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Re: F1 2012 thread

Originally Posted by Seb View Post

Did you even watch the race? Hamilton's first pit stop ended up with him coming out right behind two slower cars, I think it was Perez and Kimi, and he consequently lost 8 seconds to Button, before the round of pit stops he was something like 3 seconds adrift. That's a bad pit stop. His second pit stop happened right before the safety car came out and right before Vettel was stopping, which was literally the only reason Vettel ended up in front of him. That's bad luck and to say he got "soundly outraced" by Vettel is embarrassingly ignorant, if the safety car had came out a lap before of after it did, Hamilton would've finished 2nd. Vettel even acknowledged after the race that he was lucky.

Try paying attention to what's actually going on before you accuse someone of "fabricating facts", for an F1 DIEHARD~! you seem to have a pretty dire understanding of the basics of the sport
Your words little boy:
Originally Posted by Seb View Post
Good race to start the season.

Button with a composed drive, deserved the win. Hamilton unlucky to not get second, two disastrous pit stops. Mercedes disappointed big time. Red Bull clearly up there with McLaren as teams to beat at the moment. Maldonado shouldn't be allowed in an F1 car again. What a drive from Alonso, definitely the driver of the day, especially considering how inept Massa looked in that car. Great to see Kimi come through and get 7th, hopefully we'll see him competing for podiums soon.

Firstly a litle bit of advice, you should really expand what you are trying to imply: "Had 2 disastrous pitstops" I pointed out you were talking shit in that area which you were as Vettel had slower pitstops than Lewis with reagard to the (((total))) time as the term (((pitstop))) stands for. You seem to not understand that the pitstop ends when the car (((exits))) the fucking area!!!

In your last post which I highlighted above, you were only talking about Lewis being unlucky and losing 2nd ((in that sentence)), you never bought up Jenson once in that sentence, so in the English speaking world that pretty much screams out you are talking about Lewis vs Vettel for 2nd, not Jenson like you are now saying .

It just looks like you're just trying to cover your tracks now, he never had a shot in the first place buddy, even if he did get in front of Perez AFTER the pitstops he still wouldnt of kept up and Vettel would still be closing the gap regardless.

Maybe if you were able to produce a complete sentence and a readable paragraph for once Seb, maybe you would sound less of a plank, so do youself a favour and stop writing half arsed bollox all the time. You should of said "Lewis was unlucky (((against Jenson))) when he (((left))) the pits", I would of agreed with you slightly as Jenson just got in front of both Kimi and Perez, though Lewis never got affected by Kimi in that stint so lol to think if you did buddy.

Remake just for you Seb:

Vettel was also unlucky as well in his first pitstop. After the stop he was already under attack from Alonso while having cold tyres and he got stuck behind Vergne as well, yet Vettel was able to get past Vergne quickly enough, pull a gap on Alonso and then go for Hamilton who was only 3.5 seconds in front, not 10 seconds like you probably think he had.

It also had to do with the fact that vettel did a "closing down undercut" on Lewis (since he pitted before Lewis) with fresh (((options))), reducing the time by just about 2-3 seconds on his own merit, even before Lewis left the pits on cold fresh (((primes))). Vettel also closed the gap again even more on Lewis after his second lap on the (((option))) tyre as it's harder to heat up the (((prime))) tyre more than the option, costing more time for Lewis.

And at lap 17 it looked like Lewis had a shit lap as his time droped from 8.7 to 6.5 seconds.

Lewis also locked up on turn 3 on his new tyres, costing him likely another second as he was obviously shitting bricks with Vettel charging behind, and that he was starting to panic with Perez being in front.

So sorry, it wasn't unlucky with Lewis being stuck behind Perez, more like Lewis blew a 10 second gap on his own...

Amount of laps stuck behind Perez:
Lewis 3 laps
Vettel 1/2 a lap

Sorry if you think the best overtaker on the grid, cannot do the same job as the guy who you will likely say cant overtake.

When Vettel got past Schumacher earlier he was already starting to close down on both McLarens by 2-3tenths a lap. If you were really watching the race like you think you did you would of noticed Vettel was able to make those options last longer than Lewis on prime tyres which is laughable since that isn't meant to happen, quite the opposite. Sorry if your boy Lewis can't maintain his tyres like the real top flight can.

Also you are mistaken from Vettel's conversation on the term "lucky" I think you will find out he meant it as he was "lucky", that the Safety car came out and did the overtake for him...not for reducing the gap like you think. Vettel was closing him down at quite a rate and was bound to get past him sooner than later even without the SC.

He was also preparing to overtake Lewis before his second pitstop by conserving his tyres when he got within a second of Lewis. If you were listening which you obviously didn't you would of heard Vettel on the team radio saying: "what about the strategy?" and getting a response telling him to push. They were setting Vettel up for a 2-3 lap quick run with the option tyre since Lewis was going to go on the prime again for the remaining race.
Again if you listened, Lewis radioed in around lap 33 saying that "his rears were going", Vettel was going to obviously wreak the tyres to try get in front of Lewis just after he pitted and try to gain the 2 seconds which would of got him in front regardless with or without the SC it was going to be tight when Vettel got out of the pits.

Sorry if your brain cant understand basic F1 strategy and number crunching...

Please tell me, why did it take Lewis so long to overtake Perez? yet it took Seb less than 1 lap, luck doesn't come into question, only cars, setups and skill beat certain obstacle's. Lewis' straight line speed in his McLaren is still far greater than the RB8, so he should of had no trouble getting past a guy who had a slower car like Perez, with DRS included it should of been easy. Even Massa could of done that.

You seemed to not have grasped the concept that Lewis wasn't "unlucky" like you put it, but in fact he was just plain shit on the day as he was unable to do the overtake quickly enough on Perez, hence that implies it was a human fuckup and not "unlucky" since there's a difference.

You say it's the pitstops that cost him 2nd, I say it was his inability to get a grip and overtake Perez quickly enough which cost him.

Don't blame the race, blame the driver...

Do yourself a favour and stick to football mate...

"Vettel pulled it out of the bag when he needed to," said BBC commentator Martin Brundle. "That's the difference between the great and the good."

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