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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

So I was browsing through TV last night and came across a show called TNA: Greatest Matches. Essentially in an hour they went through 3 Kurt Angle matches from 08/09. Wouldn't exactly call them some of the "greatest" matches but here's my thoughts regardless:

Angle v Abyss (Falls Count Anywhere) - Turning Point 2008.
Opening salvo is good. Commentary focuses on Angle running from Abyss, which reflects in the first few minutes with Kurt doing whatever he can to avoid Abyss charging after him. Angle then uses the ref and tries to jump him, doing a small bit of ankle work too before Abyss overpowers him and hits a shock treatment which gets a nearfall and Kurt runs into the crowd. Crowd segment feels a bit short as Abyss throws him back over, Kurt then brings a chair into play, hits him a couple times on the back (Tenay mentions how Abyss badly burnt it at BFG, wouldn't have been able to guess given he's walking fine) before Kurt then jumps off the stage and hits Abyss with a FLIP!~! Then it cuts to a break and comes back with an Angle slam which gets a two count. Then Abyss punches a chair into Angle face (his burnt back being fine after that Angle slam too btw) before wedging the chair between the ropes. Kurt does another 5 seconds of kneework before abyss throws him into the chair and hits a chokeslam. Don West throws a fit that Kurt kicks out before abyss lays the chair on Kurt and goes up to the top rope. Then Kurt dodges, gets up, hits Abyss with the chair this time and puts the chair on abyss and hits the MOONSAULT for another nearfall. This is just getting predictable. Abyss tries to hit a tombstone and Kurt goes for the ankle lock on the ankle he's spent a total of about 8 seconds working on. Shockingly Abyss kicks out and then hits a black hole slam out of nowhere. Then we actually get the first nearfall that is kind of a shock and for the first time Kurt doesn't get straight back up, actually tries to crawl away then runs through the crowd off to the Spanish announce desk (wonder what spot is coming now ) and starts climbing some scaffolding but gets caught, Abyss tries to gorilla press him through the table before Kurt hits a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT through the table for the three count. Amusing how a match which focused mainly on big move after big move ends with an uppercut (albeit through a table) but eh, a decent enough FCA match I guess. ***-***1/4

Angle vs Jarrett (SUPER GRUDGE MATCH) - Genesis 2009.

Oh man this isn't just a grudge match; it’s a super grudge match. Jarrett starts laying into Angle right from the beginning, pure aggression in the punches before throwing him into turnbuckles like a ragdoll and Kurt tries to slow it down with a sleeper before taking a low blow and electric chair drop. Jarrett just does whatever he can to embarrass Kurt and him throwing beer in his face was quite amusing. Kurt turns it around soon after and starts smashing Jeff off the steps and then slows the pace down with rest holds to counter Jarrett's earlier fast paced aggression. Jarrett sends Angle over the top rope which looks painful before Jeff does his best Taker impression and dives over the ropes himself (which looks hilarious). Jarrett's busted open not long after this from a ring bell shot but gets back in control before Kurt hits the ANGLE SLAM off the top of the stage through a table. Then it cuts back and they're both in the ring, Kurt goes for a chair and gets it dropkicked into his face before Jarrett hits the stroke for a two count and Kurt hits one of the worst top rope dropkicks I’ve ever seen before hitting ANOTHER ANGLE SLAM which gets another two count. Kurt goes for the ankle lock even though he's done no work to it but gets rejected and thrown shoulder first into the ring post. Jarrett then goes for the guitar and gets a low blow from Kurt, who takes the guitar for himself but changes his mind and takes a chair instead, hitting Jeff straight in the head and OMFG ANOTHER NEARFALL. Then he goes for the Ankle lock (still can't remember any work on the ankle prior to this) but Jeff seems to be in unbearable pain and counters it into a roll up. Kurt goes for a THIRD ANGLE SLAM but Jeff hits a DDT and goes back to the guitar but its broke so limps (holy selling) to the chair instead and nails Kurt in the head and has to crawl over to pin him before Kurt gets TEH ROLL UP out of nowhere for the win and Jeff looks distraught. I really liked everything Jeff did here, his emotions were done well and I found it easy to root for him. Would've liked Jeff to pick up the win to get his retribution but oh well. ***3/4

Angle v Jarrett v Foley v Styles v Joe - KOTM Match - Slammiversary 2009

Match starts with Joe in a Red Wings jersey assaulting Angle in a Penguins jersey which sends Joe into the penalty box and letting Angle be able to go for the belt. AJ/Jarrett then work over Angle together while Foley is just chilling on a ladder outside. Styles and Jarrett then take turns trying to pin Kurt but can't put him away. Foley then gets himself pinned on purpose to hide in the pen box and Jarrett can go for the belt when he gets out he attempts to go for Joe and ends up getting choked out instead. Angle tries to finally go for the belt and then Joe starts cleaning house with the ladder. Cuts to a break and comes back with Jarrett hitting Joe with a stroke, Angle hitting Jarrett with an Angle slam and then Foley hitting Angle with an elbow off the penalty box. Everyone seems pretty dead about now and Foleys plan to sit back looks like it might be paying off. Foley climbs the belt and doesn’t see AJ come from nowhere and kicks Foley off. Styles and Joe then start teaming up to work on Foley and Styles takes him out with a senton over the ropes and pins Foley so everyone is able to go for the belt now. Everyone except Foley who is in the box scrambles for the ladder now but the belt falls off and Joe/Styles finally turn on each other since they're the only two left standing. Foley is still sat in the box biding his time while the rest are laid out in the ring. Jarrett starts brawling with Foley on the outside while AJ stops Joe just before he can hang the belt before trying to scramble up himself and you can see how desperate everyone is now to try and get up. AJ tries to whip Joe against the ropes but Joe suicide dives through onto Jarrett/Foley and hits the Styles Clash on Kurt. Crowd is willing AJ on but Joe runs in and powerbombs AJ at the last second. Then as he's about to win for himself Kurt runs up to stop Joe and Joe ends up just passing the belt to Kurt to pick up the win. It's a nice twist to go from Joe hating Angle and siding with AJ and just fooling everyone through the entire match. Match itself wasn't that great though, although it wasn't BAD at the same time. Just feels kind of...there. I did like Foley and the finishing stretch though. ***1/2

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