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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Friday Night Smackdown (July 15, 2011)

The pyro goes off and the commentators introduce us to the show as we start things off with a match. Wade Barrett, Tyson Kidd and Ted DiBiase make their way out one by one to form one team before Shelton Benjamin, Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan make their separate entrances to form the opposing team in this 6-man tag team match consisting of Money In The Bank Ladder Match participants.

Match One: 6-Man Tag Team Match (Grudge Match)
Wade Barrett, Tyson Kidd and Ted DiBiase w/ Michael Hayes vs. Shelton Benjamin, Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan

The match is as good as any on TV in the last few years with all six men getting periods of time to show off their respective skills. The momentum shifts many times but a long portion of the match towards the end is taken up by the heels isolating Daniel Bryan, which is typical in tag matches, as is the hot tag which he gave to Shelton soon after. The finish comes as Ted DiBiase enters the ring illegally to break up a pin, prompting Sin Cara to take him out of the ring with a head scissors takedown. This seemingly acts as an invitation to everyone else on the apron, who all enter the ring and amidst the confusion, the legal man Wade Barrett nails the other legal man Shelton Benjamin with a low blow, while the referee focuses on the other competitors. Eventually everyone else ends up on the outside, allowing Barrett to hit Shelton with The Wasteland for the victory.

Winners: Wade Barrett, Tyson Kidd and Ted DiBiase via Pinfall (17:05)

After the match, the heels all come into the ring to celebrate with Barrett, but the NXT Season One Winner suddenly grabs Tyson Kidd and throws him out of the ring, turning on his partner. Signifying the fact that there are no teammates this Sunday at Money In The Bank, Barrett also attacks DiBiase with a big boot, which sent him rolling out of the ring. Wade Barrett pointed at the Money In The Bank logo and smiles as we go to break.

***Commercial Break***

When we return, Sheamus’ music plays and “The Celtic Warrior” makes his way to the ring to a lot of heat. He gets in the ring, takes a microphone and tells the crowd that he made them a little video to watch, and he hopes Chris Jericho is watching as well. The video starts off with what looks to be a compilation of Jericho’s career, but only focusing on the negatives. It shows Jericho quitting to John Cena in 2005, losing his Intercontinental Championship to Kofi Kingston in 2008, getting knocked out my Mickey Rourke at Wrestlemania 25 and Jericho’s last match before he left where he faced Orton, Sheamus interfered and Jericho got punted in the head. The video continues, this time focusing on Sheamus and him winning the WWE Championship twice, becoming the King Of The Ring and also winning the United States Championship. The video finally ends and Sheamus is shown in the ring, grinning.

Sheamus gets on the microphone and he says that what the audience just witnessed pretty much sums up the careers of Chris Jericho and him. He says that Jericho is washed up, old, has already retired twice and his career has been going downhill for a long time. He says that his own career is just the opposite; he’s a young, fit athlete on the rise, winning more and more championships and more and more accolades. Sheamus says that in his two short years in the WWE he has already surpassed Chris Jericho. He calls Jericho a mere afterthought in the wrestling business of today and for that reason, he had no right interrupting him three weeks ago. Sheamus says that it was three weeks ago that Jericho made the biggest mistake in his tired old career when he challenged Sheamus to a match. He says that this Sunday at Money In The Bank he is going to break Jericho’s frail bones and show him… but he is forced to stop as Jericho’s music starts to play, much to the dismay of Sheamus.

Jericho makes his entrance to a great pop and “Y2J” is soon in the ring opposite Sheamus, ready to reply to his comments. Jericho says that yes, he is older than Sheamus, but with age comes experience and Jericho knows the ropes more than almost anybody else on Smackdown. He says that Sheamus is the typical young and foolish type, he says he’s seen them pass through in the over 15 years he’s been in the business and none of them have successful career. He says Sheamus is lucky to have won a championship or two while he’s been here. On the topic of accolades, he tells Sheamus that the subject is uncontested- Jericho has won a record number of 9 Intercontinental Championships and he was the first ever Undisputed Champion. He says that Sheamus knows this already and his accomplishments will speak for themselves this Sunday, when he will wrestle for every single member of the crowd, not for himself, and he will defeat Sheamus.

