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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Brye View Post
That promo was epic.

What does everyone think of Booker/Taker/Eddie/JBL from Armageddon '04? I found it to be really exciting and seeing Taker/Eddie interactions was awesome.
Wrote about the match ages ago:

Just watched the 4 way from Armageddon 2004... because... I dunno lol. Tried looking up my thoughts on the match because I was sure I wrote about it for the Poll... but I can't fucking find anything lol.

Anyway, watching it REALLY makes me fucking upset that Eddie and Undertaker never had a match together . They get about... 7 or 8 minutes (in like, a 25 minute match) where they are on their own and fuck me its all awesome stuff. Eddie playing possum in the ring while Undertaker destroys Booker and JBL, only for Undertaker to still chokeslam the fuck out of him lol. Then Eddie picks up the title belt while Undertaker sets him up for the Last Ride, and decks him in the face. With Undertaker down, he goes for a Frog Splash, and once he hits it he jumps up to the other corner and hits another splash, only for Undertaker to kick out and sit up! Eddie looks terrified and tries to high tale it out of their, but Undertaker drags him back only to get a kick to the balls, allowing Eddie to take him down and hit a frog splash from the top of a ladder! Then JBL pulls the ref out and things turn back into a 4 way match lol. But yeah, so much fucking fun in the exchanges they had, and it sucks so fucking much that they never got the chance to have a singles match .

Edit: Shit, was actually only about 3 minutes they got together lol. Seemed a lot longer in a VERY good way though.
Lol, not so much about the match than just Undertaker/Eddie . Ah well. That was the important part of the match. Booker T can fuck off. Worst part of JBL's title reign was when he had to feud with him.
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