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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe - Unbreakable 2005

Fuck this match is brilliant, or should I say Phenominal (bad pun ahoy). But seriously. From the pretty great opening package and first few minutes you get an idea of what everyone in this match wants but the overall story just seems like a constant game of oneupsmanship between all three in order to prove who really is the best. Daniels comes into it just after becoming the longest reigning X Division champ ever at the time and is just a really good cocky prick who wants to add the undefeated Joe to his list of people who he's beaten. Joe comes into it as the new undefeated monster in the X Division who after winning the Super X cup has only one thing left to do and that's beat the champion and then you have AJ who got put into the match despite losing to Joe in the super X cup final albeit due to interference by Daniels and he clearly wants to prove he deserves to be in this match and that he's better than the other two. Plus if he wins it's his 5th X Division title, how cool for him.

Opening few minutes is awesome, with AJ and Joe taking turns to kick Daniels (who sells it brilliantly) before Daniels gets tired and jumps to his feet shouting at them to stop it before getting hit with a high and low for his troubles. Then with him out of the picture the other two just begin to lay into each other with Joe's power vs AJ's speed being an awesome dynamic and the difference in offense is clearly noticable when AJ is attacking Daniels instead of Joe because they're such different opponents and its the ever changing offense between the three which totally keeps this fresh. Every time one of them is looking to get on top too someone else will come out of nowhere and blindside them so it's almost as if its non stop when actually there's usually one guy laid out selling someones offense.

The MOVES!~ in this match are awesome too, not just spots for the sake of spots but every time they're done it looks awesome. Joe doing a spinning plancha is fucking superb and one of my favourite things in this match, plus it just shows how they're pulling out all the stops just to get the win in this. Same with AJ doing a torture rack to Joe or Daniels hitting Joe with a DVD, they just look so sick and impressive since its a case of Joe flying or those two showing real power to pick Joe up.

The nearfalls in this are all believable here and not overused in the slightest which is great. The times that they kicked out at two were just so tense and actually left me thinking as to what it would take for this to end, not that I wanted it to since I was having a blast watching it.

The crowd are totally adoring it too and I think that really helps with the finish too, it was a nice surprise for me too since I'd actually got the winner of this match mixed up so when it did occur it kinda shocked me.

This is a totally fantastic X Division match though. Not too spotty, tells a great story and all three guys come out of it looking awesome. Not my favourite TNA match (AMW/XXX and maybe Joe/Styles TP edges it, I'd have to give the TP match another watch) but its still easily one of my favourite matches ever, not just in TNA.

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