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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Friday Night Smackdown
September 2, 2011
Wells Fargo Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The replay video from last week shows how Teddy Long was told his job is under review and that if he does not improve things here on Smackdown, he’ll be fired. We then see that Long announces a Six-Pack Challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Night of Champions, and that Mark Henry and Wade Barrett qualified by defeating Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan, respectively.


Michael Cole: Hello and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, live tonight from the packed Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia! I’m Michael Cole here as usual with my partners Josh Matthews and Booker T!

Booker T: Thanks, Mike, and t’night we have a great show lined up for y’all, and we’re gon’ see some answers from Teddy Long t’night!

Josh Matthews: Great to be here as usual. And yes, after being told last week that his job was under review, Theodore Long has promised to make some big announcements and we will find out the answer to the question that has been on everybody’s lips; how does he feel about last week’s events?

Michael Cole: Last week, he found out that his job is under review... so we’ll be seeing the back of Teddy Long in the next few weeks... Finally.


There is a huge pop in the arena, as we see “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus comes out through the curtain!! He beats his chest a couple of times before holding his arms out and then marching down the ramp.

Josh Matthews: We were also promised to learn the rest of the field for the Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions!! And we are about to find one of them out right now!

Michael Cole: Well Sheamus has been having issues with Mark Henry recently, who has already qualified for this match so we will see if Sheamus can join him and get some retribution for the suffering inflicted on Sheamus by Mark Henry these past couple of months.

Sheamus is in the ring now, and he bounds around it, making it look like it belongs to him, his music then dies down as we now wait on his opponent...


There is resounding boos in the arena, as Jinder Mahal steps out onto the stage, dressed in his white robe, and he is then followed out by The Great Khali. Khali looks as intimidating as ever as he walks down to the ring, but Mahal tells him to walk behind him.

Booker T: I just don’t like dis guy, simple as that! He has a bad attitude and dat doesn’t fly around here!

Michael Cole: I quite like Jinder Mahal, actually. If he were to get past Sheamus tonight I could see him winning at Night of Champions!! He needs to target those ribs of Sheamus though.

Mahal doesn’t allow Khali to get into the ring, instead gives him his jacket, before standing in the centre of the ring and telling Sheamus to come out of the corner and face him like a man. Sheamus laughs and starts to walk in, and then the referee rings the bell.

Match One:
Six-Pack Challenge Qualifying Match:
Sheamus vs Jinder Mahal
w/ The Great Khali

Both men are face to face as the match starts and neither one shows any inkling of stepping down, but then MAHAL SLAPS SHEAMUS!! The fans aren’t happy, as Mahal stands tall, and Sheamus puts his hand up to his cheek, and then knees Mahal in the mid section! Sheamus clubs away at Mahal’s back, before whipping him into the ropes and catching him with a knee to the gut again when he comes back and Mahal flips over forwards!! Mahal then gets to his feet once again, and Sheamus runs in and knocks him down with a Polish Hammer to the face!! Sheamus then goes down for an early cover...One...Two...No!

Sheamus then brings Jinder back up to a vertical base, and takes him over to the ropes, and ties him up in them... before beating away at Mahal’s chest!! The referee comes over to move Sheamus out of the way, as Mahal then slumps over the ropes. Sheamus holds his arms in the air and the fans love this early period of control from “The Celtic Warrior”. Mahal starts to get back to his feet and Sheamus then walks over to him, and places him in the corner. Sheamus then runs in and goes for the shoulder block, but Khali reaches in and pulls Mahal out of the way and Sheamus crashes straight into the steel ring post shoulder first!! The referee then comes over and warns Khali, who holds his hands up, as in the ring, Mahal is now pounding away at Sheamus’ ribs!! Cole spouts off on commentary about how now Mahal is going to win the match. Jinder then drives his knee into Sheamus’ ribs, before picking him up and dropping him with a Scoop Slam! Sheamus quickly puts his hand on his ribs as Mahal goes down and hooks the leg...One...Tw-Sheamus kicks out!

Sheamus stays down after the kick out, and Mahal then rebounds off of the ropes and drops his knee down across Sheamus’ face! Sheamus then starts to get up, holding his face, but Mahal then runs in once again and connects with a knee lift to Sheamus’ face again! Sheamus is knocked back, and he starts to fall into the ropes, but Khali low bridges the top rope, and Sheamus falls all the way to the floor, his ribs crashing off of the apron on the way down!! The referee then GIVES KHALI HIS MARCHING ORDERS!! Mahal is furious, and Khali looks to be about to step into the ring and confront the referee, but he decides not to and starts to walk up the ramp. But nonetheless the damage to Sheamus is done, and Mahal then goes outside the ring and then rolls Sheamus back in, and goes for another cover...One...Two...Thr-NO!!

Mahal is annoyed now, and he then signals for the end, so he rolls Sheamus over and tries to apply the CAMEL CLUTCH!! Sheamus is able to prevent Mahal for hooking his legs up, and instead he puts his arms under Mahal’s legs, and then lifts him up onto his back, before he falls backwards, both men landing hard on the canvas!! Mahal holds the back of his head, whilst Sheamus clutches his ribs in agony and the referee starts to count both men...
Sheamus starts to move, as does Mahal.
Sheamus is up to one knee!
Holding his ribs, Sheamus is back up to a vertical base!!

Mahal is quickly up also, and he then runs at Sheamus, and goes for a clothesline, but Sheamus then catches him under his arm...IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER!!! The fans pop, as the move took almost as much out of Sheamus as it did Mahal, and now Sheamus stands tall in the ring, wincing with pain as he starts to slap his thigh, and the fans all start to count along as Mahal gets up to his feet, and Sheamus then runs in and ploughs through him with the BROGUE KICK!! The fans are going wild as Sheamus then goes down and makes the cover...One...Two...Three!!! Sheamus is going to Night of Champions!!

Winner: Sheamus (8.17)


The fans are all on their feet, and Sheamus has his hands raised by the referee, but he then goes back to holding his ribs which are obviously affecting him

Josh Matthews: A great win for Sheamus there, and the plan between Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali seemed to have backfired there, but at what cost was it at for The Celtic Warrior?

Booker T: He seems to be hurting in those ribs, dawg. Can you see dat, Mike?

