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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

*gets ready the flame-suit*

Sami Callihan Vs DJ Hyde (CZW 13th Anniversary 11/02/12)

This may not sit well with a majority of the IWC - noting the two men involved, the promotion as well as the Ultraviolent stipulation, but if this match proves anything it's that the majority can be so wholly wrong.

This perhaps won't hold a candle in a Global MotY listing but as far as American Indy matches go this was certainly something to watch. Simple in structure and execution yet solid in result. I'm glad they focused more on a mat-based styled brawling after their quite brutal arena rampage at the start of the match as it showed just how under-rated these two talents are. Is Hyde 100% capable 100% of the time? I haven't watched enough matches of his to comment, but for the most part in this match he was strong in his offence and believable in his dominaiton of Calli so I'd chalk up "in the right conditions" next to his name.

Great spots, some decent selling and sense in the brutality is what made this match good. It didn't stick to its stipulation for namesake but rather drove home the violence in a more philosophical, "I hate you" way as opposed to the CZW staple usage of light-tubes etc. The crowd chanted for blood about 5 minutes in but never got any, and despite this, grew even louder in their recognition of Sami and the match itself. The end finish is a bit over-used in wrestling, today, but it at least had place in the match's dynamic and gave some reasoning for Cole's run-in earlier in the match.

Not a complete blow-away, as I said, but a big enough eye-opener for me as I didnt expect for this to be as good as it was. Honourable MotYC.

Rating: 3.75+

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