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Re: Being The Booker

Summerslam Feedback

Hell of a video package to start this one off, beautifully done.

Was expecting the Triple Threat to start off the show but London/MVP isn’t a bad choice either to get the ball rolling. Nice showing of the crowd early on as they would no doubt be pumped up and was pleased to see MVP assume control in the early stages, looking to keep the Golden Boy grounded. The working of the arm by Porter was nice and some of the arm wrenches sounded pretty nasty. One thing I will say is that I’m surprised he went for the arm rather than leg of London as the speed and high flying nature of the champ is his biggest asset. Wow, the little passage on the outside with MVP battering the arm/shoulder against the ringpost was brutal stuff. Things really picked up in terms of pace towards the end and you really emphasised London’s determination to hang in and fight off this exhaustion that’s been played up of late, was good to read. London winning wasn’t a surprise and I’m glad he did here but you certainly made him work for it and MVP comes out of this looking strong still and I think and hope his time will come soon enough. Good start to the show.

Excellent Regal interview here, character nailed on one hundred percent.

Wow, was not expecting the attack beforehand from Shelton, a brilliant tactic in getting the champion some early heat and potentially ruling Regal out of this one already. Some nice hard hitting action from Benjamin and Hardy in the early stages here and it was certainly 50/50 for the most part with Hardy on top, then Shelton turning the tables. Ah Regal returns!! I can only imagine the type of reaction he’d get if that were to actually happen, it’d be insane. The Brass Knucks from Regal had me thinking it was over, couldn’t believe Hardy broke that one up, I thought it’d be the ultimate for Regal to win it in typical Regal fashion. Regal kicked out of Paydirt?! Holy moly. At that point I knew victory was his and what a moment that would be, Regal overcoming all the odds to take the gold in his home country. Fantastic moment and a very enjoyable match up again. My only complaint would be, this was an absolutely perfect way to kick off the show and you opted against. Maybe it was because it was too predictable? But still, sometimes the best things can be predictable.

Haha, before I even get on to the match, Storm drinking on his way down the ramp is priceless. These two really are the ultimate assholes. This is just absolutely brilliant Wolfy, really and truly brilliant. Caribbean Connection all overrrr AMW for the entire thing and these two absolute pieces of garbage up and leave, genius. Some people might not like it but I love it, just adds to this whole thing for both AMW and CC.

The seeds have been planted before for a feud between these two and yet again we get them here. If and when this happens it has the potential to be a hell of a rivalry. Both men were in good form here and I’d have rather maybe heard from the Game regarding the actual match tonight as it’s such a huge one but this here was nicely worked.

Really frenetic, fast paced, high energy stuff from Mysterio and Angle from the off and it was gripping to read. Angle’s Belly to Belly over the top rope was nasty but both men looked strong in the early exchanges. I’m glad Angle looked to get the mask fairly early on as it’s been a real focus of his. That Guerrero/Mysterio rehash was beautifully worked and I can totally picture it in my head. Some fantastic reversals here, really good stuff and the 619 into the Ankle Lock was sweet. The sequence of near falls following on was brilliant and the intensity of Angle in applying that Ankle Lock again was classic Angle. The fight shown by Rey was typical of the Ultimate Underdog, you portrayed that really well and the ending was perfect considering what’s already gone down in this feud. The mask has been a factor from the get go and it made sense Angle went after it, ripping it off of him leaving Rey helpless is a great way to go and an Angle Slam from the top isn’t a bad route to go either lol. Fantastic match, highlight of the night thus far and this thing is probably not over with yet.

If you write another Mania then just….words can’t describe, please do. Great package here.

Edge/Taker was one I was very intrigued to see how you’d book and I can assure you, I wasn’t disappointed. Taker started this one off like a house on fire, completely dominant and at that stage I worried for Edge in this thing. Even when Edge had a small little period of dominance you felt as though Taker was still in control, the triangle choke was evidence of that as it just came from nowhere and almost put the Ultimate Opportunist away. Clever stuff from Edge in targeting the leg but just as I said earlier it still felt as though the Deadman was in control and it showed again with the little comeback before that insane suicide dive, classic Taker and for a guy with one leg in this thing just incredible.