Michael Cole: Stop calling me Mike, Booker. Anyway, please join us after this short commercial break, right here on Smackdown!


We see Yoshi Tatsu in the ring, getting ready for his match up next, and the young Japanese Superstar seems to look a little nervous as he does his final stretches.


Tatsu’s nervousness and sacredness seems to be appropriate, as his opponent is none other than The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry! Henry looks focused as usual, as he slowly trudges down to the ring.

Michael Cole: Booker, now here is my pick at Night of Champions! Mark Henry, over four-hundred pounds of pure muscle and power!

Booker T: Mark Henry is one tough dude, and even though I picked Sheamus earlier, I can see dis man right dere winnin’ the gold at Night of Champions.

Henry picks up a microphone as he enters the ring, and Tatsu then backs away into the opposite corner away from Henry.

Mark Henry: Cut my damn music!

The music stops to allow the heat from the crowd to be heard even clearer.

Mark Henry: Before I break this little sushi roll in half and then induct him into my Hall of Pain, I’d like to pass on some words of congratulations to Sheamus.

Henry nods his head as the fans give a good pop for the Celtic Warrior.

Mark Henry: As you just all saw, he qualified for the Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions. But he couldn’t qualify last week because I almost broke his damn ribs!

Heat again for Henry.

Mark Henry: So I’m telling you now Sheamus that at Night of Champions, I won’t get the job half done again.

Henry then throws the microphone to the floor, and then walks into the centre of the ring as Tatsu starts walking in.

Match Two:
Mark Henry vs Yoshi Tatsu

The bell rings, and immediately Henry charges across the ring, and flattens Tatsu with a clothesline!! Tatsu doesn’t get up straight away, so Henry uses ONE HAND to grab him by his head and lift him back onto his feet and then push him into the corner... before Henry runs in and CRUSHES TATSU!!! Yoshi falls face first to the ground, and Henry then smiles, before going down onto his knees and clubbing Yoshi in the back repeatedly, until the referee forces him away. As Henry then brushes past the ref he picks Tatsu up and then scoops him up.... WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! Henry then makes the cover... One...Two....Three!

Winner: Mark Henry (1.02)


Henry then stands up to his feet and has his mammoth arm raised by the referee, and then shouting down at Tatsu “YOU REALLY THINK YOU HAD A CHANCE?” before he then starts to exit the ring; looking at intimidating as possible.

Michael Cole: Well, as you would expect, complete dominance from Mark Henry; getting the easy win over Yoshi Tatsu as he looks to build some momentum going into Night of Champions.

Josh Matthews: Mark Henry is a big-hitter for sure, and I can see him making a Mark at Night of Champions. Get it? Mark?

Booker T: Josh, I think Cole coulda came up wid something better dan dat!

Michael Cole: That aside, we’re now going to go over to our and Raw’s backstage interviewer, Matt Striker!

We then go to the back, and sure enough, Matt Striker is standing by, big grin with his microphone as usual.

Matt Striker: Thanks, guys, it’s going to be a great show, and guests don’t get higher profile than mine right now. Ladies and Gentlemen, the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton!!

The camera then pans slightly to see Randy Orton walk into the shot, wearing his new “Security” t-shirt, and he gets a HUGE ovation from the fans.

Matt Striker: I like the t-shirt, champ. Last week, you defeated Christian in a No Holds Barred Match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. You also learnt of your next title defence, a Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions. What’re your thoughts?

Randy Orton: Well, the men that have already qualified for that match are all big stars here on Smackdown, but none of them are on par with me.

A good pop for Orton’s confidence.

Randy Orton: Last week, I risked aggravating a serious shoulder injury that has already cost me a large amount of my career. But I did what I had to do in order to keep the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian spent last weekend in hospital after what I did to him.

Orton smiles, as the fans respond positively.

Randy Orton: Falling onto concrete hurts, Matt, it hurt A LOT... but I’m still here, still World Heavyweight Champion.

Orton readjusts the belt over his shoulder as he continues.

Randy Orton: And after Night of Champions, I will still be here, and still be World Heavyweight Champion. I don’t mind having to go through five other guys to do so. We’ve already seen two of ‘em tonight! Mark Henry just destroyed that Japanese kid out there, and Sheamus-

The champion is cut off by a big pop, and Orton then smiles.

Randy Orton: Sheamus is one of the toughest guys here on Smackdown, and I can vouch for that. But it was at Night of Champions last year that I walked out with the gold, and I will do it again this year.

Another good pop for the confident champion.

Randy Orton: Well, then we have Wade Barrett. Barrett and I have some history, but never in any of our past battles has he came out on top-

???: That is until Night of Champions.

There is a loud boo in the arena as Wade Barrett then walks into shot with a smug grin, and Orton’s expression drops to a huge frown straight away.

Wade Barrett: Randy, all of your reigns as World Heavyweight or WWE Champion have been pathetic; you’ve achieved nothing. I think it is time you moved aside and let someone who can bring some interest to the World Heavyweight Championship takeover.

The fans boo.

Wade Barrett: That someone would be me.

Randy Orton: Wade, you think you’ve earned yourself a shot at this? What have you done recently? You just managed to beat Daniel Bryan; I put the former champion in a HOSPITAL.

Wade Barrett: If you talk to me like that again, you’ll be in one too.

The two men then butt heads, and it looks like a fight could break out... but then TEDDY LONG runs into the scene!!

Theodore Long: Now, that is enough of that, playas! Now I’m sure you all know that my job is at risk, so next week, we’re going to settle this the way we usually do on Smackdown... in the ring!

Orton and Barrett separate but still glare into each other’s eyes.

Theodore Long: So next week, in the main event... Wade Barrett will go one on one with tha World Heavyweight Champion... RANDY ORTON!

The fans pop, and Orton and Barrett both smirk at each other; knowing that they’ve now got the chance to tear into each other next week.

Theodore Long: I’ve got some bus’ness I gotta attend to now, so if ya’ll excuse me.

Long then marches out of the frame; looking slightly annoyed. Barrett then places his hand on the World Heavyweight Championship hanging over Orton’s shoulder.

Wade Barrett: Make sure to keep it warm for me, Randy.