The crowd pops but all of a sudden Sheamus whacks Jericho in the forehead with the microphone and the reaction from the audience takes a 180. Sheamus begins to lay into Jericho with punches but “Y2J” rolls them over and begins walloping Sheamus himself. In fact, the relentless fury that Jericho is showing is enough to have Sheamus call it quits and roll out of the ring. “The Best In The World At What He Does” stands in the ring and motions for Sheamus to come back inside for more. Sheamus, however, simply shakes his head and continues walking backwards up the ramp. The crowd boos as Sheamus makes his exit with Jericho’s music playing, the two Money In The Bank opponents obviously itching to get their hands on one another this Sunday at the pay per view.

***Commercial Break***

We go backstage to where interviewer Jack Korpela is with the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian, and the crowd gives “The Instant Classic” a great pop. Christian says that this Sunday, the Randy Orton chapter in the story of his career finally ends and he couldn’t be more grateful for the breath of fresh air it will provide. He tells Randy Orton that just because tonight marks their last match as long as either is champion, he’s not letting his guard down. Korpela asks him about Cody Rhodes and Christian says that he’s not worried about Cody, who he calls a coward and weak. He says that he can deal with Cody Rhodes this Sunday but tonight his mind is all about Randy Orton.

*Cut to the Ring*

The #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship Justin Gabriel makes his entrance, accompanied by his manager Matt Striker, and he gets a solid amount of boos. The Champ Ezekiel Jackson is next and “Big Zeke” gets a strong pop as he carries his title to the ring and faces Gabriel, preparing to start the match.

Match Two: Singles Match (Intercontinental Championship)
Justin Gabriel w/ Matt Striker vs. Ezekiel Jackson ©

After the bell rings, Gabriel spends almost a minute avoiding Jackson, going to great measures to avoid the physical beast. The old saying “you can run but you can’t hide” applies here as after all the running, Jackson still catches him. He manhandles the cruiserweight for a few minutes before Gabriel rolls out of the ring and recuperates with Striker. The ref begins his count as Gabriel shockingly starts to retreat up the ramp with his manages. The count of 10 is reached and the referee rings his bell.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Ezekiel Jackson via Countout (4:24)

The crowd boos and “Big Zeke” doesn’t look too happy either. Matt Striker takes a microphone and says that this doesn’t count. He says that Justin Gabriel wasn’t fit to compete tonight and a medical test will prove it. The crowd boos as Striker says that he will make sure with Theodore Long that Gabriel is still the #1 Contender and that he will still get his title shot. Striker reminds Jackson that Justin Gabriel is still superior to him and assures him that the next time they meet in the ring, Gabriel will defeat him for the Intercontinental Championship. The crowd boos as Gabriel and Striker leave, with Zeke still in the ring, not happy about what has transpired.

***Commercial Break***

We go backstage to where Roxxi is warming up in the divas locker room, doing some sit ups and the new diva gets a small pop from those in the arena that appreciate her unique look and style. Beth Phoenix walks in to a bigger pop and wishes Roxxi good luck in tonight’s Fatal 4 Way for the vacated Divas Championship. Roxxi ignores her, however, and Beth walks closer to her, waving her hand in front of “The Hardcore Knockout” to get herself noticed. Roxxi stops and reluctantly gets up before looking at Beth and simply saying ‘we shouldn’t be friends,’ before walking off leaving Beth looking puzzled.

*Cut to the Ring*

The Punjab Parallel make their way out to heat, accompanied by their manager and Khali’s translator and brother, Ranjin Singh. The Usos then make their entrance, consisting of them doing the Samoan Haka and the tribal dance gets a good pop from the crowd. The two teams end up in the ring, going up against each other and waiting for the bell.

