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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Cleavage View Post
WCW Japan Supershow 1991 - U.S. Tag Team Titles vs. IWGP Tag Team Titles: The Steiner Bros vs. Hiroshi Hase & Kensuke Sasaki
FUCK ME THIS IS AWESOME it was stiff, brutal and a intense match with insane crowd heat and tons of great mat wrestling. ****3/4

WCW Superbrawl 1991 - WCW World Tag Titles: The Steiners vs. Lex Luger & Sting
A fan fucking-static match with balls to the ball action from start to finish. The crowd was electric and cheered each and every move from all four guys. Even the ending was great because it was part of an outside storyline and show STING was a hell of a tag partner. ****3/4

Both these matches were at least 12 minutes long and really showed tag wrestling at it's best.
Not a fan of that Japan Supershow tag, but I did quite like the Superbrawl match. Not even close to as much as you though lol, I'm not a big fan of "your turn, my turn" MOVES~! matches these days. Plus I really fucking hate Sting .

Sting & Lex Luger Vs Steiner Brothers – Superbrawl 19/05/1991

Like the start of this match, with Rick starting out against Lex. Lex is probably the strongest man in the match, as JR tells us, and Rick, the dog faced gremlin, literally FIGHTS to push Luger into the corner during a collar and elbow tie up. It doesn’t hurt Lex, it doesn’t give Rick an advantage in the match, but he WANTS to do it just so he can get in Lex’s mind. And with Lex a little pissed that Rick “overpowered” him into the corner, Rick then takes Lex down to the mat where he clearly has the advantage over Luger. Mind games from Steiner? I’d say so.

Steiner then mixes up his power with wrestling, hitting moves like German suplex, until Lex just has enough and knocks Rick for six with a monstrous clothesline! Sting gets the tag and brings out his strength, the high flying schtick, and then plays his own mind games with Steiner by using his own power!

Scott gets the tag and they keep going with both guys in the ring trying to overpower each other and whatnot, and it ends up becoming a “your turn, my turn” with power moves, but the fast pace and the great crowd and the fact it isn’t a 20 minute match makes it more enjoyable than anything else.

In the end Nikita Koloff shows up and hits Sting with a chain, and the Steiners are able to get a pin.

Definitely one of the better and more fun “your turn, my turn” tag matches that I can think of.

Rating: ***1/2
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