With that, Barrett then walks off out of shot leaving Orton looking pissed off.



There is a big pop for Theodore Long, as the Smackdown General Manager looks in slightly higher spirits than last week. He opts against the dance at the top of the stage and instead marches down the ramp.

Michael Cole: I cannot wait for this guy to get fired.

Booker T: What da hayell are you talkin’ about?

Michael Cole: You expect this goof to regain control of Smackdown? You need your head examined.

Josh Matthews: Well Theodore Long promised us some huge announcements tonight, and I know this will be one of many changes we will be seeing on Smackdown in the next few weeks.

T-Long is now in the ring, and he is handed a mic from a stagehand as he then gets ready to address the crowd.

Theodore Long: Tonight, Smackdown is coming to you from one of ma favourite cities, PHILADELPHIA!!

A very loud, but very cheap pop.

Theodore Long: Thank you, but last week, marked the turning point for Smackdown. Last week, I was told that if things don’t improve around here; it will be my neck on the line and I would lose my job as Smackdown General Manager.

Long sighs as the WWE Universe aren’t happy.

Theodore Long: So that is why I am now making a promise not to let down the WWE Universe and I am going to take Smackdown to newer heights and give the WWE Universe some matches that they want ta see.

A good pop for Long.

Theodore Long: I know that everybody loves a good ol’ fashioned Battle Royal, so tonight’s main event will be an over-tha-top-rope Battle Royal with the winner earning a spot in the World Heavyweight Championship Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions!

There is a BIG pop now, as Long starts to smile.

Theodore Long: As some of ya may have saw, I just had to deal with something backstage, but just in case ya missed it, next week’s main event will be the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton going one on one against Wade Barrett!

Teddy does his arm raising thing as he announces the matches but the fans seem to be lapping it all up.

Theodore Long: That isn’t even all, playas. In two weeks time, Smackdown will be coming to ya from Toronto in Canada, so I have arranged that we will be joined on Smackdown by Toronto’s own and a Smackdown Legend, “The Rated R Superstar” Edge!!

HUGE pop, the fans that start up an “EDGE! EDGE! EDGE!” Chant.

Theodore Long: These are just a few of many surprises I have got in store for y’all in the coming weeks. But now, I have to address a situation regarding Night of Champions, which is just over two weeks away. So, I’d like to invite Beth Phoenix down to tha ring, right now.

There is a mixed reaction, and Teddy then holds his mic to the side.


Accompanied by Natalya to a mixed reaction from the WWE Universe, Beth Phoenix then comes out from the curtain and starts to stride down to the ring. In the ring, Long claps as she makes her way down to the ring. Phoenix picks up a microphone as she enters the ring.

Theodore Long: Thank ya fa joining me out here, Beth; and I think we better get right down ta business.

Phoenix doesn’t look happy as she knows what she has to do.

Theodore Long: As you know, you can only have ya Divas Championship Match at Night of Champions if ya apologise to me for what ya did last week. So, let’s hear it.

Beth looks at Natalya and then turns back to Teddy.

Beth Phoenix: I’m sorry.

The fans give a mixed reaction, as Long scratches his chin, not seeming to buy it.

Theodore Long: You do know what is at stake here don’t ya, babygirl? This isn’t a joke, you are ta apologise to me for what ya did last week, otherwise my ruling from last week stands and you’ll never get another championship opportunity ever again.

Beth Phoenix: I said I’m sorry.

Theodore Long: My job is on the line and it is because of people like you, so if ya don’t do as I say I will have ya both removed from the buildin’ and you’ll never get a Divas Championship opportunity again.

Beth looks livid now; she looks like she might lash out.

Beth Phoenix: Fine, Teddy, I’m sorry.

Theodore Long: Thank-

Beth Phoenix: I was not finished. I am sorry that Kelly Kelly is the poorest excuse of a woman wrestler in the history of the WWE, and a complete JOKE of a champion.

Teddy doesn’t look happy about being interrupted; but Beth isn’t finished yet.

Beth Phoenix: I’m sorry that Natalya and I have taken it upon ourselves to SAVE the Divas “division” by ridding the Divas Championship of the poison that is that fake, plastic BIMBO!

The crowd cries “OOH!” and Beth STILL isn’t done.

Beth Phoenix: But Teddy, we are sorry for any trouble we may have caused you; but it wasn’t personal... we were just trying to make a point.

Theodore Long: Ya done?

Phoenix then slams her microphone down to the mat, and stands there with her arms folded.

Theodore Long: I see where you are coming from; and I do thank ya for not purposely trying to lose me my job. But, tha truth is, ya almost have.

The fans start to boo now.

Theodore Long: But, I will give you the match on one condition; if you lose to Kelly Kelly again at Night of Champions... you’re NEVER getting ANY championship match in the WWE ever again!

The fans give a mixed reaction, as Beth and Natalys smile and nod their heads, and Long then motions for them to leave the ring.


Michael Cole: FINALLY!! Finally justice! Theodore Long has made the best decision I’ve ever seen that imbecile make, and Beth Phoenix is our next Divas Champion!

Josh Matthews: I wouldn’t rule Kelly Kelly out, Cole; Beth did that at Summerslam.

Michael Cole: It will be different at Night of Champions.

The girls are now out of the arena, and Teddy now starts to walk over to the ropes to leave when...


Long looks confused as he starts to get back into the ring now, as to mostly boos but some cheers mixed in too... Christian appears on the stage!!

Michael Cole: Yes! This night is getting even better! Christian come down here and give this idiot a piece of your mind!

Booker T: He’s not meant to be out here now.

Christian has a smile on his face, but he is holding his neck as he walks down to the ring, and he picks up a microphone as he enters the ring and then struggles to climb onto the turnbuckle and salute his peeps. He is wearing a black shirt with jeans and smart shoes. When he gets down he then walks over to Long.

Theodore Long: You aren’t meant ta be here. What do you want?

Christian: There are a couple of reasons but firstly... I’ll give you some credit, as you have managed to book my best friend to appear on Smackdown, in the best country in the world... CANADA!!

BIG HEAT; Christian knows he is getting under the people’s skin with that one.

Christian: And secondly, whilst you’re out here giving people what they want... I want you to include me in the Six-Pack Challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions.

