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Re: Ambrose confronts Mick Foley at Hotel...

When I start to lose my faith in the current wrestling biz (like after seeing what WWE did to Dragon at Wrestlemania, for instance), I like to tour of youtube and watch all of Moxley/Ambrose's promos again.

In many ways, this little gem here from FCW is my favourite of the lot:


None of the fireworks, emotional roller-coaster rides or storytelling of his more famous promos, but what Ambrose does here is take a card-filler match with some random worker who he even admits he doesn't even know, and sells it in one minute flat. With zero story and nothing to work with Ambrose makes you care about the match, all while telling us something about his character. There are WWE Champions who can do less with a multi-month long feud between two established superstars than Ambrose does here.

Foley's heights as a promo-cutter are far, far beyond anything we've seen from Ambrose yet but the guy is making up the ground scarily fast. And the thing about Ambrose, is he just keeps improving, keeps innovating and learning how to use his abilities better.

EDIT: While we are linking to youtube, here is an example of what the pinnacle of Promo-cutting is like. Cactus Jack at his finest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-lJTvgaZME

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