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Please feel free to make predictions in the thread now. The card is now fixed.

Tuesday 18th January, 2011 | KFC Yum! Arena, Louisville, Kentucky

***** WILD AND YOUNG *****

*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

NXT begins with a reminder from Matt Striker and Josh Mathews that last week the first ever NXT rankings were established:

After Dolph Ziggler’s win over Kaval – with assistance from Kaval’s so called team-mates – and Santino Marella’s interference in the #1 Ranking match that gave Vladimir Kozlov a DQ win over Khali, the eight NXT competitors could see where they ranked after three weeks in the competition and how they needed to improve – or in Kozlov’s case, maintain – their performance if they wished to win the competition. Striker announces that there will be a huge announcement later tonight regarding the first elimination on NXT and when and how it will happen. He also informs us that tonight’s main event will see #2 ranked Great Khali challenge the top rank, Vladimir Kozlov, in a rematch for the #1 ranking. This time, there will hopefully be no interference from Santino Marella and we will be able to see who the true NXT number 1 is currently ...

Maryse (c) vs. Layla

A rematch between the Divas Champion, Maryse, and the Diva she defeated last week to win the title, Layla. Just as the match is about to begin though, the music of Layla’s former partner, Michelle McCool hits and she heads to the ring with her bodyguard, Kharma. McCool sits at the announce table and is interested in watching the new champion, Maryse, and her former partner, Layla. Both Divas are distracted at first but they soon get into their match and have another even contest like last week. Layla looks to be getting on top and she goes for her patented neckbreaker, the Layout, but Maryse manages to grab the ropes and counters it to save her Divas Championship. Layla is stunned and almost falls into the French Kiss DDT but manages to wriggle clear and rolls Maryse up for a 2-count. Both ladies rush at each other and go for clotheslines at the same time – both are down on the mat. At this point, four weeks later than expected, McCool and Kharma finally strike. They enter the ring and grab a Diva apiece – McCool drags Layla to her feet, Kharma has Maryse. McCool sets up the ‘Wings of Love’ and drops Layla to the mat before Kharma powerbombs Maryse down to the mat as well. The referee signals for the bell ...
WINNER: NO CONTEST (Maryse retains Divas Championship)

With both Divas down and out, Michelle grabs the Divas Title belt from the referee and lays it symbolically over the body of Maryse. She laughs out loud as the crowd boo her and then takes her leave with Kharma – a clear message sent from Michelle to the Divas!

After the commercial break, JBL calls MVP to him in the locker room area. Reluctantly, MVP listens as JBL informs him that he needs to toughen up and stop feeling sorry for Kaval here on NXT. JBL says that Kaval is the runt of the pack and it is up to Team JBL to eliminate him and prove their worth to the team before they go on to dominate Team Rock. JBL tells MVP that he has organised a match tonight between fellow Team JBL members – it will be #5 rank Drew McIntyre vs. #8 rank Kaval. JBL tells MVP that he is the only member of Team JBL not in action tonight and that he knows what he needs to do.

Drew McIntyre (5) vs. Kaval (8)

After McIntyre’s interference last week, Kaval slipped up against Ziggler and has ended the first rankings in last place with little chance of escaping whilst Team JBL continue to conspire against him. With JBL at ringside, McIntyre and Kaval go at it and they start out evenly matched until a distraction from JBL allows McIntyre to get on top. The Scot dominates Kaval and it appears to be a matter of time before Drew picks up the win when he sets for the Future Shock DDT. However, Kaval counters out of the finisher and he drop kicks Drew through the ropes to the outside where McIntyre collides with their mentor, JBL. JBL hits his head on the barricades and the crowd sense a chance for Kaval to get a big win and swap places with McIntyre in the rankings. He rolls Drew back into the ring as JBL signals to the backstage area – here comes MVP! Will he do as he is told? JBL orders MVP to stop Kaval as he climbs to the top rope ready for the two foot stomp. MVP is hesitant as he climbs onto the apron and Kaval looks down at him, imploring him to do the right thing. MVP thinks about it and looks around the WWE Universe. MVP finally shakes his head and jumps down to the floor to the anger of JBL and the delight of the WWE Universe! Kaval sets himself again and jumps off the top rope ... Drew McIntyre moves and Kaval twists an ankle as he lands. FUTURE SHOCK DDT! Drew makes the cover and it is over!
WINNER: DREW McINTYRE (5: McIntyre; 8: Kaval)

JBL congratulates MVP on a job well done – he appears to now be thinking that MVP delayed Kaval on the top rope on purpose to give McIntyre time to recover and avoid the stomp. MVP looks conflicted as he accepts the congratulations and he looks to Drew who is pleased with him as well. The three of them make their way back up the ramp with the boos ringing out for Drew and JBL – but what was MVP’s intention?

