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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I can't rate the HIAC or Rock/Cena matches. I'm just not going to even try because while they both had massive flaws, there was something about them that still had me marking the fuck out because of the entire spectacle and massiveness (word?) of them. I enjoyed the hell out of both of them but they weren't great matches by any means.


ROH Showdown In The Sun Night Two - Davey Richards vs Michael Elgin
Just goes to show how much a control segment, a HOT crowd and a good commentator add to a match, because this was fucking awesome because of those things, as well as an awesome finishing stretch. This was the best ROH match in fuck knows how long. I loved Davey starting it off fast by taking it to Elgin straight away with strikes and a dive. I loved even more the transition in to the Elgin control segment with Davey really trying to end it early by going for something crazy only for it to backfire and allow Elgin the advantage. Davey going for comebacks only to be cut off all the time by the power of Elgin was so great and really fucking fresh for a ROH main event match.

Davey did eventually get a comeback going which was the only part of the match I could have done without. They went in to the typical 'You strike me, I strike you' Davey Richards match mode for a little bit, but thankfully it didn't last long. There was also a stupid top rope Dragon Suplex spot immediately followed up by an Ankle Lock that was completely ridiculous and made no sense, admittedly the suplex itself looked fucking awesome and was the only real huge spot in the match. After that portion though it got pretty fucking amazing.

Some great near falls for Elgin that had me believing it was over even though I knew the result. I thought Davey was superb in this match for the most part, playing the champ who really wanted this thing to be over because Elgin seemed unbeatable (no pun intended). Davey's facial expression when Elgin walked through his kicks was so great. The finishing stretch was awesome as tits and I was losing my shit along with Nigel who really added something else to the match, he was absolutely godly on commentary. What a man. The submission trading was done very well, Elgin rolling through with the crossface to keep Davey away from the ropes was a great nearfall, but the spinning powerbomb was just something else. Again, Davey was great here as he legit seemed dead at points. Then we got the final stages of the match with Davey kicking the shit out of Elgin, only for Elgin to display some serious fighting spirit, and thats what it came across as. It didn't come across as just plain old no-selling, but it came off as maybe one of the best fighting spirit spots ROH has done for years. When Elgin hulked up and spit in Daveys face I marked the fuck out along with Nigel and the awesome crowd. The best ROH crowd for a match in years possibly. I have to say if the crowd wasn't that hot for the entire last half of the match it would have been nowhere near as good, but that wasn't the case and I don't care what anyone says, a hot crowd really does add a lot to a match. There are flaws here such as the pointless middle portion of about 3-5 minutes, but this is great stuff for the majority and the best match from the US this year not to mention the best ROH and Davey Richards matches for a long time. Elgin was very impressive but imo Davey made this match and thats something I didn't think I would hear myself say again.
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