There is a mixed reaction to this, but Long simply shakes his head.

Theodore Long: Not gonna happen, playa. That is not how things are done here on Smackdown, you should know that by now. If ya want something, ya gotta earn it.

Christian: How about... I write to the WWE Board of Directors and file a official complaint on you. I know my rights; and you had NO right to put me in that match with Randy Orton last week!

The fans pop as they recall last week’s events.

Christian: A match that might I add, caused me to spend all of last Saturday in a hospital bed. You had no right to put me in that match; and I know that the last thing you’d want at the moment is to have a complaint made about you.

Christian then walks right up to Long and gets in his face.

Christian: So you either give me my spot in that match... or lose your job. Your choice.

Long then walks around the ring, before circling right back into Christian’s face.

Theodore Long: NO!

HUGE pop! Christian looks stunned, and Teddy is fired up now.

Theodore Long: I had every right to put you in that match because as long as you are a contracted Smackdown Superstar I can do anything I want with ya!

Christian: (Laughs) Just wait until the Board hears about this.

Theodore Long: Okay, Christian. Here’s what is gonna happen, playa; I’ll give ya tha chance ta qualify for the Six-Pack Challenge... right NOW!

The fans pop, as Christian looks shocked, and then holds his neck.

Christian: You can’t do that! Can you not see that I’m not in the right condition to wrestle?

Theodore Long: You said you wanted to be in the Six-Pack Challenge, playa... so without further adieu, let me introduce your opponent, he is tha newest member of Smackdown... JOHN MORRISON!!


There is a loud pop in the arena, as John Morrison then comes out from behind the curtain, dressed to compete! He walks in slow motion down the ramp as Christian looks on, not believing what is happening to him.

Michael Cole: What the hell is this goof doing on Smackdown?

Josh Matthews: Did you not hear what Teddy Long just said? John Morrison is now a part of Friday Night Smackdown!

Michael Cole: Christian is not in a correct physical state to compete! He is in street clothes!!

Christian resigns to the fact that he is now in this match, and removes his shirt. Morrison enters the ring and shakes hands with the GM, and Teddy then exits the ring.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and Gentlemen we are going to take a short commercial break right now and this match will be with you when we return to Friday Night Smackdown.


Match Three:
Six-Pack Challenge Qualifying Match:
Christian vs John Morrison

So after the commercial, we join the match at about the four minute mark. Morrison is hammering away at Christian in the corner, and the fans seem to love it. Jomo then whips Christian across the ring and follows in with a corner clothesline, and then Christian turns around right into a dropkick! Morrison goes for the cover...One...Two...NO!! Christian grabs his neck as Morrison then does a kip up to get back to his feet!! The fans applaud the move, and Christian then sits up, so Morrison runs through and smashes his knee into Christian’s face!! Morrison goes for the cover again and hooks the leg...One...Two...Thr-NO!!!

Christian somehow remains resilient, as the newcomer to Smackdown runs his hand through his hair in frustration. Morrison brings Christian up to his feet, and looks to then jump onto the ropes... BUT CHRISTIAN GRABS HIS HAIR!! Morrison crashes down onto the back of his neck, and Christian then goes for the cover now...One...Two...NO! Christian gets Morrison up to his feet using his hair, and then slaps him in the face! The fans boo him for that, but he retains his grasp of Jomo’s hair and then bounces his head off of the top turnbuckle! Christian then drapes Morrison over the middle rope and stands on his back, choking Morrison with the ring rope!! The referee counts and Christian breaks at 4, preventing disqualification.

Captain Charisma then pulls Morrison off of the ropes and into the centre of the ring where he then scoops Morrison up and plants him down to the canvas with a scoop slam! Christian points at the top turnbuckle and then scales up it. He waits for Morrison to get back to his feet before coming off of the second rope with a Corkscrew Elbow to Morrison’s face!! But both men are now down, as the move caused Christian to land awkwardly on his neck!! The referee starts to count, and Morrison gets back up at 5, and Christian follows at 6. The two men start trading blows, the crowd getting behind Morrison as he starts to get the advantage. Jomo whips Christian against the ropes and then catches him with a calk kick to the face as he comes back! Morrison into the cover! One...Two...Thre-NO!!

The fans are shocked that Christian is still alive, but he is down holding his neck on his back, Morrison then drags him over to the corner. Jomo holds his arm up in the air... STARHIP PAIN...CHRISTIAN MOVED...MORRISON LANDS ON HIS FEET!!! Christian then boot Morrison in the mid section and rolls over with a Sunset Flip into the cover!! One...Two...NO!! Both men get to their feet and Christian goes for a right hand but Morrison ducks and then kicks Christian in the back of the head!! Seeing Christian dazed, Morrison then springboards off of the ropes and connects with the FLYING CHUCK KICK!! Christian drops to the mat in a heap, and Morrison then crawls over for the pin...One...Two...THREE!!!! MORRISON IS GOING TO NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS!!

Winner: John Morrison (8.55)


Michael Cole: NO! No no no no no no no NO!! How can Teddy Long get away with this!

Booker T: Christian wan’ed in and he got the chance, but he jus’ couldn’t pull it off!
Michael Cole: Josh, you have to agree with me here! Christian was not in the right condition to compete!

Josh Matthews: He had been medically cleared to compete.

Morrison gets up onto the middle turnbuckle and then poses for the WWE Universe, before jumping down and having his hand raised by the referee. Theodore Long at ringside applauds Morrison’s efforts. Christian sees Long and starts to crawl towards the ring ropes where Long is standing; and Teddy catches the sinister look in Christian’s eyes, and he then leans over the bottom rope, just inches away from Teddy’s face and says “This is not over.” Long looks scared and Christian just continues his intense stare at the General Manager.

Josh Matthews: Well John Morrison has shocked the world and returned to Smackdown and has received a World Heavyweight Championship Match as a result; but this issue between Christian and Theodore Long is far from over I believe.


We’re back, and in the office of the Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long. Long is by himself, and he looks in a good mood; presumably after what just happened. Suddenly, without knocking, Christian bursts into the office! Captain Charisma holds an ice pack on his neck, and it still in his trousers he was wearing for his match.

Theodore Long: Do ya not remember what happened last time you burst in here like that? I’ve got Randy Orton on speed dial.

