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Re: JLA Wrestling


JLA LiveWire

JR- Hello and Welcome to JLA LiveWire and we've got one hell of a show for you tonight.

Jerry Lawler- Yeah folks, tonight Brock Lesnar and HBK Shawn Michaels will be fighting in a number one contenders match for the JLA Title.

JR- Vince McMahon made the match, and well later tonight he's got even more news concerning the JLA Title.

Jerry Lawler- It should be good JR, and also tonight we've got an update on Jericho's condition. After the hit and run attack by non other than Tazz.

JR- What Tazz did was despicable, I've been praying for Jericho to make it through this and we can only hope he does.

"No Chance" enters the airwaves as Vince McMahon makes his way towards the ring. He looks angry as he struts to the squared circle.

Vince McMahon- Last week we witnessed a disgusting act by are very own Tazz. I never thought I'd see this act again, and I am making sure it never happens again. Jericho is still in a critical condition and he will be out of action for at least 3 months. So with this in mind I have no other choice but to have Jericho out of the triple threat match. But we will still be having a triple threat match. The crowd look confused yet excited by the announcement. You may be asking who this third wrestler will be....well you'll just have to wait and see. But it won’t be tonight, no next week at the MSG will be where the match is held. But with that out of the way I have to note that Jericho will be out of action for a lengthy sum of time and well I hate to point this out with the circumstances but well.... Jericho is holding the Intercontinental Title. Now some of you will know that Jericho will not be able to defend his Title when he is out of action, so regrettably I have to strip Jericho if his title. The crowd express there opinion with boos. I Know I know, I hate to do this but we've got allot of superstars in JLA who are itching for the chance to hold the prestigious title. So with this taken into account we will be having a battle royal for the Intercontinental title, anybody under JLA contract will be able to compete in this match. Which will take place... tonight!

JR- That’s allot to take in, but I think I got the jiist of it King.

Jerry Lawler- I got it JR, next week we will see Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesnar slug it out with a third member who I personally want to find out?

JR- Also we will be having a battle royal for the Intercontinental Title, I told you this LiveWire was gonna be a good one folks.

We go backstage with Michael Cole and The Dudley Boys.

Michael Cole- Bub Buh Ray and D Von, two weeks ago we saw you attack The Hardy Boys, the same team that will be fighting you for your Tag Team Titles. (The Crowd boo and jeer as the Dudley Boys smile.) Why did you commits this attack, as we can tell this wasn't to the fans liking.

D'Von- Michael Cole, do you think we give a damn about what these so called fans want. You think that when we go out to the ring and hear the crowd chant are names we smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Bullshit! Do you really believe the Dudley Boys want these so called fans behind us. The same fans that 2 months ago bood and jeered us, the same fans that chanted "Dudley’s Suck" over and over again. Well screw the fans, screw each and every one of them. Do you really believe the Dudley Boys, the most Hardcore team in the JLA care about what these pieces of shit think of us. No way. We've got the gold, we've got the respect, we don’t need "the fans." Hardy Boys at Fully Loaded, you think you can pry these titles from are grasp. HA HA HA HA. At Fully Loaded the only thing you'll be leaving with is the fans applause for a good effort. When The Dudley boys leave to the crowds dismay with the titles still around are waists.

Bub Buh Ray- Yeah!

JR- Well I think we know where The Dudley Boys stand with the fans King.

Jerry Lawler- This is the best thing the The Dudley Boys have done. No longer are they poised to please the fans, like D'Von said screw um.

JR- Well here's a guy who is liked by the fans and he loves every minute of it it's Rikishi.

Rikishi vs Spike Dudley

Rikishi gets a great applause when he struts down to the ring, he gives high fives as he walks by the fans who cheer his name. Rikishi looks focused as he enters the ring, he climbs the second rope and gets a great an astounding round of applause.

Spike Dudley’s music hits the airwaves causing a sudden change of reaction. The arena is filled with jeers and boos as Spike struts to the ring with the same sneer on his face, he begins to look over at the fans and laugh. The crowd’s reaction becomes even stronger and is helped when Spike flips the crowd off with a finger.

