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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Re-watched Bound for Glory 2009 yesterday, still as disappointing as it was when it first aired. Credit due, the buildup was amazing. The storylines had reasons, momentum, they developed well, and it felt like TNA was really finally treating the show like a supercard-four main events, two of which (Foley/Abyss, and Styles/Sting) were legitimate dream matches, and I loved how the show seemed like it was going to be versatile - Ultimate X, TLC, Power/Submission wrestling, Hardcore, and just pure wrestling.

And then the show started. You'll see a consistent theme throughout the night. UX is a typically hot opener. Then, while they remove the trusses, they proceed to interview BOTH teams for the upcoming KO tag title match. They needed to kill time. I get that. If that's the case, put on a bigger match second, show a buildup video of the match (like the legends title), instead of SIX minutes of promos for what turned out to be a THREE minute match. Fail.

The Legends Title match was exactly what it was supposed to be. It would have been nice for Nash's shoulders were actually on the mat while the ref pinned. They were clearly up, which was an awkward ending for a solid match. The KO title, again, was going fine, until an inexplicable interaction between Tara and an MMA lady. TNA just doesn't know how to do simple. Instead of letting the match just go, ALL momentum is stopped dead for this, so as soon as the match gets good, it stops dead in its tracks, the crowd is confused, and the ending is flat.

Full Metal Mayhem was solid, but building up the Dudleys having all this TLC experience is fine only if the match is going to be sick. To me, it was just kind of there. Nothing spectacular, really. Having the match be for two seperate titles was odd, as 3D grabs the IWGP belts, and the match continues without any fanfare. So so.

Joe/Lashley was going well: power moves, logical submission attempts, the crowd getting hot for Joe, and then it ended out of nowhere. I'm going to say this: Samoa Joe losing a submission match in EIGHT minutes in disgraceful. The ref tried to play it off like Joe had passed out, but it had barely been a few seconds. At least in Austin/Bret, it was an eternity before Shamrock realized Austin was done. This really felt like half a match.

Abyss/Foley was pure garbage wrestling. The spots were too familiar, the tazer business is utter wrestlecrap, and Abyss using Stevie's hand for the 3 count was anticlimactic. Once again, another match with an awkward ending.

Angle/Morgan is very good, but clearly a carry job. Morgan just stinks in the ring, I could see why his push slowed after this. But that probably has more to do with the TNA idiots than with Morgan himself. I liked the david/goliath here, especially with Angle as the heel. Shame they never did a rematch.

Styles/Sting had an amazing build. The amazing moment of Styles winning the world title, the possible resentment that Sting handed him the win, the fact that Sting had remotivated Styles in the first place. This was a main event. The exchanges were crisp, exciting. Sting played a power game, Styles played his speed. This was building up to be an amazing main event, and then it ended. The crowd was as quiet for a divas match after watching Hulk Hogan or The Undertaker. This never unfolded. It spent all that build, to just end. They didn;t "earn" the right to go home. Maybe Sting was gassed, but this match always bothers me, because just as it starts to pick up, it's over.

And that's the problem with this show. Nothing really went into third gear. UX was typically awesome, but that was the opener. Joe/Lashley and Styles/Sting ended out of nowhere, Abyss/Foley was awkward, and nothing ever came close to feeling big.

On paper, this could have been the greatest TNA ppv of all time. And incidentally, this show reminds me a lot of WM XXVI: great on paper, bland, tepid execution. I wanted to like this show so much, and I still do, but somehow I think TNA bit off more than they could chew. They should have given the show an extra hour, 5-10 more minutes for Joe/Lashley, Abyss/Foley, and especially for Styles/Sting, and this could have been a great show.

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