After the second commercial break of the night, we return with The Rock making his way out to the ring to the delight of the fans. He plays up to the crowd as usual and performs his well known catchphrases whilst calling out Team Rock members, R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler. Rock reiterates to Ziggler and Truth that they need to listen to him, he knows what he is talking about. He orders Truth to cut out the rap music, he tells him that he is wasting time and energy on his way to the ring and that if he is going to make it in the WWE, he needs a new act, a new way to entertain the fans. Truth looks displeased with Rock’s comments but attention then turns to Ziggler. Rock says that if Ziggler continues to hang around with Vickie Guerrero, his career in the WWE is going to end in the coming weeks on NXT. Rock praises Ziggler and says he has all the talent in the world but Vickie is a rather large millstone around his neck. Vickie interrupts but Rock talks her back down in her place before telling them both to take heed of his advice ... IF YA SMELL ... WHAT THE ROCK ... IS ... COOKIN’ ...

Todd Grisham interviews William Regal, Mason Ryan and Finlay once more before their debut here as a team in the WWE on NXT. Regal again refuses to identify who will be competing for the British Empire but does invite the NXT crowd to join with a rousing rendition of ‘God Save The Queen’ with them. The crowd, obviously, refuse and they jeer the British anthem instead to the annoyance of Regal and his team. Their match with the Hart Dynasty is up next ...

Hart Dynasty w/Natalya vs. William Regal & Mason Ryan w/Finlay

Once in the ring, the British Empire reveal that Regal and Ryan will be competing for them with Finlay on the outside. As well as being the debut for their team, Striker also reminds us that this match is important as it determines which of these teams starts earlier and which starts later in this Sunday’s Tag Team Turmoil match at the Royal Rumble PPV. Regal and David Hart Smith start out and after an early flurry of offence from Smith, Regal takes control and uses his full range of suplexes and submission holds to grind Smith down, then Tyson Kidd. However, the Harts fight back and they appear to be on the road to victory when they lock Regal in the Sharpshooter – a distraction from Finlay allows Regal to escape and make the tag to Ryan though. In comes the young Welshman and he cleans house, dominating Kidd and Smith until he lifts Kidd high and smashes him down with a huge powerbomb. Mason Ryan makes the cover ... it’s over!

We now know that the Hart Dynasty, the Usos and the Tag Team Champions Ryder and Hawkins will be involved in Tag Team Turmoil early whereas the British Empire, Bourne and Henry and Cryme Tyme will join the match towards the latter stages which should increase their chances of victory. After an impressive debut win tonight, it’d be a brave man who bet against Regal and Ryan winning the titles for the British Empire and Queen Elizabeth II this Sunday ...

After the final commercial, Matt Striker is in the ring ready to announce something ‘huge’ he claims ... This Sunday at the Royal Rumble PPV, all eight participants in the NXT competition will compete in an 8-man Battle Royale with the winner immune from elimination for not just the first elimination – which will be in Week 6 – but the second elimination as well. Striker informs us that this match will be held at the Rumble PPV this Sunday night and that the prize is a huge incentive for all eight men to guarantee their place in NXT beyond the Elimination Chamber PPV and heading towards WrestleMania 27 and the grand NXT finale.

Great Khali (2) vs. Vladimir Kozlov (1)

The two big men clash in the main event of NXT and Striker hopes that this time we will see a clean end to the contest after Kozlov won via DQ last week when Santino attacked him. Mathews reminds us of Santino’s reasons for the attack after Kozlov beat him to prove he was a monster again for Team JBL – can you blame Santino? The match between Kozlov and Khali is predictably awkward and both men struggle to get any pace into the match. However, the crowd are into the match as they back Khali to defeat the Russian and earn the Number 1 rank. Headbutts from Kozlov to Khali though seem to be taking this match away from the Punjabi Playboy and Kozlov prepares for a Diving Headbutt from the top rope to end it. Suddenly, here comes Santino again! He shoves Kozlov from the top rope down to the mat – out of sight of the referee this time - and this gives Khali time to recover and hit the Khali Chop. With Kozlov stunned, Khali wraps his giant hands around the throat of Kozlov ... PUNJABI PLUNGE! Khali makes the cover ... 1 ... 2 ... 3!
WINNER: GREAT KHALI (1: Khali; 2: Kozlov)

Khali’s win – thanks in no small part to Santino – moves him into Rank #1 in the Week 4 NXT rankings as he swaps places with Kozlov to move top. The Russian is furious as he stares up the ramp and see Santino smiling at him with a look of happiness across his face after he took revenge on his former partner. NXT ends with the latest NXT rankings on the titantron ...

... before Striker reminds us to tune into the Royal Rumble to see which of the NXT competitors will be able to win the double immunity from elimination!

***** END OF SHOW *****




Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder (c) vs. British Empire vs. Cyme Tyme vs. Evan Bourne & Mark Henry vs. Hart Dynasty vs. Usos

Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase

Chavo Guerrero vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Great Khali vs. Kaval vs. MVP vs. R-Truth vs. Vladimir Kozlov

CM Punk (c) vs. Christian

Wade Barrett (c) vs. Triple H

Winner to get shot at the WWE or World Championship at WrestleMania 27!

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