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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

I just read through your thread and I like what I've read so far. Obviously the WWE definitely dropped the ball with the potential storylines this past year. I like how you portray Triple H in this, he's more of a boss than a confrontational wrestler/boss like the WWE portrayed him as. There definitely seems to be the seeds of a Triple H heel turn in regards to the Kevin Nash storyline. I feel like it would be too obvious for Johnny Ace to be the guy behind the conspiracy, and a CM Punk vs. Triple H could be a milder version of Austin and McMahon if done right.

The WWE title picture seems like Del Rio might hold onto it for a bit. I can see Punk being repeatedly screwed over causing him to disregard the strap until SS or even Royal Rumble. The thing with that is I don't really know who would go after Del Rio for the belt. I haven't noticed any mention of The Rock in this so I'm not sure if you are sticking with the John Cena/Rock feud. If you are then Cena wouldn't be a serious threat to take the title for a while. I am very interested in the Raw six pack challenge because the WWE title picture is cloudy.

Ryder and Swagger is a solid feud I can see them having a good amount of matches in the coming months, until Ryder eventually goes after Zigler. After Zigler drops the US title I can see him getting into the WWE Title picture, and I'm glad you're keeping the perfection gimmick.

The tag title picture looks a lot more entertaining than the original WWE product. I'm hoping Santino and Kozlov take the belts though, as Otunga and McGuillicuddy are both better off on their own.

The Smackdown side of things looks good as well with a lot of feuds building. I notice Christian is struggling a bit but I think that gives him a chance to revitalize his character somewhere along the lines and gain a decent push.

I like that Wade seems to be getting the nod for the next one on one feud for the World Title. I think he and Orton could put on a good feud, and then that always adds the wildcard of Bryan and his MITB briefcase. I can see a Barrett/Orton solid feud then leading to a Bryan/Barrett feud.

Cody Rhodes has been looking solid and keeping Dibiase as his accomplice is a nice touch, adds to the heel aspect very well. I can see a good feud between him and Sin Cara which will actually liven up the IC title hunt, which has been lacking in the real product.

I think this thing with Teddy and the board is going to eventually lead to a Triple H takeover, which would be ignited by a heel turn with Nash. This is all just my random thoughts after reading. I really have enjoyed what I've read so far and I look to keep checking it out.


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