JR- The Dudley’s may have turned there back on the fans but Spike has always been hated by the general public.

Jerry Lawler- Your right there King and do you think he cares about what these fans want, of course he doesn't he just gets the job done.


Rikishi runs at Spike with an outstretched arm, but Spike ducks the impending blow and hits a standing dropkick. Rikishi stumbles but doesn't fall, another dropkick by Spike this time has Rikishi on the floor. He is quick to get back up only to be hit with a running inzigure, the force of Spike's boot has Rikishi once again down on the floor. Spike soaks up the crowds jeers like they where defening cheers. Spike hits Rikishi with right hands a plenty followed by an Irish whip. Rikishi runs straight into a flying elbow, Spike then climbs to the top rope. Rikishi is slow to get up but once he does Spike jumps with might and connects with a missile dropkick. The big Samoan is down and Spike takes the advantage by making the pin


Rikishi kicks out with force pushing Spikes small frame onto the referee. The official manages to soften the blow, and is able to get back to his feet. Rikishi hits Spike with a stiff lariat followed by a Samoan drop, Rikishi then makes the pin


Spike manages to raise an elbow to the crowds dismay. Spike is reluctant to get to his feet but is forced too by Rikishi who pulls off a scoop slam followed by a leg drop. Rikishi soaks up the crowds cheers and hits a T Bone suplex followed by another pin


Spike somehow manages to raise an elbow, you can hear the crowds groans as the referee holds up two fingers. Rikishi makes it to his feet and hits another scoop slam. He signals the end when he picks Spike to his feet looking for a Rikishi Driver. Until Rikishi is low blow’d by Bub Buh Ray Dudley. The bell rings to the crowds dismay, as Bubba and D'Von begin to savagely attack the big Samoan. Spike gets to his feet and helps his cousins.
Winner - Rikishi

D'Von is told to get the tables by Bubba and he does with excitement. Spike slaps Rikishi over the face before the Dudley Boys hit the 3D through the table. All three leave the ring, leaving Rikishi in a bloody mess and the crowds jeers filling the arena.

JR- The Dudley Boys are sick human beings and adding Spike to the mix is a recipe for destruction.

Jerry Lawler- I'd call it a recipe for success JR.

JR- You would.


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WIWA Wrestling

JR- Folks we just saw The Dudley Boys attack Rikishi from behind helping there cousin Spike after his defeat.

Jerry Lawler- Every minute I see The Dudley's I like them even more JR.

JR- That’s surprising. But Ladies and Gentleman I would like to take you back to last week, on last weeks LiveWire we saw a horrible attack made by Triple H and his masked sidekick on his once friend X Pac.

We see footage of X Pac being hit over and over again by the masked man who weilds a baseball bat.

"Time to Play The Game" hits over the PA System causing a sharp reaction of boos and jeers. The Game is accompanied by his masked fiend who holds the same baseball bat that he struck X Pac with. Triple H bares a wide smile from ear to ear as he grabs the mic from Lillian Garcia.

JR- What the hell do these two sick individuals want. They shouldn't even be here after what they did last week.

Jerry Lawler- Are you kidding me JR you should be thankful that Triple H is cares enough the brace us with his presence.

JR- Will you stop kissing Triple H's ass, i'm sick to death of it King.

Triple H- Hold your applause please. I know me and ....... I had you for a second there didn't I, man I kill myself. Anyway to be serious for a second. Me and my masked friend here put X Pac in his place, you think you can ruin my chances of becoming champion once again and get away with it. X Pac, you should of just lied down and made yourself disappear like a good little boy. Don't mess with the Game, don't try and get some "payback" on the cerebral assassin. You, Road Dogg and whoever the third one is should of just left me to do my business. All three of you aren’t needed anymore, you never where and you will never be. You served your purpose, and well you managed to screw that up. So I rid myself of you, I put you on the scrap heap so you can do us all a favour and die away. But No. You had to mess with me, you had to get some payback, try and regain an inch of pride. Did you really think you could, A HA HA. Never mess with the Game, I don’t care if your X Pac, Road Dogg or even Brock Lesnar, nobody and I mean nobody messes with the Game. I showed what I can do... I showed what this guy could do. (Triple H puts his arm around the masked man.) So Road Dogg, Badd Ass before you get your self injured, I'd hide under the bleachers, make yourself invisible because If you don’t, well your fate will be sealed.