Match Three: Tag Team Match (Grudge Match)
The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal w/ Ranjin Singh vs. Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

The match starts off with Khali pretty much dominating both the Usos but once Jinder Mahal is tagged in, the playing field is leveled so to speak and Jimmy and Jey can get in some solid offense. In both teams’ first tag team match on Smackdown, they use the opportunity to showcase some unique double team moves. The Usos nail Mahal with a Superkick and Samoan Drop combination while Khali and Mahal put Jey Uso in a double submission, with Khali applying the Vise Grip and Mahal a single leg Boston crab. After some unique moves from both teams, the finish comes when Jey goes up top for a Splash on Mahal, only for Ranjin Singh to jump on the apron and distract the referee. As this happens, Khali pushes Jey back down to the mat and he crashes and burns. Jimmy then looks to get in the ring to help his partner, once again drawing the referee’s attention, as Jinder Mahal picks up Jey and nails him with the Sands Of Time for the pin, with the crowd by now booing heavily.

Winners: The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal via Pinfall (6:00)

Jey rolls out of the ring and The Usos gather themselves on the outside as Khali and Mahal celebrate in the ring with Ranjin Singh. The trio soaks up the heat and continues to celebrate as the faces are forced to retreat, defeated.

*Cut to Backstage*

We go to Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long’s office as Y0UTH, the team of Derrick Bateman and Trent Barreta, walks in to a pop. Long says that he knows that they have a match against Chavo Guerrero and Brodus Clay later, so he’s not going to take long. Bateman reminds Teddy that whoever gets pinned in their match is fired and Teddy says he has he paperwork already sorted, he just needs somebody to fire. The GM says that the reason they are here is because, as one of Smackdown’s finest tag teams, he wanted them to be the first to know that he is bringing back Smackdown its own set of tag team titles. Bateman and Barreta look genuinely shocked and the crowd pops as Teddy says that he is bringing back the World Tag Team Championships and he is bringing them to Smackdown! He says that they’ll be crowning a champion shortly and he’ll be in contact with them later- that is, if neither of them get fired.

***Commercial Break***

We return from commercial and Melina and Michelle McCool are already in the ring and are apparently already bickering. Michelle says that in mere minutes she is going to win the Divas Championship in a Fatal 4 Way containing her and three other divas that don’t deserve to be in the same ring as her. Melina calls her talentless but McCool reminds her that she defeated her to unify the two titles last year. Beth Phoenix walks out to a pop and says that the crowd cares about neither Melina nor Michelle. She says that “The Glamazon” is going to win the Divas Championship and restore some pride into the butterfly belt but Melina replies by saying that Beth would probably crush the title with her manly arms. Beth says that she wouldn’t mind crushing Melina and some more bickering starts but then Roxxi’s music plays and “The Hardcore Knockout” walks down to join the other three in the ring. She grabs Michelle’s microphone off her and simply says ‘good luck, ladies’ before dropping it and readying herself for the match. All four women suddenly forget about the childish arguing and circle each other, waiting for the match to start, and Beth throws some confused glances at Roxxi as she waits for the bell.

Match Four: Fatal 4 Way Match (Divas Championship)
Melina vs. Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Roxxi

The match starts in chaotic fashion with brawls erupting everywhere and the heels getting manhandled by Beth and Roxxi, the two more physically superior divas in the match. The chaos in the match continues and only slows down as different vixens are thrown outside of the ring at different times, allowing different one-on-one and triple threat bouts to go on inside the ring. After almost ten minutes of very high quality divas action, Roxxi and Beth find themselves in the ring alone for the first time and “The Glamazon” manages to get herself on a roll. She even gets Roxxi incapacitated enough to pull her up for the Glam Slam, but she hesitates before raising her into the air. This moment of uncertainty is enough for Melina to slide into the ring behind Beth and nail her in the back with a dropkick. She drops Roxxi and bends over, winded, allowing Melina to climb on top of her and impressively nail her with the Last Call! Landing in the pin, Roxxi tries to break it up but is too late as the referee counts the one, two and three!

