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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Feedback

First off, apologies this has taken so long but anyway…

Kicking things off with Trips was expected after what went down last week and with the title announcement as well as Awesome Truth’s antics. I like how you’re going for complete chaos throughout the company kind of storyline atm, with what happened on Smackdown and T-Long’s position being under review, now this on Raw, it’s a big challenge for Trips in his new authority role. Miz and Truth could certainly get a rub from being involved against Hunter so I don’t mind that. This segment done its job in building to the main event tonight and the No DQ stip is nice. I thought Miz was pretty well characterised here, though Truth needs to be involved a bit more that’s for sure. Security escorting them away is a nice move from Hunter.

Good win for Kozlov here, turning the tables after last week, right call.

I didn’t like this with Ryder to be honest. I like the idea of Swagger taking out his ‘bro’ but if he did do that then Ryder wouldn’t be all fist pumping and ‘Woo woo woo’s’, you would expect him to be a little more fired up, a little more intent on getting payback.

Good stuff here though from Swagger, certainly adds some extra heat to him which is always good when coming up against such a well liked face in Ryder. You’re building this one nicely for when they do meet.

Nice ploy from Vickie here in trying to get Drew to take out Mysterio, the little incentive of joining her was a smart strategy. Should be a good contest later on.

Strong words and a strong display from Beth Phoenix here, making her out to be the dominant diva that she is which is the right thing to do.

Pretty short and sweet from Trips afterwards. I would’ve liked a little bit more from him, a bit unnecessary, could’ve done that backstage but it is nice to see someone like Triple H being involved in a Divas angle.

Interesting stuff with Laurinaitis here. Punk was characterised fairly well here but Johnny not so much, I think he wouldn’t have snapped so soon, he would’ve kep that dickhead smile and simply been a sarcastic so and so to Punk for a little while longer, making Punk work hard to finally break him.

Decent interview here with Kofi. Going the underdog route is definitely the way to go with him so pleased to see that, can’t see him toppling Del Rio however.

Aaaaaaaand I was right but he certainly put up a strong showing which is all you can ask of him really. Kofi comes out looking good, as does Del Rio scoring a big win as champion.

Big Brodus on the way, should be good.

Nice contest again here and a good ending with Ziggler leaving McIntyre high and dry. I’m gonna guess Vickie blames Drew for not doing as she asked despite Ziggler bailing like that. I’m enjoying the Ziggler/Mysterio stuff at the minute and I think their match at NOC could be the show stealer. Only criticism would be that you had both Ziggler and Swagger walk away tonight, though one was before the match had began admittedly.

Another strong showing in the main event here and another interesting ending. Laurinaitis costing Punk’s certainly not a bad way to go as it keeps things going between those two, there’s endless possibilities with that and I’m interested to see what route you do end up taking, it could be gold. Big win for Awesome Truth I must add.

Overall, another decent show here. There were some nice matches towards the end and all the major angles advanced pretty smoothly tonight, be it Trips struggle in charge, Awesome Truth’s carnage, Punk/Laurinaitis, Rey/Dolph and Ryder/Swagger, things all built in one way, shape or form. Keep going, looking forward to NOC.
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