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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Well I'll definitely attempt to watch all the matches for my top 100 list, and I'll write about as much of them as I can, so I'm sure I could post whatever I write about them here too . Here's what I wrote about AJ/Joe:

AJ Vs Joe - Turning Point 05

Yeah, this is still fucking awesome. I remembered loving it a hell of a lot in the past, but I didn't remember much of the actual match. So I was kinda expecting to see MOVES~! for the most part, which would have disappointed me, but I was extremely surprised when the match not only held up and didn't have MOVES~! for 25 minutes, but actually ended up getting a higher rating from me .

Simple enough backstory, Joe is undefeated an the new big thing in the X-Division. The X-Division is all about competition, and has a sort of code (like ROH's code of honour), but Joe broke the code and wants to destroy everyone in his path and make the title a trophy rather than a symbol of being the better athlete. Along the way, he takes out Daniels, and out of disrespect, comes out to the ring with a towel around his neck that had some of Daniels' blood on it. AJ, being the X-Division champion, stands up to Joe for Daniels and the rest of the X-Division, even if he doesn't like some of the other guys. This is beyond friends and enemies, this is about respect and about competition, and about someone ignoring all of that and going into business for himself.

AJ starts the match by taking the fight straight to Joe. Joe has crossed the line, and AJ, being the leader of the division feels that it is his job to take care of Joe, and he does a great job early on of doing this. Joe, the big bad Samoan Bulldozer.. wait, wrong Samoan... Samoan Submission Machine is reeling, and the fans believe that AJ had a chance. Until Joe fights back. Then its ALL Joe.

Not big elaborate spots, so crazy bullshit, just Joe kicking and beating the living FUCK out of AJ. I miss this Joe . I also miss this AJ, you know, when he would sell a beating and not go MOVES~! crazy just for the hell of it?

Joe gives AJ one hell of a fucking beating, and AJ keeps from getting pinned, and makes the occasional comeback, but its largely just Joe on a killing spree. When AJ DOES finally comeback, its pretty great, and he continues to sell the beating he took. The crowd get into the match even more as it looks like AJ might actually be able to topple Joe, but in the end, the Samoan Submission Machine is able to lock in the reverse chokehold and forces the valiant champion (now former) to pass out because he just can't take any more.

Joe then teasing respect for AJ at the end and clocking him with the title belt is great too. As is Daniels' return, which builds up to another great TNA match I love.

Rating: ****3/4
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