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Re: Death Note: Everybody Dies... Night 1

Night 1: Devil Did Care

The members of the Yotsuba Group sat in a circle in the inner sanctum and raised their points, one by one.

"My man is already out. He will be killed."

Down in Deepwater Bay, a man and his lover lay entwined, blood leaking out of their mouths. They had taken a potato chip and tried to EAT IT. CHOKE. DEATH.

Spoiler for death:
Faraday, Lover

Spoiler for death:
Titania, Lover

Beside them, on the ground, it was written in blood: He knows you are L. He wants you dead

Kira laughed, staring out of his window. The potato chips were well and truly his now. He walked back to his chair and sat down... ON A KNIFE!!

"AHH MY ASSCRACK!" he yelled, but he couldn't finish the thought. Lub-dub... his heart skipped a beat, and then another, and then a few more.

"The Death Note!" he silently mouthed into the darkness, before keeling over dead.

Spoiler for death:
Pez, Kira

Did you know that Shinigami love apples?

Day 2. With 25 alive, it takes 13 to lynch.

L has revealed his list of suspects. Only these players are eligible to be lynched during this phase.

Taylor Phitz

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