"Oh You Didn't Know" Road Dogg and Badd Ass Billy Gunn walk to the titan tron to a ground shaking applause. Road Dogg has a mic in hand as they settle on the titan. Both look enraged as Road Dogg begins to speak.

Road Dogg- Triple H, I could speak about how pissed I am. How you've injured mine and Billy’s friend. You say you can throw us on the scrap heap and leave us for dead, oh no H. You see we have something you and your little bitch doesn't, and that’s pride. We cant just sit back after you deserted us with no notice. So why don't you and Mr Maske over there accept are challenge and have a match with us at Fully Loaded.

Triple H- I have better things to do than beat you two okay, but maybe i should accept your challenge and teach you some respect. You want a tag match and Fully Loaded... Fine then. You'd just better hope you don't seal the same fate that X Pac did....Oh wait you just did.

Road Dogg- Talk is cheap H.

Road Dogg and Badd Ass run towards the ring. Both men slide under the bottom rope looking for some revenge on the Game and his henchman. Sadly both men slide as quickly out of the squared circle and run towards the back stage. But before they do Tripe H stops and riases the mic to his lips.

Triple H- Wait till Fully Loaded boys. Then we'll see who comes out on top. The rafters will brake with the sounds of uproar towards victory, just wait...you'll see.

JR- What a match, The New Age Outlaws will finally get there hands on Triple H and his masked henchman.

Jerry Lawler- No you've got it wrong once again JR, Triple H will finally teach The New Age Outlaws some respect. They never should of medalled in The Games business.

JR- Of course King. Anyway folks are Battle Royal will take place right now and its for the vacated Intercontinental Title.

Superstar after superstar enters the ring including

Steve Blackman
Ultimo Dragon
Rey Mysterio
All Snow
Jushin Liger
Taka Michinoku
Chris Benoit
Hardcore Holly
Paul London
D'Lo Brown

Lillian Garcia is ready to announce the match until the arena falls into a sea of darkness, smoke surrounds the Titan Tron as Tazz's sign appears on the screen. Tazz appears to defining boos and jeers as he struts to the ring. Some of the stars stare intently at Tazz looing enraged.

Lillian looks confused until she nervously announces the match. After the confusion the bell sounds as Tazz slides into the ring.

JR- What the hell is Tazz doing out here, he shouldn't even be in the arena.

Jerry Lawler- He's under contract JR why shouldn't he be apart of this match. You forget Tazz was JLA's first Intercontinental Champion.

JR- Why shouldn't he be apart of this match? Are you nuts did you see waht happened last week, did you witness the sick act performed by this so called X Champion.


Four superstars gang up on Tazz including Akio, Rosey, Hurricane and D'Lo Brown. Tazz fights violently against the stars throwing lefts and rights to anybody in his way. Taka and Funaki team up against Psychosis who is helped by Rey Mysterio. Psychosis grabs hold of Taka and throws him over the top rope with Funaki soon following who is dropkicked over the ropes by Mysterio

Eliminated Taka Michinoku and Funaki is eliminated

Tazz throws lefts and rights towards D'Lo's face before a right hook has him over the top rope. Causing the fans to boo and jeer.

D'Lo Brown is Eliminated

Benoit looks dominant as he hits Thrasher with a snap suplex followed by a vertical suplex. Benoit finishes with Thrasher by throwing his lifeless body over the ropes. Mosh sees this and runs at Benoit with momentum, this helps Benoit duck and use his force to hip toss Mosh over the ropes landing on his partner Thrasher.

