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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

AJPW 20/3/12

Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi vs Suwama & Takumi Soya
Awesome tag match!! Yeah this was pretty much a sprint, but man I was marking out towards the end big style. Soya is pretty much the sacrificial lamb here to Sekimoto and Okabayashi. Everyone played their parts well but again it's Daisuke who comes out looking the best for me. The man is a machine. Okabayashi and Suwama were great too. The finishing stretch was great and I thought it was over on more than three occasions. I also loved how strong they make Suwama look.

Kenny Omega vs Shuji Kondo
This was maybe my favourite Omega heel performance to date. He was brilliant and his heel stuff just gets better every time. Kondo is good but I've never been that impressed by him and it was the same here. The crowd really wanted him to win though so that was good. Omega does have some big faults though, his matches always go too overkill for me, but here it was a good amount apart from Kondo kicking out of his main finisher twice, the one kickout was awesome and even though I thought it was over when he hit his second one, I would have rather it ended there instead of him kicking out again. But the stertch of the match after that was really great so I was glad it did continue in the end.

Yuji Nagata vs Masayuki Kono - Steel Cage match
I thought the first half of the match was just good but slightly dull, but in the second half it got REALLY good. Once Nagata hit the exploder off the top rope the match had this important, epic feel to it. There wasn't a lot apart from forearms, knees, headbutts and strikes, but it worked because this wasn't a wrestling match, this was a fight. The finish was pretty amazing.

Jun Akiyama vs Keiji Mutoh
Wow, I loved this. A simple yet effective story with Mutoh going after the leg to stop Akiyama using his knees. Akiyama is probably in my top 3 guys in Japan and I believe he can carry most people to a good/great match, but Mutoh worked within his limitations and delivered as well. Yeah he only used the Dragon Screw and Shining Wizards, but it didn't matter to me, he made it work. I'm going to admit I marked out every time he got up from an exploder and hit the Shining Wizard, usually a spot like that would have annoyed the hell out of me (I think it happened 3 times in a row) but here it just felt right and added to the match. I also liked the finishing stretch a lot, maybe Mutoh kicked out of too much stuff and I wasn't a fan of Akiyama completely no selling the Moonsault but apart from that they definitely made this match way better than it should have been and I really liked it even with the limited Mutoh offense and this felt like a big time match all the way through.

Yeah...Awesome show!
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