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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Just a wee bit of overdue news...

Spoiler for Those who care for (some rather important) news:

~The upcoming RVD/Jericho rematch has many anticipating the bout, but for many backstage in AOW, it’s making the best of a bad situation. While the actual PPV numbers for World Ablaze have not been released to the public, the numbers have been reported (by an FX executive) to have been ‘very far below even [AOW’s] realistic standards’. The event drew somewhere over 12,000 in attendance, with the Banknorth Garden being able to hold 17,000 at max capacity. While the gate numbers were not the true demoralizer, the PPV buyrate is what seems to be the most disappointing. Not much for AOW as a whole, which realistically knew it wasn’t going to knock things out of the park on its first try, but with FX and Fox looking over the shoulder of the company, the conglomerate sponsor was not pleased with its presumably lackluster results. This is most likely due to Fox/FX wanting to compare AOW to the WWE, which draws nearly a half million PPV buys on their worst day, something an extremely young company could only dream of achieving.

~Due to this very possible misconception, the RVD/Jericho angle has been hotshotted to this week’s edition of Oblivion. The execution of the way things went down on television was seen as very heavy, as many things were getting thrown at the audience in an effort to hotshot the angle to appease the network. Jericho/RVD was reportedly set to main event the second AOW PPV, This is Exile, on February 3rd. This executive meddling has caused an understandable shake-up in the entire AOW planning as a whole for the next several months, and thus, the year. How this affects the young company in the long term is something to keep note on in the very near future.

~In related news, the “disappointing” numbers in the eyes of FX and its overseers has again stalled talks for AOW being extended for another “season” past February. If nothing is settled before then, AOW will not fold as a company, but could very well be off of television until a new deal is organized. This is Exile could very well be an iPPV as a result.

~AOW’s roster seems to be getting smaller by the week. Psicosis, one half of the Mexicools, reportedly was injured a few weeks ago. Psicosis taking the devastating pin in last week’s six-man tag match was most likely the way to write him off while he recovers, which we’re hearing should be nothing more than a 4-6 week injury. This brings the injury list to Rey Mysterio (3-6 months), Gregory Helms (hairline fracture in wrist; no more than a few weeks), Carlito Colon (who has yet to debut with the company; strained pec, a month left in recovery), Chris Masters (torn pec, 7-9 months), and now Psicosis. Those who have been written off storyline-wise also include Lance Storm (to coach development) and Christian Cage (being ‘fired’)

~In somewhat stop-the-bleeding news, Tommy Dreamer has reportedly been gushing about the evolving promotion on his online blogs, going as far as to say he’d love to work under the company banner. While the company is always in search of the best talent it can find, and Dreamer may be over the hill, he could provide low-midcard stability if signed, but would most definitely be used as another step in the direction of getting on the road in a road agent. Dreamer would join and Al Snow in that department, as well as their continued pursuit of William Regal. He could also potentially join Lance Storm, Rikishi, and Elix Skipper in training the OVW corps.

Until next time, this has been The Informer…

...and for the rest of you, a preview!



The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York

“The End is Nigh”

The time has come. It’s literally do or die time on the next edition of Oblivion for Rob Van Dam. After being the unwitting pawn in Chris Jericho’s mastermind scheme, RVD was given an ‘untainted’ rematch for the AOW Heavyweight Championship this week. How would we be sure if this match would indeed be untainted? Well, with acting GM Mick Foley ringing the bell, of course! Mick Foley named himself the Special Guest Referee after the immense disappointment in Shawn Michaels’ performance at World Ablaze. But with these announcements, Chris Jericho expressed his extreme displeasure, and coaxed RVD into agreeing that the loser of the match would not just forfeit all rights to an AOW Championship rematch, but ALL TITLES IN AOW PERIOD, which means the man who loses the match will NEVER hold gold in AOW uh-gain! Will Rob Van Dam finally be able to overcome adversity and prove that ‘RVD is AOW’? Or will Chris Jericho and his newly formed “Worthy Legion” walk away, AOW title still intact?

Shawn Michaels seems to know what he did was wrong. He knew he was giving himself to the devil, and when that devil in Chris Jericho reneged on his deal to give HBK an AOW title shot, HBK seemed to even sink further in his own self-loathing. With Shawn Michaels losing the faith of Mick Foley, as well as many AOW faithful, what does Shawn Michaels have to say about his actions? Also, with the post-Oblivion beatdown delivered by Samoa Joe, what will be Shawn Michaels’ responses on others’ actions?

Muhammad Hassan has had it in for CM Punk for a good while in AOW now, stemming from Punk’s comments regarding Hassan sitting on his wealth several weeks ago. The blatant injuring of CM Punk’s apparent coach, Lance Storm, at the hands of Hassan has only led to a thickening of the blood between both men. But with CM Punk gaining the $50,ooo Storm won from Hassan, Hassan has apparently become obsessed with getting it back. Last week, Hassan let forth another challenge, placing a bounty on CM Punk’s head that the winner would not only receive the money in Punk’s briefcase, but would also receive a Dynasty Championship opportunity. This week, AOW Tag Team Champion Shelton Benjamin has accepted the challenge – not for the money, he says, but for the Dynasty title shot. Two of AOW’s best young guns will be on display with high stakes.

Ken Doane has ‘unfinished business’ with Low Jack, Jamie Noble says that he and Aero Star aren’t over, and what’s next for Bryan Danielson…? All this (and more!) on the next explosive edition of AOW Wednesday Night Oblivion, 9/8c only on FX!

.:Confirmed for Oblivion:.

*Loser can challenge for NO FUTURE CHAMPIONSHIPS in AOW*
: Mick Foley
Chris Jericho(c) v. Rob Van Dam


*Muhammad Hassan Bounty Challenge*
CM Punk
AOW Tag Team Champion Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Haas

Ken Doane v. Jack Evans OR Low Ki


Shawn Michaels speaks his piece
Hope the news explains a little bit better what's been going on. Been busy with plenty in the real world, and apologies for lateness and such. Hoping I can post this thing by the weekend. While I'm here, cp, I haven't forgotten your GAB, feedback on the way for that. Until then, Kirbs bids all well.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
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