Christian: I’m not coming in here to make any threats. I just want in on that Battle Royal later tonight.

Theodore Long: I don’t know. Why should I help you? I gave you your chance against John Morrison, and ya blew it.

A loud pop can be heard in the arena for that.

Christian: Teddy, you know I can make all of this so much harder for you.

Theodore Long: What happened to no threats?

Christian: Just put me in that match, then I’ll win it, and then I’ll go to Night of Champions and win the World Heavyweight Championship... the FAIR way.

Theodore Long: If you give me your word that that is exactly how you’re gonna do it and not cheat anyone out of the World Heavyweight Championship... I’ll put you in that match.

Christian: I promise.

Theodore Long: Now close tha door on your way out.

Christian then turns around, and the camera catches his face change from that of anguish to an evil, shit-eating grin and he then walks out of the office.

*Video Package*

Narrator: To be a champion, one must be superior to all of their adversaries.

A flashing image of Randy Orton RKO'ing Christian onto the steel steps at Summerslam is shown.

Narrator: The champion might be Perfection...

Dolph Ziggler brashly holds up his United States Championship above his head.

Narrator: ...Beautiful...

An image of Kelly Kelly right after she won the Divas Championship flickers onto the screen.

Narrator: ... Or Ugly...

A scene of Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes trying to hide his face during one of his entrances comes up on the screen.

Narrator: A champion can benefit from the wealth of their company...

WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty are shown having their hands raised at the end of a match.

Narrator: ...Or just their wealth.

Alberto Del Rio stands in front of an expensive car with pyro shooting down behind him.

Narrator: One night a year, the WWE showcases these superior individuals.

A quick montage of a referee holding up each championship belt one by one is shown.

Narrator: It is the Night...

Randy Orton then stands on the top rope with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

Narrator: ... Of CHAMPIONS!

SEPTEMBER 18, 2011

Michael Cole: Night of Champions, just over two weeks away!

Josh Matthews: The card is growing each week, and we learnt this week on wwe.com, that Rey Mysterio will challenge Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship in Buffalo!

Booker T: Ziggler has had some harsh things to say about ma boi Rey Mysterio, and I hope he loses that title at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole: We also learnt that the Divas Championship will be on the line, as Kelly Kelly’s horrible reign of terror comes to an end against Buffalo’s own “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix!

Booker T: Don’t rule Kelly Kelly out, Michael! Also, don’t forget our WWE Tag Team Championship Match, dawgs! Otunga and however you say dat boi’s name defend against my favourite team in the WWE, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov!

Josh Matthews: These two teams have been trading wins in singles competition these past couple of weeks on Raw, and there is some real animosity brewing between these two teams heading into Night of Champions.

Michael Cole: But here is where it starts getting good; the WWE Championship Match! Alberto Del Rio puts his gold on the line in a Six-Pack Challenge Match!

Josh Matthews: Each of those six men have their own personal agendas going into this, but only one will leave as WWE Champion!

Booker T: Are you guys stupid? Y’all are forgettin’ about Smackdown’s Six-Pack Challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Michael Cole: Don’t think we forgot about that, Booker. Randy Orton last year walked out from a Six-Pack Challenge with the WWE Championship, but year, he is going IN with the gold, we already know who four of his opponents are, and we will find out the last one later tonight!


There is a large amount of heat, as the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes comes out from the back, dressed to compete, and he is in his ring gear, desperately trying to hide his face from the cameras. He is accompanied by his long time friend Ted DiBiase, and the two men walk down the ramp and Ted hurls abuse at the crowd.

Josh Matthews: Well here is the only champion left in the WWE without a match at Night of Champions! The Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes seems to have been too busy running these “Intercontinental Championship Challenges”.

Michael Cole: Well, the concept is simple. Any WWE Superstar that was not born in America comes out for a match with Cody, and if they win, they get an Intercontinental Championship Match! Of course, I don’t expect anyone to ACTUALLY beat Rhodes...

The two men are now in the ring, and as usual, DiBiase demands a microphone, he waits for the music to die down and the crowd to slience.

Ted DiBiase: Ladies and Gentlemen, you all know what time it is! It is time for the prestigious Cody Rhodes’ “Intercontinental Championship Challenge”!

DiBiase nods his head as the fans jeer him.

Ted DiBiase: We’re giving any WWE Superstar who was not born in the States a chance to earn themselves an Intercontinental Championship Match. All they have to is beat the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, Cody Rhodes!

Heat now, as DiBiase carries on smiling.

Ted DiBiase: That is of course, a LOT easier said than done.

DiBiase laughs now, and he turns to the emotionless Rhodes, who looks like a vampire ready to feed at the moment; looking anxious and not wanting to wait.

Ted DiBiase: So, if anyone feels that they can go toe to toe with Cody, come out here right now!

Both men then look to the stage, but no one is there, and Rhodes looks angered by this.

Ted DiBiase: Come on, there’s no need to be sca-


The lights dim down, and a GIANT pop echoes around the arena, as Sin Cara walks out onto the stage!! He points to the ring, and then springs down the ramp before flipping into the ring! Cara points at DiBiase to get out of the ring, and the stunned Fortunate Son does so. Cody takes his jacket off as Sin Cara stares him down, and then has a look at the Intercontinental Championship and points at it.

Match Four:
Cody Rhodes’ “Intercontinental Championship Challenge”:
Cody Rhodes
w/ Ted DiBiase vs Sin Cara

The bell rings, and the two men start circling the ring. They lock up, and Cody gets the initiative and goes behind, but Sin Cara then grabs Cody and flips him over. Rhodes is shocked, and charges at Sin Cara but Cara leapfrogs it and then catches Cody with an arm drag, followed by another two, and Cody has to then exit the ring to talk tactics with DiBiase, as the crowd gets behind Sin Cara! Sin Cara then points at Rhodes and DiBiase, before rebounding off of the ropes and hitting a Somersault Plancha down onto Rhodes and DiBiase!!! The three men lay in a heap as Smackdown goes to another commercial break.