Winner and NEW Divas Champion: Melina via Pinfall (9:43)

After the match the crowd boos as Melina grabs her Divas Championship and hugs it, before rolling out of the ring and celebrating up the ramp. Inside the ring, Roxxi recovers and looks over Beth Phoenix, almost stopping to check on her, but instead walking away.

*Cut to Backstage*

We go backstage to where Randy Orton is sitting alone in the men’s locker room. A trainer walks in and Orton immediately grabs him by the collar and aggressively gets in his face, asking him whether he’s going to defeat Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight. The man says he doesn’t know and Orton shoves him to the ground. The poor man squirms around in pain as Orton shouts at him, telling him he should know. Randy says Christian is too old to handle two championship matches in two days. He says that tonight is his last one on one match against Christian, probably while he’s still on Smackdown. Orton says that he’s going to make it special for him. He says that Christian might be bruised after tonight but after Sunday he’s going to be broken- a broken man with Randy Orton wearing his World Heavyweight Championship. Orton smiles and walks off, leaving his victim looking genuinely scared as he lies there in pain.

***Commercial Break***

When we return, we go backstage to Jack Korpela who is with the new Divas Champion, Melina. The champ looks ecstatic and before Jack can say anything, she takes the microphone from him and says that she is now the diva with the most Divas Championship reigns of all time. She also says that she is the diva with the second most overall title reigns, now one behind Trish Stratus. Melina says that along with being the prettiest diva in the WWE it’s pretty impressive and she asks Jack what he thinks. He attempts to say something but Melina steals the microphone again, saying that tonight is all about her and nobody cares what anybody else thinks. Melina says that it’s her time to rule Smackdown and her reign is only going to get better.

*Cut to the ring*

With the crowd booing from that earlier promo, the heat continues as the team of Chavo Guerrero and Brodus Clay make their way out. Their opponents, Y0UTH, get a nice pop as the make their way out and before long, the two teams are on either sides of the ring, getting ready for the match and praying that they aren’t the ones that will be pinned.

Match Five: Tag Team Match (Superstar who gets pinned must retire)
Chavo Guerrero and Brodus Clay vs. Derrick Bateman and Trent Barreta

The match is structured in a similiar way to the one earlier where The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal defeated The Usos. Bateman and Barreta are dominated by Big Brodus but when Chavo is introduced, the playing field is leveled and the faces are given some opportunities to give themselves some momentum. Chavo, however, realises this soon enough and allows Brodus to do the majority of the work for his side and he eventually traps Barreta on his side of the ring, isolating him from his partner. The heels utilize quick tags to keep themselves fresh as they wear Trent down and while Chavo is in the ring, he makes a comeback with Bateman riling up the crowd in support. Barreta gets the hot tag and Chavo crawls to do the same but Bateman dropkicks Clay off the apron. The crowd pops as Bateman then grabs Chavo and hits the Mantastic, a modified snapmare driver! Barreta is then tagged in and he hits Chavo with the Dudebuster DDT, before covering him and getting the win!

Winners: Derrick Bateman and Trent Barreta via Pinfall (7:51)

The crowd pops as Chavo rolls out of the ring to Brodus Clay, leaving the faces to celebrate in the ring. Trent Barreta and Derrick Bateman celebrate possibly their biggest win in their careers and Chavo is fired because of it! On the outside, Brodus helps bring “Chavito Heat” to his senses and he realises what has just happened. Chavo grabs a microphone and protests the ruling, saying that he was just joking when he agreed to the match. Teddy Long appears on the stage and apologises to Chavo, saying that he agreed to the match and the ruling is official: Chavo is fired! There is a pop as Y0UTH continues to celebrate as the crowd sings the ‘nana nana goodbye’ song to Chavo, who looks as depressed as ever as he walks back up the ramp for the final time on Smackdown.

