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Death Note: Everybody Dies...

Dark times, indeed. The Age of Kira had dawned. Criminals were dropping dead everywhere. Postage, having escaped from his house arrest, was wandering the streets when he saw an old lady crossing the road.

"She must have some money," he whispered to himself as he approached her.

She smiled, catching sight of the young gentleman trying to help her. "Thank you, dear." She extended her hand towards him.

In one false swoop, Postage snatched her handbag and pushed her down. By the time people had gathered, Postage was already five blocks away.

"I'm rich," he shouted into the night. "Now I can have all the breakfast cereals I want."

But no, Kira had other plans. Pen to Death Note. Ink to Paper. Poor Postage didn't know it was his final 40 seconds when he walked into the department store. Clutching his heart, he fell down. Kira's justice had struck down another dangerous criminal.

Postage was...

Postage: Old People Thief
-You can steal things from old people
-You win when all threats to town are cleared and at least one innocent player is alive
Game Rules:

1. Generally Nights will be 12 hours and Days will be 36 hours, but if activity lags or I get all roles, I'll end phases early. You are free to PM me roles early if you don't think you'll be on at night (with conditionals if need be). Nights will not go past 12 hours.

2. Do not quote your role PM or screenshot anything related to the game.

3. Do not discuss the game outside this thread unless a quicktopic has been provided to you.

4. Dead Players are likely to replace back in, in case of inactivity (tho I hope it doesn't come to that).

Sole Survivor

TKOK!, CIA Agent

Dem's the dead

Faraday, Lover
Titania, Lover
Watari aka MrMister
Mr. Law, Task Force Officer
Shepard, Reporter
sXe_Maverick, Task Force Leader
Big Man, Task Force Officer
Mello aka Rush
Smash, Task Force Supplier
L aka Alcoholic
FlashFlood, Task Force Officer
Near aka Christo

Pez, Kira
Dan Marino, Kira Worshipper
LadyCroft, Kira's Lover

Hiplop, Yotsuba Partner
IMPULSE, Yotsuba Partner
JiGSaW, Yotsuba Partner
Striker, Yotsuba Partner
Leeroy, Yotsuba Partner
Mr. Snrub, Yotsuba Partner
Ghetto Anthony, Yotsuba Partner
CamillePunk, Yotsuba Traitor

Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Midnight Bonanza
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6
Day 7
Night 7
Day 8


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