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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Pulled from PWG's Twitter:
Just an off night last night, started by a group of people who killed the vibe again. A frustrating crowd to wrestle in front of no doubt.

Some pretty ridiculous comments. Can we knock it off with telling wrestlers to go back to ROH? All of these guys are PWG regulars. Guys like O'Reilly love being in PWG. Roddy has been a PWG regular for years. I think he deserves a little more respect than that.
This PWG/RoH BS is starting to piss me off. I'm not a fan of RoH but I will support them against idiocy such as this.

Sure, O'Reilly may be a RoH regular but he had a great match-up with The Young Bucks at PWG's Steen Wolf and the same sentiment goes for Strong. These guys put on entertaining performances for the PWG crowd and yet they're heckled for the promotion they're most closely tied to, dafuq?

The tendency for "smarks" (or, rather, elitist, sad-life douchebags) to move from one flavour-of-the-month opinion to another needs to stop. The Cena hate was one thing, Davey was another but this asinine BS is just a whole new ball-game. It's just bad for wrestling in general, and leaving a sour mood to a show of which the promotion is widely loved by the IWC. Yeah, sure, you want to "protect" your little slice of heaven from the Jiu-Jitsu Jackoffs but you're only ruining the very promotion you're trying to "protect".

From Excalibur's words it seems the guys managed to still wrestle at their best, but it's completely understandable if they're taken out of their zone by besmirching comments such as that. It suddenly becomes a catch-22 if they do, however, as they're now propagating justification as to why they shouldn't step foot in PWG in the crowd's eyes.

Many good and well-loved wrestlers have come from "crappy" promotions, though, so why should it be any different now just because it's RoH? Are we to deny someone their right to be financially secure and happy in life, which, in turn, gives us the enjoyment and reason as to why we watch wrestling simply because the one company that can do that is on the IWC's shit-list?

We get it; RoH sucks and PWG rules but those with an actually decent IQ stopped caring about that trail of thought once the idea started to get over-used. It's just so tiresome. Can we not reach a point where we stop caring about where people are from/what they represent and rather just focus on the match they're trying to put on? I honestly couldn't care where someone is from so long as they entertain me - and the same holds true if a promotion I dislike puts on an entertaining match.

I can't help but think those same fans would have suddenly and hypocritically praised Strong etc if they'd put on a classic and completely forgotten their idiotic hatred from a few minutes before, though...

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