***Commercial Break***

When we return, we go to the ring where Randy Orton makes his entrance to a lot of heat from the crowd. Next out is the World Heavyweight Champion Christian who gets a nice pop from his Peeps and the two rivals get inside the ring, allowing Tony Chimel to announce both of them formally. The preparations conclude and Orton and Christian stare at each other dead in the eyes as they prepare for what is their last singles match while either is champion.

Main Event: Singles Match (World Heavyweight Championship)
Randy Orton vs. Christian ©

The match starts off with a brawl and no time is wasted, as both the competitors just want to get stuck into each other and punish one another. Neither superstar really gains much momentum, as there is an abundance of counters used, both men very much suited to the other’s style by now. After a few minutes the action spills to the outside and Orton shows his aggressiveness by slamming Christian into the ring post. From this point, he targets Christian’s back, utilising parts of the ring and the outside to make “Captain Charisma” hurt as much as possible. Christian looks to make a comeback on a few occasions but Orton continues to focus on the back to take his opponent down, even nailing him with his signature inverted headlock backbreaker for a very near fall. He goes for the RKO after a few more minutes of controlling the match but out of nowhere Christian reverses it into the Killswitch, only for Orton to kick out. Christian takes a while getting up to the top rope and he jumps for a Frog Splash, only for Orton to this time reverse it into an RKO and for Christian to kick out. The finish comes a minute later as Orton reverses a Killswitch into a second RKO attempt but Christian pushes Orton away and hits the Spear. “The Instant Classic” then goes up top and pays homage to Eddie Guerrero with a perfect Frog Splash, which is enough to put Orton away for the victory.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Christian via Pinfall (15:27)

After the match, the crowd pops as Christian staggers to his feet and holds up the World Heavyweight Championship in triumph. The champ beams, knowing that he is heading into this Sunday’s Money In The Bank with the title and that he will not have to face Randy Orton again in singles competition as long as either is the champion. Christian kisses his title and the commentators put over his hard earned victory some more before Christian is suddenly knocked down from behind with a dropkick to the back of the head! The crowd boos as Cody Rhodes is shown to be the intruder and he picks up Christian before planting him down to the mat with the Cross Rhodes! The champ rolls out of the ring in pain as Cody Rhodes celebrate in the ring with his partner and Smackdown Money In The Bank Ladder Match participant Ted DiBiase walking out onto the stage, apparently as shocked by Rhodes’ appearance as the rest of us.

In the ring, Rhodes turns his attention towards Randy Orton, who put him through a table three weeks ago. He kicks Orton to the outside of the ring, closest to the announcers, before sliding out of the ring and dismantling the announcers’ table as the crowd murmurs. He slides Orton on to the table before joining him on top and lifting Orton to his feet. He goes for the Cross Rhodes but Christian stumbles up to him to try and put a stop to him only for Rhodes to grab him and pull him into his knee. Rhodes then changes his plan, letting go of Orton and heaving Christian onto the table as well. He then grabs both men in a headlock and slams them onto the table with a double DDT! The crowd boos as the table breaks, sending Christian and Randy Orton head first through it. Cody’s music plays as he slides into the ring to celebrate, now with Ted DiBiase with him. Rhodes celebrates as we are shown images of Christian and Orton lying in a heap on the outside and the commentators hype this Sunday’s Money In The Bank.

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship
Christian (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes

Raw's Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth vs. Zack Ryder vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz

Smackdown's Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Tyson Kidd vs. Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Shelton Benjamin vs.Ted DiBiase vs. Wade Barrett

Grudge Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger (Parking Lot Brawl)

Grudge Match
Sheamus vs. Chris Jericho
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