Mosh and Thrasher are Eliminated

London looks on fire as he connects with a running enzigure on Hardcore Holly. Hardcore doesn't take it well as he gets to his feet looks to throw London over the ropes. London clings onto the ropes as Holly grabs hold of both legs as they rest on his shoulders. London keeps his grasp on the ropes as he pushes his legs between his head, resulting in London pulling off a head scissors over the ropes having Hardcore Holly being flung over the ropes landing hard on the outside mat as London clings into the sienna coloured ropes. Suddenly Tajjiri dropkicks London in the back as he falls to the floor.

Hardcore Holly and Paul London are Eliminated.

Tajjiri gloats in front of the crowd as Rey Mysterio takes him in his grasp throwing him over the ropes. Tajjiri doesn't realise what has happened until the official guides him to the backstage. Whilst this happens Bob Holly attacks London on the titan tron and hits a Alabama Slam on the hard cold ground. EMT's help London as Holly walks backstage to a sea of boos.

Tajjiri is Eliminated

Tazz and Rosey battle it out near the far right turnbuckle with Rosey planting right hands. Rosey goes for a right hook which is ducked as Tazz manages to push the big Rosey over the ropes. The crowd stare with wide eyes as Rosey is sent to the backstage as Taz immediatly eliminate Rosey's partner The Hurricane by hip tossing him over the top rope.

Hurricane and Roset are Eliminated

Rikishi looks in good shape as he manages to throw Billy Kidman over the ropes after a hard fight back from Billy. Rikishi soaks up the atmosphere from the crowd as they begin to chant his name. He is then surprised by Benoit and Tazz who force Rikishi over the top rope. The crowds boos are defining as Rikishi gets to his feet.

Billy Kidman and Rikishi are Eliminated

Ultimo dragon is mostly focused on keeping away from his many opponents for Fully Loaded, until he manages to low blow Jushin Liger and throwing him over the ropes. Akio sees this and runs at Ultimo who dodges the incoming clothesline and connect with a dropkick knocking Akio over the ropes.

Akio and Jushin Liger are Eliminated.

Ultimo taunts the crowd as they begin to chant "you suck." He turns straight into Rey Mysterio and Psychosis, Ultimo begins slowly walk away trying not to anger the two Luchadors. Rey and Psychosis go to hit Ultimo until they are attacked by Kain'tai who are in the ring illegally. There presence is a surprise to both stars as they are thrown over the ropes. Both Taka and Funaki flee the scene before Rey and Psychosis come too. They look enraged as they grab hold of Ultimo's legs and pulling him out of the ring. Ultimo gets to his knees and begins to beg before low blowing Rey Mysterio who crumbled to his knees. Psychosis is jumped by Tajjiri before he can attack as Tajjiri and Ultimo knock the stuffing out of both Luchadors. The crowd suddenly erupt as Akio and Liger run back to the ring as Ultimo and Tajjiri flee through the crowd. Rey and Psychosis are helped to the backstage by Liger and Akio. As this is happening Gangrel is eliminated by Tazz. Benoit also throws Steve Blackman over the top rope.

Steve Blackman, Gangrel, Ultimo Dragon, Psychosis and Rey Mysterio are all Eliminated

Benoit and Tazz team up once again to eliminate the big Viscera. He crashes to the floor as Benoit and Tazz throws the remains of All Snow over the ropes as Benoit and Tazz are the only competitors left.

All Snow and Viscera are Eliminated

Both men circle the ring as the hook up, Tazz forces Benoit towards the ropes. Benoit then fights back pushing Tazz towards the other side of the ring as Tazz tries his best not to go over the ropes. Tazz then hits a blatant low blow as he tries to throw Benoit over the ropes. Benoit clings to the ropes as he falls on the edge of the canvass and rolls into the ring. Tazz begins to stomp on Benoit before finally pulling him to his feet. A T-Bone suplex is pulled off to perfection by the despised Tazz. The boos fill the arena like wildfire as Tazz pretends he's driving a car signalling a car wheel with his hands smiling from ear to ear. Benoit uses Tazz's tactics as he hits a low blow on Tazz and looking to immediately throw him over the ropes, Tazz then grabs the ropes and throws a kick to the gut immediately trying to pull him over the ropes. Benoit blocks with his arms trying to fight Tazz by using his right arm. Tazz goes for a left until Benoit takes it in his grasp looking for a Cripler Crossface. Tazz doesn't go down but manages to stand Benoit doesn’t give as he tries to force Tazz onto the ground. Tazz takes Benoit’s legs and somehow manages to force him off the floor. Benoit releases the arm and concentrates on trying to get out of Tazz's grasp. Tazz pushes on his legs and shows his strength as he pushes Benoit up to his chin. The crowd stare with anticipation as Tazz somehow flings Benoit’s body over the ropes sending him crashing onto the outside mat.

