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Re: Death Note: Everybody Dies... Day 8

Night 8: Endgame

LadyCroft walked the lonesome streets, searching for her beloved's soul. Everyone she knew had died, but not yet everyone who knew her. Near sat in the middle of the road, fixing the last piece of a 10,000 piece puzzle. LadyCroft stopped, seeing the white haired little boy, sitting in front of her.

She had the eyes.

"Chriso," she whispered as she wrote the name into her Death Note. Near smiled a sad smile and lifted his small hand to reach for her. But the hand shuddered, and Near collapsed sideways, sprawled on the blackness.

Spoiler for death:
Near aka Christo

LadyCroft looked once more into the Death Note. What had she gained with all these deaths. Kira died a long time ago. Why should she live?

"You! You're Kira!"

LadyCroft turned around and saw a man in a suit, pointing a gun at her. "TKOK," she read what she saw, flipping the Death Note open. Page, page, page... one final page. Please let there be one final page. Some space at least... somewhere.

She kept wishing long after the bullet went into her chest. She kept wishing until her dying breath. One final page...

Spoiler for death:
LadyCroft, Kira's Lover


Winners: TKOK & the Innocents

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