Ah, very, very nicely played here with the legs giving way with a Last Ride imminent, enjoyed that. AGAIN though Taker comes back and assumes control, kick out of the choke slam was strong from Edge and a real positive for him hanging in there. At this point the tide turned and finally, finally Edge built up some momentum. Wow, Edge looked a million bucks towards the end here, absolutely rolled over the Deadman with impact after impact move as he finally puts him away. Taker looks a beast still as Edge had to give it everything and I mean EVERYTHING to finish this while Edge gets that huge win he’s been looking for. Great job.

Before this one, just like to say that having the Angles of Anarchy there and watching was a nice little touch as it shows how important this is with the new competition checking out the current stars. This one sarted out as it meant to go on with some great action, the early table collapse with Nitro putting Helms through it sounded pretty brutal. Mercury then going!! Amazing stuff for so early on here. At this point, I give up trying to mention how brutal some of the spots were in this thing, some absolutely incredible action in this one, simply put.

You may think laziness on my part but it’s not, it’s just I could literally type two pages on the thing. Really showcased all four men’s abilities and showcased just how damn crazy they are putting their bodies on the line like this. I didn’t expect the interference in this and it may be seen as ‘overdoing’ it a little bit but the action was so strong that it didn’t take anything away from it and also gave both the Lions and Entourage a nice little bit of spotlight. If you’d have said before the match all this would take place, I’d have been against it but now? Not at all. MNM now gone from the tag ranks, Smackdown awaits, should be interesting times ahead as I’m sure the Angels are, pardon the pun, waiting in the wings for Straight Edge. Hell of a match.

Ah, already hearing from Edge on his quest, didn’t expect that but I like it. Edge heading over to Raw? Hmmmm, not too sure how I feel about that IF it happens but I’d be willing to bet you make it work.

Wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the Craftsmen here but them jumping ship certainly spices things up on Raw even more. The whole thing you brought up of Bischoff stealing Smackdown stars could see a potential storyline appear which I wouldn’t oppose but we shall see. Anyways, good move for these guys and I hope they excel as they should, you’ve built them up so damn well.

Looking forward to this one and a very unique entrance from Cena that’s for sure. Unsurprisingly cagey start to this one with so much at stake here. Really smart strategy displayed from Kennedy and Miz here, Miz taking every opportunity he can to make his mark and KK hopping in and out of things, it’s clever stuff. The FU though from Cena to Miz certainly felt like a game changer and it was great to see Miz getting his comeuppance. Kennedy though got right back in control and looked at ease here, the sleeper hold had me surprised as usually Cena immediately shows that fight, that heart of his but KK almost taking him out of this one here, I liked to see it, the description of Cena’s eyes closing was very vivid. Niiiiice counter from Kennedy, FU into a DDT, lovely stuff there. Really gripping passage of action now, the Krossface into a pin, follow that with STFU attempt, the kick out from the Mic Check, the kick out from the FU, amazing stuff, didn’t expect either man to kick out and at this point I couldn’t tell which way things were gonna turn, extremely topsy turvy here, you did get that sense that neither man felt they could afford to lose, finding that strength from somewhere. OH WOW!! Cena taps?!? Goodness me I did not see that happening AGAIN!

What a victory this is for Kennedy, not just the win but the manner in doing so. Yes he had that extra help from Miz, from the TV camera but this John F’N Cena he’s just made tap out. Only Kurt Angle has been capable of that, a submission specialist, an expert but now KK? Fantastic stuff, really is. Cena’s decline continues and I’ve mentioned before that a Cena heel turn would be incredible and I see it happening, it’s just a case of when and how. I see it being a little way off yet but the signs are slowly building before Cena finally snaps.

Epic entrance from the Game here, heaps better than Cena though that’s to be expected I guess when you get Motorhead performing live. Hard hitting, brutal, all out fight to kick things off and I wouldn’t want it any other way. HAHA, Trips kicking Lesnar right where it hurts was such a Trips move and the chair shots to follow were ruthless. Blood gushing so early was to be expected and I’m glad you went with both men pretty swiftly after each other, this was made to be a war. 2x4 out? Yeah, carnage and that spine buster from Trips, holy shit. No shock that there was a tiny lull after this but it was to be expected after a frantic opening, both men needed to recover. It soon picked right back up though and the DDT from Trips to the chair followed by the power bomb to Trips on the chair were nicely delivered. Christ this is brutal, Lesnar going through the table was devastation from Trips.

