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RAW Review

I love how you opened RAW with GM Shawn Michaels opening the show basically ripping off Michael Cole's video package making fun of it and then Michelle coming into the shot with Kharma was awesome as she is asking about whatever and HBK telling her that he hasn't heard back but then after that making matches for later on and that it will be HHH and a partner of his choice vs. 3 of Barrett's Nexus members in a Handicap Tag and if HHH & his partner win, the match at the Rumble is one on one and if Barrett's team wins, then Nexus are allowed to be at ringside at the Rumble

And then HHH choosing Angle as his partner, something tells me that Kurt is still angry from last week and if he is, then I can somehow see him turning on HHH in their match costing HHH the match

Cryme Time beating Tarver & Harris, since when are Cryme Time back together as a team? The last I heard Shad turned on JTG attacking him and now they are back together, caught me off guard but nonetheless hopefully with Cryme Time's win, hopefully they get the chance to go for the Tag Titles at the Rumble

Cole on RAW, why is he here, the stain on the underwear of life and guess who he brings with him, he brings Cena the most hated guy in WWE right now bringing him back on RAW, I hope my man Orton gets his hands on Cena

The Miz vs Randy Orton my main man, I loved the match because Orton was dominating until Cena had to come in and interfere because Cena knows Orton can't touch him because if Orton does, Orton will find his way out of the Rumble match and could be fired, but Miz picking up another win, Miz is one of my favorites to win, I mean the Rumble is in his hometown after all and he is the MITB Ladder Match winner meaning he has his briefcase, and Miz if he wins the Rumble, then he has a championship match at Mania but if he gets eliminated in the Rumble, he could still cash in his briefcase on the WWE Champion whether it be Barrett or Triple H

My main man Orton having to be restrained from Cena backstage, he wants Cena badly, in terms of he wants to RKO Cena and perhaps punt Cena directly in the skull taking him out but no Chip Butty comes in and restrains him and then tells my man Orton that if he touches Cena, he will become the #1 entrant and Cena then automatically will be the #30th entrant in the Rumble, what a way to stack the odds against Orton

British Empire as a stable I really do love them as a stable, but they need a 4th man in their stable to really make them a power stable, I would have Drew McIntyre join The British Empire, the 4 of them as a group, they can really make RAW their show

Now Edge has to qualify just to get into the Rumble, to me that's a travesty, I mean he won the Royal Rumble last year in 2010 and he should be in this year's, I mean it's only fair and if Edge does win the Rumble for the 2nd year in a row, Edge then says he is going to go over to Smackdown because of the way he's been treated by GM Michaels over the past few months and now he has to beat Morrison, if he does, he's in but if he doesn't, he's out, even if Edge loses, I see him somehow strong-arming his way into the match attacking someone from behind backstage and taking their spot to be in the Rumble

Edge beat Morrison in what I thought was a great match and finally Edge is in the Rumble, that means big business will definitely pick up and he could be one of my favorites to win especially now that he's in, and then what a statement he makes by attacking Morrison after the match, everyone should watch out for Edge now

Barrett backstage with Tarver and Harris I thought was good, if anything I hope Nexus does break up because Barrett if anything he doesn't even need Nexus anymore as they have ran their course on RAW as a stable because they don't attack random superstars anymore

The Miz backstage interview with Josh Matthews I thought was the funniest because Josh is asking such stupid questions but still at the same time Miz's promo I thought was intense, even if he wins the Rumble, he still has his briefcase but he won't even need it but if he loses in the Rumble, I could see him cashing in his briefcase the next night on RAW becoming the new WWE Champion depending on if the champion is still Wade Barrett or if it happens to be Triple H, Miz's rise to stardom is happening and it's happening now

RAW Rumble with Cena winning, like it wasn't even close, as since we all know that if Cena was in it, he was going to win but then Orton coming in sneaking into the ring somehow getting to Cena and trying to RKO Cena but Cena pushes Orton off and hightails it out of the ring with his security, yes what if Cena was RKO'ed, what would have been the reprecussions, either way Orton if he's #1, #30, whatever number he comes in at, doesn't matter, he's my pick to win and I am sticking with him

Gabriel the US Champion comes into the shot with HBK as they are looking on as Bryan and DiBiase are coming to blows having to be restrained by refs as it gets broken up, and HBK clearly pissed off about tonight's RAW because of Cole and Cena then tells the 3 of them that it will be Bryan vs DiBiase in a Ladder Match at the Rumble and whoever wins that, will get an opportunity to face Gabriel in the future for the US Title, if anything I see it being Bryan setting up a heel turn for Bryan with him becoming his YES! character

Main event I knew Angle would turn heel on HHH and he did costing HHH the match-up and then leaving HHH to be attacked by Nexus, but what does this all mean? Will Kurt Angle be in the Royal Rumble match for the first time in over 6 years, his last Rumble appearance being in 2005

Other than that great RAW and I can't wait until your Royal Rumble pay per view
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