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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
hi guys, first time in this thread (I think) just want some advice here. I've got a 3 year millitary service which starts in July, except I'm not as "big" or "bulk" as I would like to be. I had a few month membership for a nearby gym but it's very expensive and I'm wondering if going and doing "around the house" stuff will have the same effect or will I have to find a way to get a renewed membership? By "around the house" stuff I mean- pushups, situps, maybe getting myself a chin-up bar in the doorway when I enter the room, possibly pushups with a bag on my back with books, runs around the area... What I'm asking is will I get the same effect or do I need to go to machinery in gyms?

Thanks in advance.
Calisthenic are wonderful. The tricky part of tailoring your routine will be progressing on a program like that because you don't have access to weights. Here's a routine you could do:

Day 1:
Wide Grip Pull Ups
Push Ups
Handstand Push Ups

Day 2:
Bodyweight Squats
1 Leg Split Squats (put one leg up on couch, chair and squat on the other leg)
Pistol Squats (more advanced movement)

Day 3:
Close Grip Pull Ups

Day 4:
Bodyweight Squats
1 Leg Split Squats
Pistol Squats

Are kettle bells and calisthenics better than free weights? No, not in my opinion. But you can accomplish a lot with dedication, a pull up bar, or by heading up to your local park/playground. Couple of references you can check out:

-Barstarz on youtube
-Realomegablaze on youtube (does a bodyweight only routine and looks damn good)
-Convict Conditioning (it's a book)
-Rosstraining.com (wrote an excellent tutorial on exercises you can do around the house with no equipment)

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
Flex any chance you could answer my question on the previous page? sorry if dumb question pretty new to this stuff.
Since you asked, of course.


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