After the commercial, we see that Rhodes is in control now; as he holds Sin Cara in a rear headlock in the centre of the ring. We see that during the break, Ted DiBiase got involved in the match to allow Rhodes to obtain the advantage. Rhodes tries desperately to keep Sin Cara down and locked in the hold, but he is unable to as Sin Cara breaks free!! Car then tries to get away from Cody, but he is caught with a boot to the mid section! Cody then runs at the ropes...BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! A DiBiase mark out at ringside as Rhodes goes in for the cover...One...Two...Thre-NO!!

Somehow Sin Cara kicked out!! The fans pop in relief, as Cody then sets Sin Cara up, and then hits him with a Maskbutt!! Sin Cara drops flat out on the mat, and Cody then goes down again and hooks the leg...One...Two...NO!! Cody can’t believe it, and he then brings up the seemingly dead weight of Sin Cara up to his feet, and goes behind him...looking for CROSS RHODES-NO!! Sin Cara quickly jumps up and gets a headscissors up on Rhodes and flips him over! Cody gets back up to his feet quickly, and runs in, but Sin Cara catches him with a knee to the face!! Cody falls back, as Sin Cara then runs in and gets a running Hurracanrana!! Cody is turned inside out and Sin Cara then runs up onto the top turnbuckle... but TED DIBIASE JUMPS ONTO THE RING APRON AND PUSHES SIN CARA OFF OF THE TURNBUCKLE!! Sin Cara lands flat on his back in the centre of the ring, and the referee has no choice but to ring the bell!

Winner: Sin Cara via Disqualification (7.14)

DiBiase then enters the ring and then he and Rhodes start stomping away on Sin Cara!! The referee tries to break it up, but he is unable to pull Rhodes and DiBiase off of Sin Cara, and the IC Champion and DiBiase continue to pummel away at Sin Cara, and then Rhodes and DiBiase pull Sin Cara up and Cody plants him with CROSS RHODES!! Sin Cara lays in a heap in the centre of the ring, as now the Intercontinental Champion and his friend leave the ring; having sent their message.

Booker T: Can we get some help down here for ma boi Sin Cara? Man that was dang uncalled for!

Michael Cole: That was brilliant.

Rhodes looks back at the ring and sees the referee tending to Sin Cara, and Rhodes cracks a small smile, and then walks back behind the curtain.

The Raw Rebound is shown, and we see some of Triple H’s promo, saying how he is tired of all of these backstage assaults but he thinks that the locker room should man up. He then calls out The Awesome Truth and gets them kicked out of the arena. Kofi Kingston comes close to beating the WWE Champion, and in the main event, John Cena and CM Punk were cost their match against The Awesome Truth by John Laurinaitis, and the final shot is CM Punk laid flat out in the centre of the ring.

Back in the arena now...


There is a loud cheer, as Justin Gabriel comes from behind the curtain, and then jumps in the air, and lands in a crouching position. He then holds his arms out and starts walking down to the ring.

Match Five:
Justin Gabriel vs Tyson Kidd

The bell rings and the two men lock up. Kidd gets the advantage but tries to push Gabriel into the turnbuckle but Gabriel floats over and then catches Kidd with a forearm to the face. Kidd is knocked back, and then Justin delivers some shoulder blocks to Kidd in the corner, before snapmaring him out and dropkicking Kidd in the back of the head. Gabriel then goes for the first cover of the match but Tyson kicks out before 2. Gabriel then sits Kidd up and then kicks him right in the chest; something which the fans seem to love.

Kidd rolls around a little bit and gets to the ropes, where Gabriel tries to run in for another kick... but Kidd moves and Gabriel is caught up in the ropes! Kidd then starts peppering Gabriel with rights, lefts and kicks to Gabriel as the referee tries to block the tangled Gabriel. Kidd then grabs Justin’s legs and pulls him away from the ropes and then stomps on his mid section. Kidd then pulls Gabriel up to his feet and applies an ABDOMINAL STRETCH! Kidd’s wrestling skill is coming through as Gabriel screams out in pain... but is able to get his fingers around the top rope forcing the hold to be broken! Kidd then fires Gabriel across the ring and as Gabriel comes back Kidd drops down, and then leap frogs before catching Gabriel with a knee to the gut... flipping him over!!!

Kidd now looks in complete control, as Gabriel rolls around holding his stomach in agony. Kidd then brings Gabriel back up to his feet, and looks to be setting up for a DDT... but Gabriel wriggles free... BAM!!! SUPERKICK!!!! Kidd drops like a sack of potatoes down to the mat as Gabriel then falls back down holding his stomach again, and he then starts crawling to the turnbuckle. Gabriel uses the ropes to get back to his feet before climbing up, and he stands on the top rope over the downed Kidd... 450 SPLASH!!! The fans go crazy, and Gabriel looks winded from the impact, and then flops down onto Kidd and hooks the leg...One...Two...Three!!!

Winner: Justin Gabriel (5.22)


Gabriel gets up and holds his gut as usual; selling the impact of his finishing move on himself, and he then has his arm raised by the referee before going up onto the top turnbuckle to celebrate his win.

Michael Cole: Another win for Justin Gabriel here tonight in Philadelphia.

Booker T: That four-fiddy splash was off tha chain dawg!

Josh Matthews: Well, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd aren’t going anywhere, as both of them are part of the Battle Royal Main Event coming next, and the winner will be going to Night of Champions!! Be sure not to miss it!


There is a slew of Smackdown Superstars in the ring for this Battle Royal, and Sin Cara’s music is playing, as the Mexican Sensation has just entered the ring full of Superstars.

Michael Cole: Well, we are gearing up for this Battle Royal in which the winner will be the final participant in the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Night of Champions. Here we see Sin Cara, who defeated the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes earlier tonight, albeit by disqualification.

Josh Matthews: Sin Cara has a chance to put himself into contention for two championships if he were to win the Battle Royal tonight.

Booker T: My boi Sin Cara can decorate himself!


A decent amount of heat greets Ted DiBiase Jr, who is accompanied by the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, both of them focusing on no one other than Sin Cara, who bounces up and down as they both march down to the ring. Cody is not eligible for competing in the Battle Royal, is all suited up, and DiBiase climbs into the crowded ring as Rhodes stands at ringside. Sin Cara gets right into Ted’s face, but William Regal steps in to break it up just for now.


