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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
Damn how did I forget about Punk/Joe II. Not a clue why I thought it was Joe/Kobashi now.

@Vader, excellent post. Like I said I can understand why people are maybe ecstatic that Meltzer loved an ROH match so much, since even if his opinion actually counts for very much bar it being his own personal opinion, it is coming from a respected Wrestling fan who many seem to hold on a pedastal high above anyone else. Personally I just see his ratings as I do Seabs', one person watching and giving their personal opinion on a wrestling match. No-one can ever conclusively prove a match is perfect, hell I could totally see some people thinking the AJPW mid 90s classics as being too slow, or not understanding the psychology behind finisher kick outs playing off of prior matches. It doesn't diminish their standing if such a low opinion exists, but rather seeks to re-affirm that wrestling is entirely subjective.
I know what you mean. Meltzer has his own things that he likes to see in a match. Everyone has those so it's not like this is some fundamental flaw. I think his ratings are worthwhile because he has so many of them though. It lets you look at the big picture and compare matches to each other from the same person. I think that's where Meltzer's ratings have some value. I mean if you come onto this forum and give a match ***1/2 it's kind of hard to get anything out of that when I don't know what matches you've given similar ratings to.
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