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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

This review contains SPOILERS for the end of the match

Suwama vs Seiya Sanada - 2/3 Falls Match (AJPW 04/03/12)
Ok, off the bat I'm going to say that I didn't know this was a 2/3 falls match when I put it on. Anyway, I really liked this match, it had a simple yet effective story that worked brilliantly. The match starts with Sanada the young underdog gaining the advantage with his quickness with armdrags and that sort of thing, but once it turns into a test of strength, it's all downhill for Sanada. Suwama gets the advantage and just dominates completely. He hits a brutal short arm lariat that Sanada sells like the damn plague as it hits his jaw and Suwama then just goes after the face.

There was a spot I loved that showed just how dominant and more powerful Suwama is, when Sanada goes for a comeback and hits the springboard dropkick, only for Suwama to just stumble and hit a regular dropkick that sends him flying. The match was full of great spots like that, with Suwama showing his dominance and veteran skills, such as Sanada making comebacks with lots of forearms and Suwama just swotting him away with one huge chop. The first fall ends with a backdrop suplex after Suwama had just completely dominated thw whole thing, and I thought that was the end of the match so it seemed very anti climatic, but then I looked at the time and it wasn't even half way through so I figured it out. Then I realised this could get really good.

The second fall is more of the same, with Sanada trying to get back into the match only to get shot right back down instantly. He eventually gets his comeback going when his forearms finally work and he pretty much knocks Suwama out with them. He tries all of his big moves, but Suwama won't be beaten. Suwama then gains the advantage again, he hits a couple backdrop drivers, but Sanada is the one this time showing his heart and he will not die. He takes ALL of Suwamas big moves, he just keeps on coming and he even no sells like 3 backdrop suplexes and it works with the story of the match. Suwama hits two more backdrop drivers and this time Sanada is not moving, but he still kicks out! He kicks out of the Last Ride! Suwama can't believe it, so he picks him up and looks as if he is going for something huge to end it, by this point I had no idea what the hell else he could hit for the win, but he simply takes a page out of Sanadas book and uses a cradle pin for the win! He realised Sanada would not be beaten by MOVEZ, so he surprised him with a CRADLE PIN.

That was awesome. I loved the simple story in this match, the veteran vs the newcomer, Sanada will not die! Great story and very well executed by both men with a particularly great performance from Sanada.

Seabs has been raving about Sanada for a while now if I'm not mistaken, and this was the first match that made me see what he has to offer properly.
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