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Re: F1 2012 thread

Originally Posted by Seb View Post
Can't believe you wasted your time typing out all that tripe.
At least I am able to write an actual paragraph that makes sense compared with you who bullet points sentences into one paragraph.

Originally Posted by Seb View Post
He was unlucky to not get second because of the safety car that immediately followed his second pit stop. Don't see what you can't comprehend about that.
No no I think you cant comprehend what you actually wrote jack, I know the safety car slowed Lewis down, but you didn't say that lol. You said "pitstops" that's a total different subject to the SC. Pitstops account for the duration in there, not out on track. Both Lewis' pitstops were fine...

Originally Posted by Seb View Post
Anyone with a modicum of common sense would've realised what I meant, it was the TIMING of the pit stops that made them bad, not the skill of the McLaren pit crew.
Then maybe next time you should write up the whole sentence properly and go into more detail rather than writing and then hoping for the best...
Anyone? more like only yourself would know what the hell you were on about since you forgot to write half of opinions you had on the subject down. I agree Lewis got slowed down by traffic and the SC, but you never bought that up in that sentence. You just blamed "the pitstop" which were in fact incorrect with the numbers I showed. Maybe you should try to be a bit more accurate on what you are typing rather than thinking you are.

Originally Posted by Seb View Post
I'll reiterate for you - Vettel acknowledged after the race he was fortunate to get the jump on Lewis, and it was because of the safety car. If there was no safety car, or if it had come out a lap later (after Vettel had pitted), Hamilton stays in 2nd (after that round of pit stops). Anything beyond that is just speculation, whether you want to admit it or not. As for his first pit stop, he was still in second (effectively) after his first pit stop, that pit stop was a bad one because it cost him 8 seconds to Button and effectively any chance of challenging him for the victory.
Suck on it noob:
Source: http://www.formula1.com/news/intervi...2/3/13126.html

Q: It looked for a long time like only P3 for you, behind Lewis. How much did the safety car play to your advantage?
SV: Ah, you say ‘only’ P3, but if you start from P6 every place that you move forward is a welcome improvement. From the very beginning I knew that it would be crucial for my race to pass the Mercedes - and it worked out nicely. After half race distance I was pretty much even with Lewis and was able to make the important move at a moment when obviously his tyres were degrading more than mine and made the choice to stay out when he was pitting. In hindsight I would say that we very likely would have managed to pass him even without the safety car as my tyres were in pretty good shape, giving me the chance to fully attack, while it always takes minimum half a lap to get new tyres up to speed. With the safety car, of course, everything was easier.

Lol so much for that eh Seb? Doesn't sound like he admitted anything being lucky like you try to portray, if anything he backs what I said.

Originally Posted by Seb View Post
As for his first pit stop, he was still in second (effectively) after his first pit stop, that pit stop was a bad one because it cost him 8 seconds to Button and effectively any chance of challenging him for the victory.
And what happend to the gap when the SC came out? It reduced you noob, giving Lewis back more time than he deserved against Jenson, from a gap of 3.5 to 8 then down to 1 after a SC and yet your simple brain can't recognise that this was a disadvantage towards Jenson and a advantage to Vettel and Lewis getting a clear shot at Jenson All lewis had to do was to get past Vettel and he failed at that so that's Lewis' error, nobody else.

Originally Posted by Seb View Post
On an unrelated note, I guess we'll see who's the better driver of the two at the end of the season, given that the two both appear to have title contending cars at the moment. Guess what? If you were to ask me who the better driver is right now, i'd say Vettel, but that doesn't change that Hamilton had some bad luck with the safety car in this particular race. He definitely has a point to prove this season now that he's got a competitive car. This should be an interesting season, it's just a shame Alonso (the best driver on the grid) has a piece of trash to drive atm and will probably be off the pace for at least the next few races.
You kidding yeah? both title contending cars? did you miss the 7 tenths Jenson put in front of Vettel on quali. Let's be honest Jenson isn't an expert in qualifying like Vettel, Webber and Lewis. Lewis actually backed off on his last run when he saw that Jenson didn't beat it, that car could of gone faster if it wanted. Last time I checked, that was classified as a clear advanatge and deemed a "dominant car" since that's what most people said about the RB7 when it put 7 tenths on the McLarens.

Unless the RB8 is still in the process of being adjusted for the next 3 races it will take a while to close in a gap of 4-5 tenths a lap to challenge the McLaren.

Originally Posted by Seb View Post

Just saw your edit, how can you "bandwagon" a sport? Literally one of the most retarded things i've ever read. I've been watching F1 since I was around 8 or 9, back when Mika and Coulthard were driving for Mclaren - not that it matters AT ALL. Though just the sort of pointless, misinformed and childish insults I expect from you when you're trying to argue against something even Vettel himself agrees with me about :
I just got rid of it as I made that point ages ago last time and I dont see why I have to prove my point twice. You say you followed the sport at that age and you followed a certain driver, and yet you dont sound like it mate since half the stuff you type is shit and stinks of tabloids and wikipedia searches.

So I call your bluff and say you're talking BS and you're just a part timer F1 fan who thinks he's one because he watched a few races on the TV.

Oh please don't block me Seb, Im hurt by the gesture REALLY!

Just because you keep losing the F1 battle doesn't mean you shouldn't keep failing and hope one day you get me on an off lol. I'll miss those Lewis pictures you keep sending me

P.S Say hi to the guys in your little private chat box slagging me off, rather be a Diehard F1 then a bandwagon jumper. Oh and please keep thinking I'm my mate, it's quite funny as I keep telling you I'm not, but yet you won't read what I type to proove otherwise. But hay that's your issue, not mine.

"Vettel pulled it out of the bag when he needed to," said BBC commentator Martin Brundle. "That's the difference between the great and the good."

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