei is still in the game. No way is she done. Humbled to the extreme yeah, but she ain't done. While she's no Varys (no one is as good as Varys), she is tenacious. We'll see her claw her way back into it. Can she learn from her awful mistakes though? We'll see.

I find her main fault is obsession. She obsesses about the younger more beautiful woman that is "destined" to replace her, and there's always the valonqar in the back of her mind. If she let these phantom threats go, she'd be able to act with a more clear mind.
This is true, she's tenacious if she's nothing else, she definitely won't allow herself to be removed from play by anything but Death & even then, she'd probably return as a White Walker.

I have to say though, her trial was by far one of the most satisfying situations in the entire series. Not only did she get what she deserved it was due primarily to the fact that she recklessly reinstated the militant arm of the Faith. Heh, & then Ser Gregor's back from the dead to be her Champion. Awesome.

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