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Re: Official General Superstars Weekly TV Show Discussion Thread

Kidd/Hunico was disappointing I thought. Opening sequences were fun and established a hierarchy of Kidd dominating the mat exchanges but the commercial break killed the portion of Hunico's workover which sucked since I could imagine him working a bunch of rad submissions to target the arm. Kidd also really wasn't selling it all that well, I hate to compare him to guys like Masters and Christian who are exquisite face workers but those guys repeatedly worked spots that exposed their injury, something like Kidd going for a tornado DDT despite having the injured arm and not working a spot whereby he couldn't hit the move the first time just bothered me because I know if you had someone like Bourne, Masters or Christian in that match they'd be adding these subtle touches which would just make the match better.

Finish was rather good in setting up a rematch, but yeah the commercial break killing Hunico's heat section and the lack of incorporation of the injured limb into any spots or the finish really bothered me and stopped the match from becoming 'really good'. Kidd's still not selling me as a great worker yet, expert wrestler capable of some great sequences but he doesn't seem to have the desire to throw in these subtle touches into matches that the better workers will think to do.

Special mention to Hunico taking the Jerry Estrada bump and then doing an Arn Anderson esque 'I'm too smart to fall on my ass' bit of schtick to the audience before turning into a running kick from Kidd, by far my favourite sequence of the match.
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