Chris Benoit is Eliminated

Tazz begins to celebrate in the ring as the arena erupts in boos and jeers. The Intercontinental Title is handed to Tazz as the boos become stronger and stronger as time goes on. Tazz holds the title in his grasp as he holds the strap over his head.

Winner - Tazz - New Intercontinental Champion

JR- I can't believe this, Tazz doesn't deserve to be in a JLA ring let alone a JLA Title. I can't believe this.


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We return with Tazz still in the ring holding his new Intercontinental Title and embracing the crowds despise towards him. Tazz still bares the same wide smile from ear to ear.

"No Chance" Vince McMahon enters the ring to the crowds and Tazz's surprise. He looks enraged as he struts to the ring with the crowd applauding as well as looking confused by the chairman’s presence.

Vince McMahon- What the hell do you think your doing in my ring? And what the hell do you think your doing holding that Intercontinental Title? You should be holding the JLA Title.

JR- What the hell?

Vince McMahon- You shouldn’t just be holding the IC Title, you should be holding the Hardcore, The Tag Team Title's and the grand daddy of them all the... The World Title. For what you did last week you should be awarded a medal. (The crowd look confused by Vince's announcement.) I see some confused faces in the crowd tonight and well you should be. You see what happened last week wasn't a travestie, it wasn't despicable....It was beautiful. Last week we saw the cocky, arrogant Chris Jericho cut down to size. Chris Jericho doesn't deserve to be at Fully Loaded, oh no. Tazz deserves to be in the main event, Tazz deserves to hold the JLA Title. Not Chris Jericho not Brock Lesnar not even Shawn Michaels. I've had to witness allot of happenings in my JLA. And I don't like it. So what do I do...I take action. I take my problems and I sort them out. Jericho was a problem, a small problem yeah, but still a problem. The JLA doesn't want Jericho as there JLA Champion. We want someone strong, someone tough, someone who will make me money. Jericho doesn't fit the bill, and well I was going to make sure Jericho doesn’t make it to Fully Loaded. With Tazz by my side, I will rid myself of any inconveniences.

Tazz and Mr McMahon make there way backstage to a sea of boos. There smiles stretch from ear to ear as they make there way, looking impressed of what they have done.

JR- What the hell has just happened. I can't believe it I...I...I...Can't believe it.

Jerry Lawler- This is the greatest thing to ever happen in the JLA. I believe we have witnessed history in the making. Vine is gonna cut the fat out of are company JR. How can that be a bad thing JR.

JR- Do you believe running over an innocent human being is making this company better King. Because I for one don't.


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JR- Ladies and Gentleman, I'm still shocked by what we have just witnessed. I'm sorry, it's just I never knew are chairman Vince McMahon was such an evil human being, and he's just teamed up with a man that actually drove the car that ran Y2J over.

Jerry Lawler- Vince McMahon is the smartest man alive, how dare you call him an evil human being.

Tajjiiri vs Rey Mysterio - Lumberjack Match

JR- This match was made by Eric Bischoff after the battle royal incidant. This could get violent with the S*O*D and there Fully Loaded opponents as Lumber Jacks.

Tajjiri enters the ring to the S*O*D theme music along with his fellow members. Ultimo Dragon holds his Cruiserweight Title securely over his shoulder as Kain'tai walk on either side of him. Tajjiri looks in good shape as he enters the ring as the S*O*D members walk to the far side of the ring. The crowds boos fill the arena as they chant "S*O*D Suck."

