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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

After the way things went down to close the show last week with Joe and HBK, good to see the Showstopper out early doors to address things. What Michaels had to say was totally believable. Reading it felt at times like he was a heel but then heíd pander a little to the fans or say a true baby face thing, very clever on your part as it keeps us as readers on our toes so to speak, looking to pick up little things. Only thing I didnít like was Michaels saying heís not sorry for what he did, then apologising at the end of it all?? I know he said he might be sorry it was Van Dam but still, wouldnít have had him full on apologise after that.

Joe coming out was expected after last weekís little episode and Joe went hell for leather here. The moment he talked about screw jobs I was like, ohhhh this is gonna be good lol. Michaels snapping and telling Joe to listen to him was nice, can imagine him reaching breaking point at exactly that moment. ĎYou trusted the devil and the devil liesí, loved that line, fantastic stuff. The whole point Joe brought up was great and Michaels reaction fit well alongside it. Michaels walking out was great, shows itís really gotten inside his head and Joe rounding things off in brutal style there. Enjoyable opening.

Very good opening bout here with Punk and Shelton. Two very talented guys and you showcased them well here. Pleased to see American Made showing their faces during this as it leaves Benjamin looking none the weaker in defeat and advances their feud nicely while Punk keeps up his recent momentum.

Iím not entirely sure what the deal with Hassan and this guy is but it certainly has my attention.

Bit of a waste here in my mind with Jericho, his worthy men and Doane. Doane wanting in is fine but I wouldíve hdone it another week and have Jericho focus entirely on the match as itís a hell of a lot more important, such huge stakes. On the note of Doane joining the group, I donít see the need nor do I want it to happen. Jericho, Lashley and Wright is a hell of a trio as it is, bringing Doane in wouldnít do an awful lot in my book to help them or himself.

Nice segment here with Danielson and Noble. Big time match up next week, fully expect Danielson to retain but should be an excellent contest and allow Noble/Star to further. The beat down from Noble was good and Star helping out was convenient lol. Good building block.

Massive win for Doane here. You played up how heís had a struggle since arriving and the win here could well see a turnaround begin. A steady singles push for Doane would be fine by me, just steer clear of the Worthy Legion, please?

This match was certainly eventful to say the least. Some fantastic action throughout as expected when these two lock horns and you write it in full. The ending was crazy, simply crazy. The spot with Foley bringing out Socko had me thinking Van Dam was gonna do it but Lashley on hand to stop things made sense. Once Joe got involved I fully, fully expected HBK to come on down and for him to inadvertently cost RVD but when Finlay came down I was stunned/disappointed/excited all at the same time. Itís great to see the fighting Irishman back in the fold and taking out Jericho as well as Van Dam was totally unexpected, making a statement I see. Him in the frame now adds a new twist but I was really disappointed to not see HBK. I know he didnít wanna get involved in Van Damís business again but Joe was his business after last week and this week, so thought that wouldíve been the little twist. Jericho retaining is the right call and Iím definitely looking forward to where you go now as thereís a lot of possible routes. The stipulation now should be interesting for RVD moving forward.

On the whole, some great action throughout as ever and a very gripping opening promo. Slightly disappointed in the fact that the main event didnít quite get the hype it needed and deserved. There was no Van Dam interview and Jericho only had his run in with Doane. For such a big stipulation I wouldíve expected a bit more hype and a bit bigger twist at the end of the contest although the match itself certainly delivered. Iím sure next week will straighten out a few issues as this show admittedly needed a lot of time for the main event this week, expecting maybe a bit more promo heavy show next time round. Keep it up mate!
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