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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Cactus View Post

Segunda, I'd think you'll love this. I know you have a soft spot for Fujiwara and possibly Fujinami too if I remember correctly. Not too mention it's only 10 minutes long too. None of the backdrop nonsense too. It's a solid four star match in my book.
Watched this, I liked parts of it but didn't find it to be a particularly strong outing. Fujiwara was very good tormenting that Nagai bloke with the Fujiwara armbar and then that swank arm trap counter with his right leg. Also dug him putting an end to a strike exchange with a hell of a slap to the face. Thought Ishikawa was the 2nd best guy in the match with his sequence with Fujinami being the highlight of the match and his enziguri at the end being as stiff and disgusting as ever. Thought the eventual ankle lock counter to Nagai's continuous kicks was a good payoff spot to a sub theme throughout the match where Nagai would keep control with his kicks. Still you could tell age was affecting some of their sequences notably Fujiwara and Nagai's first interaction and I would have preferred Ishikawa/Fujinami going longer than their pairing off did. Finish was also a tad weak IMO. Watchable and everything but I never found it to be above 'good', though Fujiwara's 'oh fuck' facial expression before tagging out was golden. God bless that man and his wonderful facial expressions.
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