Rey Mysterio's music changes the crowds reaction dramatically to cheers and chants of Mysterio's name. The red masked Luchador is accompanied by Psychosis, Akio and Jushin Liger. The crowd love these great cruisers as Liger and Akio give high fives to the clapping crowd. Rey enters the ring as Tajjiri looks over with soar eyes. The other lumbajacks stand on the opposite side of the S*O*D.


Tajjiri and Rey circle the ring keeping there eyes locked as they do. Both hook up as Rey drops to the floor swiping the right leg resulting in Tajjiri falling to the floor. Rey rolls on the canvass to lock the head in a sleeper. Tajjiri is still fresh and manages to quickly rise to his feet, pushing Rey into the ropes. Mysterio rebounds straight into a spining wheel kick connecting with Tajjiri connecting with Rey's head. Tajjiri goes for a quick pin


Rey kicks out to the fans gratitude. Tajjiri gets to his feet and pulls Rey with him. A snap suplex is pulled off to perfection by Tajjiri which is followed up with a straight kick to the higher back. The kicks keep coming as Tajjiri hits shot after shot to both kidneys following up with a hard kick to the head. Rey falls to the floor as Tajjiri goes for another pin hooking the leg and putting pressure on the right shoulder


Rey manages to raise an elbow to the fans and his ringside lumberjack’s excitement. Tajjiri complains about a slow count before hitting a DDT planting Mysterio's head into the canvass. Tajjiri grabs Mysterio's head before throwing Rey over the top rope landing hard on the canvass in front of the S*O*D. Ultimo and Kain'tai stomp mercilessly on Rey as he tries to get to his feet. Finally Ultimo throws Rey into the ring under the bottom rope. Tajjiri gets straight back to work on Rey as he hits a vertical suplex followed by a knee drop to the head. Rey grabs his forehead in pain as Tajjiri taunts Akio and his other future opponents. Tajjiri tries to pull Rey to his feet until Mysterio surprises with a small package. The referee slides to the floor to make the count


Tajjiri pushes out of the pin using his leg strength to full affect. He quickly gets to his feet still looking shocked from the surprising small package. Rey also gets to a vertical position as he looks for a dropkick. He connects with Tajjiri's head knocking him out over the top rope and landing in front of Akio and the other cruisers. They are merciless towards the Japanese Buzzsaw as they connect with blow after blow. Finally they throw him back into the ring resulting in Mysterio connecting with a snap suplex. A leg drop connects perfectly, softening Tajjiri up for a belly to belly suplex. Mysterio looks in good shape as he looks for an atomic drop. The crowd will Mysterio on as he connects with a modified bulldog followed by the pin


Taka Michinoku breaks the pin resulting in Akio, Psychosis and Jushin Liger entering the ring. The S*O*D are soon to follow as a brawl ensues in the ring as the referee tries to enforce order. The brawl ends up outside the ring as they make there way towards the backstage. Rey Mysterio and Tajjiri are left in the ring with no lumberjacks left. Mysterio and Tajjiri get to a vertical base with Mysterio making the first move connecting with a running enzigure. Tajjiri is hit with a standing moonsault followed by a brain buster suplex. Rey Mysterio takes the opportunity to climb the turnbuckle, creating a huge pop from the crowd. Tajjiri doesn't look like moving as Mysterio jumps with might looking for a 450 splash. The sight of Mysterio spinning in mid air has the crowd in ore. Mysterio connects with Tajjiri's ribs with full force. Mysterio then hooks the legs as the referee makes the pin


Mysterio rises to his feet as he is announced the winner. Suddenly Ultimo Dragon appears wielding a steel chair. He sneaks up on Rey before hitting with full force to Mysterio's back. Rey falls to the floor as Ultimo begins to pummel him with blow after blow connecting with the chair every time. Tajjiri slowly gets to his feet and begins to stomp on Rey's frail body. The crowd boo relentlessly until Tajjiri and Ultimo leave the ring. Leaving Rey Mysterio in a bloody mess.

Winner - Rey Mysterio

LiveWire ends with a closing shot of Rey's frail body with a pool of blood staining the canvass as the crowds boos can be still heard.

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