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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by antoniomare007 View Post
Segunda, if you don't like Sekimoto vs Sasaki I'll ban myself for 14 days. It's not your typical Sekimoto match either so any preconception you have about the guy or his matches shouldn't come into place.
I don't mind Sekimoto, occasionally his love affair with strike exchanges can take me out of a match but I liked the tags involving Hama and Akebono especially. He's very good in that environment given they usually play up his power and here he encountered much bigger men than himself. Can't say I think he's as good when he faces largely smaller guys but that's usually as much to do with his opponent than Sekimoto himself. Consider this added to the match pile.

Originally Posted by BUBZ View Post
I know exactly what you mean about Okada and Naito, I was never really impressed with anything I had seen of either of them, and I wasn't even going to watch the match until I saw some great reviews. Both really impressed me. I don't think theres any exchanges like that in the match, it's got a great story and great psychology and I was seriously surprised with it since I was sure it was going to be one of those matches were the limb work and control segments were completely forgotten about in the finishing stretch but it wasn't. Everything made sense to me. Naito could have sold the neck a little more in places, but he was so good at working over Okadas leg. On my first watch I had no issues at all with it apart from Naito not throwing a hand to his neck or something to sell it better often enough after it had been worked on. I definitely recommend watching it, I know your feelings on modern puro so I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't think there was a lot in there you would like. I'm sure you might find something in there you dislike but at the least it's a very good match.
Thanks for the brief overview, a lot of that was echoed in some reviews I saw at other boards so I'll take it on board when watching. Can't say for sure when I'll get round to viewing it but I shall eventually.

Originally Posted by Cage-Taylor Phitz View Post
I thought Undertaker/Triple H was an incredible live experience. Don't really care about what rating it gets but it was unlike anything I've ever seen. But from my seat I didn't have to do deal with all the close up of the facials and hearing them yell at each other so that probably helped.
I've always considered both HHH matches to be great in person where the near falls can hook you much more, but I definitely feel they lack the ability to hold up on a rewatch compared to the Michaels matches (26 especially) as there's just not enough behind some of the engrossing near falls to love about them compared to the HBK series where Taker in particular was incredible with his selling and facial expressions.
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