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Re: CHIKARA - Season 11 Discussion Thread

Cleared up results for Green Ice

Spoiler for Green Ice Results:
I went to the Chikara Canadian debut in Vaughn, Ontario just outside of Toronto tonight. It was a fun show and I would say they underestimated how much interest they would have based on the amount of seating and merchandise they had.

1) Kobald defeated Sara Del Ray. Kobald's Batiri stablemates Obariyan and Kodama were at ringside and interfered a lot leading to Kobald winning.

2) Squared Circle Wrestling 6-Man: "All-Starter" Brent B, "Hacker" Scotty O'Shea and Alex Vega defeated Sebastian Suave, Marcus Marquez and Josh Alexander. These guys tore the house down to take advantage of exposure in Chikara. O'Shea, Suave and Alexander especially looked good.

3) Brodie Lee defeated Fire Ant: This match allowed both guys to show their strengths with Fire Ant's flying and Lee's power moves. After the match, Chikara Grand Champion Eddie Kingston vhallened Lee from the announce table saying he would face him in Ottawa tomorrow.

4) Dasher Hatfield defeated Archibald Peck. Hatfield made an attempt to hug Peck early on and they did a lot of building to him getting a hug. Really good as a comedy match.

5) Obariyan and Kodama vs Ultramantis Black and Hallowicked vs The Colony of Solder Ant and Green Ant vs The Swarm
Los Ice Creams were originally announced but were replaced by The Swarm, comprised of a purple ant and a yellow ant as well as a blue ant who came to ringside to support. Ultramantis and Hallowicked were elimintated after being distracted by Delirious. The Batirie were elminated next followed by The Colony allowing the Swarm to get the win. This was an exciting match and the storyline of " bizzarro" wresters is fun.


6) Tim Donst defeated El Generico. Donst was ok here and Generico continues to be a consistently great wrestler to see in person.

7) 17 and The Shard defeated Mike Quackenbush and Jigaw when Quackenbush submitted. This was one of the best matches of the night with what felt like a strong grudge match and a good effort toward advancine the storyline.

8) Chikara Grand Champion Eddie Kingston defeated Ophidian in a match in which Kingston seemed to throw in Japanese influences. Ophidian did have a lot of offence but Kingston came out looking strong.

9) 3.0 of Scott "Jagged" Parker and Shane Matthews defeated F.I.S.T. of Chuck Tayler and Icaruess. This was a 2/3 falls match and 3.0 won the Campeonatos Parejas title, This was the match of the night and went over really well with the Canadian boys winning the title in Canada in a promotion they have wrestling in for years. A number of wrestlers from the back joined the ring to celebrate.

This was a really good show. I would say the crowd was about 300 and most people were quite into the show.

And results for far for It's How You Play The Game

Spoiler for How You Play The Game Results:

Quackenbush out for the show due to injuries last night
Icarus is the guest timekeeper

1. C4 Wrestling showcase Mike Bailey over Matthew St Jacques with a crossbody reversed into a powerlam.

2. Mr. Touchdown over Jigsaw with a spinebuster, Veronica came out mid-match and is smitten with Mr. Touchdown.

3. Sara Del Rey over Leah VonDutch with the Royal Butterfly in a quick squash.

4. Ophidian over Dasher Hatfield with a bridging Dragon Sleeper.

5. 3.Ole over The Batiri when Shane Matthews taps out Kobald with the Boston Crab.

6. 17 & The Shard over The Spectral Envoy when The Shard pinned Hallowicked after UMB chased Donst to the back after he tried to steal the YLC. Afterwards Ophidian spit venom in UMB's face. Delirious also made an appearance during the match.

7. Chuck Taylor over Archibald Peck with the Sole Food. Archie worked the match as a technico.

8. The Colony over The Swarm via DQ when assailANT ripped off Green Ant's mask.

9. Grand Championship Match: Eddie Kingston over Brodie Lee with the Backfist/Backdrop Driver.


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