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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Feedback

Only one winner to start the show and it’s not Jinder Mahal. To be honest, I’m surprised it took so long for Sheamus to put him away but I guess it’s good to see you’re not jobbing people out left, right and centre.

Well, scratch that, Yoshi gets the jobbing tonight lol. Impressive stuff from Henry here. Would’ve liked a promo somewhere in between, Henry’s pre match speech could barely be classed as that, two matches on the trot is a rarity.

Randy was a little off here, I just couldn’t picture his voice in my head saying some of those things at all. Barrett was better, I could imagine him here, although a few words needed some emphasis put on them I felt, e.g- That someone would be me. Just adds a bit more. Teddy Long showing up and making a match for next week’s a good choice, keeps up with him being under pressure and adds a big main event.

Nice announcement from T-Long, battle royal later should be nice and Edge in a couple of weeks will be interesting. Beth coming out and what she had to say was nice, going off on one a little bit here but Teddy Long just giving her the match after saying you almost cost me my job was strange. I would’ve had Teddy say he accepts the apology and then offer the match afterwards. The stipulation though is a nice touch and will be interesting to see what way you go.

Captain Charisma was on point here. His quest to get a title shot continues and I liked the way you held Long to ransom almost with the threat of going to the board. Long here sounded a little too hellish though, the way he said I can do whatever I want with you made him sound like he really IS screwing Christian around. I’m also not so keen on him giving Christian another chance, he seemed so intent on not doing it and then suddenly he gives it to him and he has an opponent already in place lol.

Morrison’s a nice hand to have on Friday nights, he fits there a hell of a lot better than Raw anyway. Wow, Morrison wins, Christian really is on the slide right now. Huge win for JoMo and a big chance now at NOC but where Christian goes from here is anyone’s guess.

Didn’t like this. Christian’s had his chance now on a couple of occasions and Long gives him another one on a promise? A promise with Christian that he won’t cheat? Yeah I’m not buying it. I get that he’s under pressure with the board but any and every Smackdown superstar could go and do what Christian’s doing. Teddy himself could go to the board and state that superstars are threatening him. Fully expect Christian to finally sneak into the match now.

I do like the idea of Rhodes Intercontinental challenge, though I would like to hear him speak rather than DiBiase. Sin Cara’s a good choice and could represent a nice, long feud with Rhodes. The DQ was a smart way to go as this thing can really progress now. Does the DQ mean Cara wins the challenge or will Rhodes not accept that on grounds of DQ?

Nice win for Gabriel here and a little push for him is looking good right now. Shame for Kidd but maybe a feud between these two exchanging wins could help elevate the both of them.

Ah didn’t like this. You had Sin Cara come out and take part in this after taking a nice beat down from Cody earlier on. I woulda had you sell that and not let Cara near this thing. Would’ve done wonders for Cody I think. Wow, Christain eliminated?!? Did not expect that but it makes a lot of sense with Bryan being the man to do it and the beat down that follows from Captain Charisma. A feud between these two men would be excellent with Christian using the briefcase as a route back to the top, if that’s what you’re planning anyway. Khali and Gabriel as the final two shows that the roster is somewhat thin right now but it’s nice to see Gabriel really being highlighted right now, I hope that continues. No way Khali was gonna lose and as much as I dislike him, he’s a logical choice to add in being a former World champ and whatnot. Post match beat down from Barrett on Orton was a nice little touch, adding some fuel to the fire for next week’s main event.

On the whole, some real positives here to take, no doubt. Some things I wasn’t a fan of but you’re improving and things are starting to take real shape for NOC and beyond. You can see that Barrett/Orton, Henry/Sheamus, Christian/Bryan are all potentially on the cards in the coming months and they’re all solid feuds to build around. Keep it up.
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