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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Copy and pasted from the Puro thread. All matches are from the 20/03/2012 AJPW event.

4) Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi Vs Suwama & Takumi Soya
Another smartly wrestled match with Okabayashimoto (I know, that didn't work) going for the youngling and weakening him down as opposed to going toe-to-toe with the better wrestler in Suwama. The hot tag was made, however, and the veteran laid all sorts of offence on the champs.

In singles the champs wouldn't have stood a chance against Suwama but their combined strength ('Yashi is a beast, period) and tag team experience helped them pull out the win against the challengers. A good showing for all men and hopefully the start for Soya to pick up steam. I managed to see a match of his the other day and was going to go for a joke about "soya" being a cheap imitation but he seemingly impressed me. I wouldn't say he's anything but average at this point, but another few years or so of training and working out in the gym and I'm sure he'll look and wrestle legit.

Until then he can play the rookie in peril with Suwama and I'll have fun watching it. One of the better Seki/Okabayashi matches this year, too.
Rating: 4

5) Kenny Omega Vs Shuji Kondo
Great, great, GREAT finishing stretch!

The match started a bit slower than I'd have hoped, and the Kondo moments fell a bit flat but, ffs, Kenny can do little wrong in his work. He's not the smoothest or most technical worker going, but his mannerisms and entertainment factor are second-to-none, imo - a rich man's Dolph Ziggler.

The slowness of the start, I suppose, was mostly due to building the latter bits of the match with Kenny taking a vicious neck bump to the ring apron which he sold solidly for the rest of the match. I loved how he reciprocated the spot to Kondo's own head and neck giving him time to massage down his injury and spray some muscle freeze onto his throbbing neck. Kenny pretending it to be deodrant and spraying his dick was epic, too.

I'd have prefered a better offence from Kondo but the good definitely outshone the bad here - especially a finishing stretch that made me actually think Kondo would win. That, Kenny's antics, a springboard super-powerbomb and witnessing Omega deliver a fantastic Croyt's Wrath to the much larger Kondo make this match a definite watch from this show.

Probably won't be as well liked by others but dammit if I didn't love this.
Rating: 4+

6) Yuji Nagata Vs Masayuki kono
A bit of an underwhelming ending. I loved how they ended the match with a KO but I just felt disappointed for some reason - almost as if I had hyped this match up too much.

The exploder suplex and just about everything else definitely didn't live up to the hype, either. Still, it could have been worse. A lot worse. Kono underperformed, imo, but it still had enough going for it not to fall below what many fans thought this was capable of.
Rating: 4+

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