Cole starts complaining on commentary, but the Philly fans seem to love Daniel Bryan, who runs down to the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase as he holds it up in the air, giving it to a referee before he slides into the ring.


Unadulterated levels of heat for Jinder Mahal, who seems extremely pissed about this having to be his second chance tonight to qualify, and also competing in this match as is brother-in-law, The Great Khali. Mahal seems to be angry at Khali, no doubt for what happened earlier tonight, with Khali failing to help Mahal qualify for the Six-Pack Challenge the first time. They get into the ring, and the Superstars part out of the way for Khali, but they seem to let Mahal just bump off of them.


Despite being a heel, Christian gets a mixed reaction from the fans; his pleading earlier on seemingly scoring him some points with the fans. Christian looks worse for wear though, as his match with John Morrison earlier as well as the beating from Randy Orton last week have resulted him having to constantly have his hand on his neck as he makes his entrance. Christian struggles into the ring, as he then seems to hug the ropes, and just as the bell is about to ring...


To a HUGE pop, the biggest of the night by far, the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton then emerges from behind the curtain! Orton looks happy to be there, but Christian in the ring looks disappointed at himself, as he feels he should be the champion.

Michael Cole: What is Randy Orton doing out here?

Josh Matthews: Well Michael if you listen to your headset you’d know that Randy Orton is going to be joining us over here on commentary for this match!

Orton is now at the commentary booth, and the lads welcome him in.

Randy Orton: It’s great to be here, I want to know how whoever it is that I’m going to defend my World Heavyweight Championship against, I want to see how they handle themselves in multi-man matches.

Michael Cole: Okay, Randy, who are you pulling for?

Randy Orton: I have no favourite; I’ll RKO any of these guys.

With all of that out the way, the referees deem it safe to ring the bell.

Main Event:
Battle Royal for the last place in the Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions:
Christian vs Daniel Bryan vs Derrick Bateman vs Heath Slater vs Jey Uso vs Jimmy Uso vs Jinder Mahal vs Johnny Curtis vs Justin Gabriel vs Percy Watson vs Ted DiBiase vs The Great Khali vs Titus O'Neill vs Trent Barretta vs Tyson Kidd vs William Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu

All of the Superstars then start to brawl with each other, but we see that Christian has slipped out underneath the bottom rope... not eliminated! There is a crowd of Superstars surrounding The Great Khali, as we see Titus O’Neill, Percy Watson, Trent Barretta AND Yoshi Tatsu trying to topple the giant. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd, who had not left the ring following their match before the commercial, are renewing their rivalry from that one, and Kidd tries to lift Justin over the top rope, but Gabriel is able to hand on, and then falls back down onto his feet, and then pushes Kidd over the top rope! Kidd crashes down to the mat, not happy with being the first one out, but then Gabriel is clubbed from behind by Heath Slater, who knocks Gabriel down to the mat with his blows. Jinder Mahal is being double teamed in the corner by The Usos, but then The Great Khali shakes off the smaller men around him to free his brother-in-law. Trent Barretta then runs in and jumps onto Khali’s back, but then the giant leans back over the top rope, dropping Barretta to the floor! The referees on the outside are trying to persuade Christian to get into the ring; but he refuses. Since the get-go, Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase has been going at each other, but after a kick from Bryan sends DiBiase into Sin Cara, DiBiase then changes his attention to the man that beat his friend earlier tonight.

The camera then cuts to see that Percy Watson has been eliminated by Khali, and then Titus O’Neill tries to topple Khali over the ropes, but the giant comes back at him with a club to the back, and Jinder Mahal comes in from behind and eliminates O’Neill. Justin Gabriel starts to get the better of Slater in the corner, but then DiBiase comes from behind and knocks him back down. Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman are currently trying to eliminate William Regal to no avail, and The Great Khali’s next pursuers are The Usos, who first knock Mahal down with a double superkick!! And they then go after Khali, but Khali with BRAIN CHOP to Jey, and when Jimmy comes in, he is thrown out of the ring! Ted DiBiase, who seems to be using the “picking your spots” strategy and moving around the ring a lot; sees Yoshi Tatsu trying to eliminate Slater, but when it seems he almost has him over, Ted strikes and tips both men over the ropes!! Slater lands on the apron... but Tatsu is out!!

With over of a quarter of the men gone, and the field thinned slightly, Christian then is finally persuaded to get back into the ring, and he is confronted straight away by Curtis and Bateman! The two rookies seem to be calling Christian a coward, but Captain Charisma then cheap shots BATEMAN!! Curtis tries to strike, but Christian ducks his right hand and then elevates him over the top rope...Curtis is out! Bateman then turns back around into Christian; who then ejects him from the ring as well! Christian then leans on the top rope holing his neck to a deal of heat... which is turned into cheers as DANIEL BRYAN COMES FROM BEHIND AND ELIMINATES CHRISTIAN!!! ONE OF THE FAVOURITES IS OUT!! Christian’s eyes are almost bulging out of his head, as Bryan then shrugs his shoulders and turns around... but Christian slides back into the ring, and then grabs Bryan and throws him out!! The fans now shit all over Christian; who merely looks in on the remaining men in the match before leaving the ring. Bryan confronts him, but Christian then responds with a KICK TO THE NUTS!! Christian then runs Bryan face first into the steel ring post!! Bryan lays flat on the floor, as the referees all now surround Christian and start taking him up the ramp, as Curtis and Bateman then go to check on Bryan. Orton on commentary shows genuine concern for Bryan’s condition but then reassures us that he is here to find out the last man facing him for the title.