A nice little passage of wrestling then came into it, glad to see this wasn’t JUST weapons, the F5 and Pedigree conuters before the neck breaker from Trips were really nicely worked into and as much as I love the brutality, a bit of action without it did no harm. The end to this match, jesus christ. Lesnar just showed that he is sick in the head, absolutely sick in the head. Trips is beaten but not disgraced in what can only be described as an all out war. Lesnar looks a complete monster, the added addition of Steph to plead for her husband was really nice to read as it showed how severe this was turning out to be. I sense that when Trips returns it will be as a face and it will be to take on a certain Mr.Kennedy. An extended break now for the Game is the best move.

Was pleased to see Mickie show up and bring the fight to Beth but it was quite evident from the off in this one that she was gonna struggle to overcome the power of the challenger and Beth taking home the gold is probably the right way to go as a loss to a weakened Mickie would’ve made Beth look weak. Interested to see where this goes next.

Oooooh Y2J is here eh? Would he get involved now? Don’t see it but I’ll soon find out.

Honestly I was very surprised to see this go on second last. I know it’s a big time match and it’s the WWE title but I still believed you would go with Trips/Lesnar here or maybe even the Divas, not that I’m complaining by the way lol. The opening went in the way I had expected, Van Dam coming out all guns blazing, you’d expect that after what he’s been through so pleased to see it. I liked the approach you went with once Orton gained control, it was a calculated, methodical approach from him and he really targeted the skull of Van Dam, focusing on an area he’s weakened before, smart stuff with the kicks, right hands etc. Things really picked up some steam as this one came to a close, really enjoyed the passage of reversals and near misses, from Van Dam’s rolling thunder fail to Van Dam countering an RKO before the champ gets the backbreaker in to finally get on top. Wow, the Sunset power bomb off the top from Van Dam was immense, typical of Mr.Friday night. Oh what an end!! Epic stuff here with these two going toe to toe, move after move before that Five Star into an RKO, absolutely brilliant stuff from both men here. This exceeded my expectations, don’t know why I wasn’t too keen going in but this certainly delivered in a big way and was definitely the right call allowing Orton to retain.

Aaaaaaaaand now the big one. Mightily looking forward to this. Not surprised in the slightest that this had a very cagey opening with that real big match feel coming across it, both men recognising the other and recognising what’s on the line. Umaga finally getting on top and the man is just an absolute beast, sheer dominance from the Samoan Bulldozer and Christian looked completely out of his depth in this thing. Christian really on the defensive here but I guess that was the only route you could go and you could see he was just gonna have to try and seize an opportunity at some stage and he did start to show some life but every time he did so, Mags struck back with some authority. That Samoan Drop is always monstrous from the big man. Then you follow that up with a Spinning Powerslam on the outside moments later? Total brutality, just a machine this guy. As dominant as Mags looked in this, the determination, the heart you showed in Christian was to be admired, everything Mags throws at him, he hangs on in and you really do tell the story very well. Just when I thought Christian was done, he gets back into it and putting Umaga through a table? What a way to do it! Now that’s something no man’s been capable of, big time game changer there from CC. Oh baby, kick out of the Unprettier after that table fall? Incredible.

J.R.’s little lines in this match have been epic by the way, ‘He can’t be beaten!’. Such a J.R. line. HE GOT HIM!! Captain Charisma pulls off the impossible, a memorable, memorable moment not just for this event but for the history of this BTB right there. Umaga’s been built up so, so, so well as has Christian into the face of the entire company and to see two such expertly built men go toe to toe like this was a great story with a great feel good moment to round things off. I personally wanted Umaga to win as he was red hot but now? Now who knows where he goes, the aura sort of dies with this which is disappointing but at the same time I totally understand Christian winning, he is legit THE guy now in my opinion, if he wasn’t already that is. I do wonder what’s next for Captain Charisma, a rematch perhaps but I don’t think it would have the same effect. Angle perhaps on the cards? Matches would no doubt be great but we shall see

On the whole, amazing stuff, really was. Every single match on the card delivered in one way or another. Be it the war that was Trips/Lesnar, the monster taking on the underdog main event or the out of shape assholes simply walking away from battle, it was a really excellent read and furthers my excitement moving forward. This was a hell of a card, most certainly Wrestlemania worthy which I think you were aiming for and believe me, you delivered. Well done with this, fantastic, I hope you come back soon enough and keep tearing things up.
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