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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Thanks in bunches for the feed, cp. This thread'll be going a wee bit slower with school reaching it's second half and all that, but what I can give you right now is a trio of aohdubya.com exclusives

Originally Posted by aohdubya.com

AOW comes to you with with a pair of exclusive messages. We also have for you what happened when the show went off the air last week, but the cameras kept rolling and the show didn't stop. .Rob Van Dam and Samoa Joe were left in the ring with Shawn Michaels. .What happened next was unexpected and will almost surely send shockwaves through AOW.

Spoiler for Post-Oblivion Exclusive:

We’re brought back to the scene of last week’s Oblivion, with Chris Jericho, Bobby Lashley, and Paul Wright headed already evidently having left the scene. All we’re left with is a hot crowd and Rob Van Dam standing in a ring, where both men seem to have a small conversation before Joe sticks out his hand, which RVD gives a handshake to. The men hook fingers and pull each other in to a bro hug to a large pop from the Hammerstein crowd…but then Joe looks over to see that Shawn Michaels is still in the ring with them.

Michaels is having to lean against the ropes to bring himself to his feet, where his hair dangles exhaustingly over his face. He whips it out of his face before coming off the ropes and towards RVD and Joe, who look like Michaels is the last man they want to see on the entire planet right now. RVD actually makes a move towards Michaels, but Joe steps between them and pushes RVD back. The crowd wants to see these two go at it and are starting to throw a little bit of heat towards Joe for stopping it, but even with Michaels having his fists at the ready he appears in no condition to want to fight anyone.

Joe starts forcibly pushing RVD back all the way to the ropes to get him out of the ring, Van Dam still pumped and wanting a piece of the guy who screwed him out of the AOW Championship Sunday night. Joe seems to remind him that he has a title match next week and doesn’t want to do much else to put that in jeopardy. Michaels is stepping a little closer to the center ring, but Joe has already prompted RVD to go through the ropes and go on up the ramp. The crowd lets out some disappointed heat, with Van Dam even audibly saying “I know, right? I wanna kick his ass!” Even with this, Van Dam walks behind the curtain, not much griping other than some hands on his hips.

With only Joe and Michaels left in the ring, we get another good look at Michaels’ face, which has gone from self-defensive and sturdy to looking as depressed as he did earlier in the night, as though his dog had died. He starts pushing the hair out of his face again, not taking much note of Joe until Joe starts prompting the crowd to start taunting Michaels, much of the arena starting to join in… “YOU SCREWED ROB! YOU SCREWED ROB! YOU SCREWED ROB! YOU SCREWED ROB!”

Michaels stands now looking at Joe now with a very annoyed expression, Joe giving Michaels a stern look and saying “They speak the truth, hombre.” Michaels just looks at Joe and starts to walk by him to go up the ramp, but then Joe stops him and even forces him back center ring, the crowd letting out their “oooohs”. Michaels’ face is stunned, but Joe just looks at Michaels and says “Rob has a title match next week. I don’t.” Michaels again tries to make his way around Joe, but Joe stops him once again, prompting Michaels to SLAP JOE ACROSS THE FACE in frustration about this whole thing, which only prompts Joe to shoot on Michaels, lifting him and putting him over his shoulder and introducing to AOW the ISLAND DRIVER! ISLAND DRIVER!! The Emerald Flowsion from Joe to Michaels!! Michaels’ body is lifeless as the crowd is going wild, Joe simply looking at him from his seated position. Joe says nothing as his face is fully of intensity as he gets up and leaves the scene to a great ovation. There is a close up of Michaels’ motionless and eagle spread body in the ring as the shot fades to black.


aohdubya.com also has for you a surprise message being sent from the World's Greatest Tag Team to...CM Punk?

Spoiler for The WGTT makes an address:
We open the frame with what looks like Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas in what looks to be an apartment style room, both of them wearing casual wear. As the camera comes from behind a wall to reveal to us Benjamin and Haas, we see that they’re…playing video games? Benjamin is clearly doing something good, while Haas is obviously getting frustrated. There’s lots of button mashing sounds before both men get that air of excitement all gamers feel when a crucial point occurs…which ends with Benjamin exclaiming “YES!” and pumping his fists in the air and leaving Haas to drop the controller in shame and disappointment. Benjamin goes from the couch to looking into the camera, while Haas goes off screen

Sorry you all had to see Charlie here get completely embarrassed by the Master of Games himself, Shelton Benjamin

Haas: (from offscreen)
Master of Cheat Codes is probably a better name

Don’t be such a sore loser, Charlie. See, the me and Charlie here are very competitive guys. We’re competitive on a video game football field or in a real life wrestling ring.
~Benjamin throws the controller he’s still holding on his couch

We might even be overcompetitive. So much so that we did use a video game football field to decide which one of us was gonna take up Muhammad Hassan’s challenge this coming Wednesday on CM Punk. And since y’all just saw me win, the one who will face Punk will be me.
~Haas pops back into the scene, holding both Tag Team Championship belts. He hands one to Benjamin, who slings it over his shoulder

This isn’t personal, Punk. Just want you and everyone to know that. I have nothing against you, but if I have to go through you get a shot at the Dynasty Championship, then that’s just the way it has to be.
~Haas nods beside Benjamin

It’s not even about the money he promised, it’s simply about the title shot. Like I said, we, the World’s Greatest Tag Team are very competitive. We’re so competitive that one strap of gold isn’t enough to satisfy either one of us.

The Greatest always look to get greater. And that’s what me and Shelton are aimin’ to do.

No, Haas, that’s what I’m aiming to do. You lost.

Shut up.
~Benjamin has a small chuckle, Haas getting a small smile on his face

So this is just a heads up to you, Punk. Unlike Muhammad Hassan and unlike the number one contenders to our titles, American Made, I want to show respect towards my opponent. I’m letting you know right now that I’ll be coming down that aisle after you Wednesday. May the greater man win.
~The video fades on the image of Benjamin nodding his head towards the camera as a possible sign of respect towards Punk


Also here on aohdubya.com, a to the point statement from the man who has undergone a big attitude change in the last week, the self-proclaimed "Impact Player", Ken Doane.

Spoiler for Doane unveils plans for "Road of Impact":
We’re at a new scene here, greeted by the face of Ken Doane against a simple white backdrop. Doane is wearing blue, white, and black ring tights, but he’s wearing a matching hooded vest that looks very similar to something the WGTT or AJ Styles would wear.

My name is Ken Doane, Impact Player.
~He takes his hood off after staring into the camera

And I’m gonna keep this short and simple. I’m here to make my mark. And I’m gonna officially begin my Road of Impact by getting my hands on the guys who have tried to embarrass me the last few weeks here in AOW. And that’s those bozos that call themselves ‘Low Jack’, Low Ki and Jack Evans.
~Doane delivers a scowl here

Now I do thank both of you. You two really opened my eyes and showed me just how weak Chris Masters was and how he was in no shape to be by my side to make my impact. But I’ve got unfinished business with both of you.
~Doane flicks his thumb against his nose

So come Wednesday night, I don’t care which one of you steps into the ring against me, but one of you is gonna get it. Then the other one’s gonna get it. Imma make an example out of both you that your goofball time here in AOW is over. It’s time to make way for future. A future that hits hard and goes harder. And that’s exactly what Ken Doane is gonna deliver.
~Doane throws his hood back up and walks away from the scene, out of camera view

Hope to get a preview and news up later in the week. Hope this holds over 'til then


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
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