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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

WWE Superstars
1st September 2011

Match One: Evan Bourne vs Tyler Reks

Both men have a point to prove as neither have had that much of a chance to shine in recent weeks bar Reks' appearance on Raw last week. Tyler dominated the early going with a variety of hard hitting blows to the mid section and back of Bourne. Reks got a near fall when he countered a cross body attempt by Bourne with a boot to the face. Bourne then started to fight back, and the turning point came when he avoided an elbow drop from Reks and then delivered a series of kicks to Reks' head; leaving him unable to get up. Bourne was being slightly more ferocious than we're used to and he then scaled the turnbuckle and came off with Air Bourne to get the win.

Winner: Evan Bourne

Match Two: Trent Barretta vs Heath Slater

Slater entered with his "Guitar Hero" guitar once again and cut a promo saying how there is no one else like Heath Slater in the WWE, and that he plans on rocking all of his fans tonight.

The match starts and is over relatively quickly. We see some of Barretta's aerial prowess on show as he is able to nail a Pelé kick on Slater, getting a two count. Slater then goes on to dominate and finishes the match off with Sweetness.

Winner: Heath Slater

Match Three: Alex Riley vs Primo

Riley; coming off of his win on Raw is on fire in this match, and he takes Primo down with ease several times in the early going with some big clotheslines. Riley starts then throwing in some suplexes which please the fans and he then signals that he wants to end the match, so he gets Primo up and plants him with the TKO! Riley hooks the leg and gets the W.

Winner: Alex Riley

After the match when Riley is celebrating DREW MCINTYRE comes sprinting down the ramp and then ambushes Riley from behind! Drew starts putting the boots to Riley and he then plants him with a Future Shock DDT!

Main Event: Kaitlyn w/ AJ vs Natalya

The rookie Diva puts up a decent fight at the start; managing to connect some forearms and punches to Natalya's head; but Nattie is quickly able to turn the tide with a Discus Clothesline!! Kaitlyn drops to the mat, and Natalya starts stomping away. Kaitlyn doesn't really show any signs of a comeback, but then AJ tries to help her friend to a big cheer from the fans, she is simply tossed over the top rope... but this allows Kaitlyn to roll Natalya up for an extremely close two count! Natalya seems very angered now, and she hits a Running Powerslam on Kaitlyn, before locking in the Sharpshooter! Kaitlyn struggles for around a minute and tries to get the ropes but she eventually taps out!

Winner: Natalya



Thanks cp for your comments; much appreciated as usual, I'll get back to you! Smackdown Preview will probably be up tomorrow night.
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