Back to the match, and we see that there are now 8 men left in the ring. The only alliance left seems to be Mahal and Khali; who have been going strong, now continuing their assault on Jey Uso from before. DiBiase and William Regal are trading punches, and Regal seems to be getting the upper hand; Cody Rhodes barking orders at DiBiase from the outside. Slater and Gabriel start arguing instead, and then they start to trade punches, but Slater then pokes Gabriel in the eye!! Slater then grabs his former partner by the neck and goes to throw him out of the ring, but Gabriel turns it around... SLATER IS OUT!! Gabriel notches up his second elimination, but then Jinder Mahal comes in from behind; knocks him down... and then puts him in the CAMEL CLUTCH!! Gabriel screams in pain, as elsewhere, Khali starts swatting down anyone that comes at him, The Punjabi Giant standing over the fallen bodies of Sin Cara, Ted DiBiase and William Regal. Jey Uso then comes back, and starts connecting with some right hands to Khali, who seems to be rocking a bit on his feet, but when Uso tries to run off the ropes, Khali follows him in, and then almost beheads him with a clothesline... sending him over the top rope!! Mahal then releases Gabriel, and goes into the centre of the ring to stand with Khali and he raises his arms up into the air. He then turns around and seemingly picks someone at random for their next target; and the choice is William Regal! Regal is brought up to his feet, but he lashes out and hits a European Uppercut on Mahal, but Khali then piefaces him and pushes him back over the top rope!!

The two brothers-in-law then turn their focus back to Justin Gabriel, as Sin Cara and Ted DiBiase now continue their issue from this match and earlier tonight. DiBiase hits a clothesline on Sin Cara, before trying to whip him into the turnbuckle, but Cara goes for the floatover, and catches DiBiase in a headscissors, and he is then able to shift his body weight, and take DiBiase over the top rope and out of the match!! The fans pop big, as we have our final four. Sin Cara then turns around to go and help Justin Gabriel in the opposite corner... but he is caught by CODY RHODES!!? Rhodes then grabs Sin Cara, and PLANTS HIM WITH CROSS RHODES!!! Cody then makes it even worse for Sin Cara by then throwing him over the top rope!! Sin Cara lands with a splat, as Rhodes and DiBiase then leave the ringside area.

Without realising, Mahal and Khali now comprise two thirds of the final three! Along with Justin Gabriel; one of these men are going to Night of Champions! The two Indians start putting the boots to the South African, and they then pick him up, and place him in the corner. Mahal then runs in, but goes straight into Gabriel’s boot!! Khali then starts slowly advancing towards Gabriel, but the youngster then backs up onto the second rope, and then jumps onto Khali, connecting with forearms to the head, but then Khali grabs his throat, and drops him with the Punjabi Plunge!! Gabriel is flat out in the centre of the ring, as Mahal then picks up Gabriel, and goes to throw him out... BUT GABRIEL HANGS ON!! Hanging down from the second rope without Mahal realising, Justin Gabriel is somehow still in this match!! Mahal then turns around and sees, but Gabriel starts to skin the cat, but grabs onto Mahal’s head, before lifting his legs back down.... taking Mahal down to the floor!! The fans pop huge, as we are down to our final two. It is David vs Goliath; Justin Gabriel vs The Great Khali!

Gabriel then skins the cat properly this time, and then as he lands back in the ring; Khali turns around and looks surprised as he thought that Mahal had eliminated Gabriel. Justin reacts quicker and then hits a running dropkick into Khali’s chest, which knocks the giant back down onto the ropes, but Gabriel is palmed away as he tries to follow up. Khali gets back to his feet, but Gabriel then starts kicking away at his legs, but is pushed back onto the mat again. Gabriel then comes in from behind on Khali and chop blocks the back of Khali’s knee; knocking the giant onto one knee! Gabriel then hits a couple of forearms to Khali’s head, before running off of the ropes and then using both hands to plant Khali with a Bulldog!! Khali then rolls back onto his front, and the fans start cheering, as Gabriel stands in the centre of the ring; before he points to the top rope!! As Gabriel starts to scale the turnbuckle though, Khali gets back up onto one knee!! Gabriel is now on the top rope... and Khali is now STANDING UP!! Gabriel looks stuck... so he goes for a CROSS BODY... KHALI CATCHES HIM!!! Khali now takes Gabriel up into a Military Press.... and DUMPS HIM OUT ONTO THE FLOOR!!

Winner: The Great Khali (15.33)


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner... THE GREAT KHALI!!!

After eliminating a total of SIX MEN from the match; The Great Khali is going to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship!! Mahal then joins him in the ring, and he looks slightly annoyed that Khali won, but applauds him anyway.

Michael Cole: Well, an impressive and valiant display from Justin Gabriel but it was not enough to stop the Great Khali, who is the final man to earn a place in the World Heavyweight Championship Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions! Randy, have you got anything to say?

Randy Orton: Michael, he’s a big guy for sure, but at Night of Champions, I will be walking out of that Six-Pack Challenge STILL World Heavyweight Champion.

Orton then removes his head set, and starts to leave the commentary table... when WADE BARRETT COMES OUT OF THE CROWD AND TAKES ORTON DOWN!! The fans shit all over Barrett, who starts stomping away on Orton up against the ring barrier, and in the ring Mahal and Khali look on intently; Mahal smiling from ear to ear. Barrett takes Orton up, and then throws him shoulder first into the barricade!! Barrett, looking pleased with his work, looks back at Orton writhing in pain on the floor and then raises his arm in the air... oozing in all the hatred from the fans.

Josh Matthews: Wade Barrett sending a huge message to his opponent at Night of Champions and next week, and I think we need some medical attention down here for Orton.

Michael Cole: Orton was thrown shoulder first into the ring barricade, and we all know about the documented problems that Orton has had with that shoulder.

Booker T: Man that was just uncalled for!

Michael Cole: Well, it’s been a chaotic show; well done Teddy Long; have fun finding a new job! But-

Josh Matthews: The important thing is that we now know the six men competing for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions! That’s all we have time for tonight; tune in next week!

The final image is Barrett standing at the top of the ramp looking back down to ringside as two medics then run past him to go and tend to Randy Orton at ringside.



Quick Results:

Sheamus def. Jinder Mahal
Mark Henry def. Yoshi Tatsu
John Morrison def. Christian
Sin Cara def. Cody Rhodes
Justin Gabriel def. Tyson Kidd
The Great Khali wins a Battle Royal


SEPTEMBER 18, 2011


WWE Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge

Alberto Del Rio © vs John Cena vs The Miz vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth vs CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Six-Pack Challenge

Randy Orton © vs Mark Henry vs Wade Barrett vs Sheamus vs John Morrison vs The Great Khali

United States Championship Match
Dolph Ziggler © vs Rey Mysterio

WWE Divas Championship Match
Kelly Kelly © vs Beth Phoenix

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty © vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

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