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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by K1ngOfK1ngs View Post
Macho, I'd love to see that list. If it's in order, even better. Gonna take a stab in the dark and say that HIAC I is numero uno on the list. Hope there's some love for the Canadian Stampede tag match. Fucking LOVE that match with a passion.

Hell, maybe we can do a dual project sometime, just hit me up homie.
Here is the wish list I made for a Best of In Your House....

Bret Hart v Hakushi (IYH 1)

HBK v Jeff Jarrett (IYH 2...HBK wins the IC title)

Davey Boy Smith v Bam Bam Bigelow (IYH 3)

Diesel & HBK v Yokozuna & Davey Boy Smith (IYH 3)

Bret Hart v Davey Boy Smith (IYH 5)

HBK V Owen Hart (IYH 6)

Bret Hart v Diesel (IYH 6)

Vader v Razor Ramon (IYH 7)

HBK v Diesel (IYH 7)....This is the only ppv I have ever been to in person....awesome dark matches with Taker over Foley, HHH over Mero and Savio vega over Steve effing Austin which was before their awesome strap match which leads me to....

Savio Vega v Steve Austin (IYH 8...strap match)

Undertaker v Goldust (IYH 10)

HBK v Mankind (IYH 10)...yes this is on a few dvds but it's an amazing match

Steve Austin v HHH (IYH 11)

Undertaker v Mankind (IYH 11...buried alive match)

Sycho Sid v Bret Hart (IYH 12)

Bret Hart v Steve Austin v Vader v Undertaker (IYH 13....four corners elimination match for the winged eagle at the height of the Hart/Austin rivalry....LOVE this one)

Undertaker v Mankind (IYH 14)

Steve Austin v Bret Hart (IYH 14)

Ken Shamrock v Vader (IYH 15)

Bret Hart/Jim Neidhart/Owen Hart/ Davey Boy Smith/ Brian Pillman v Steve Austin/Ken Shamrock/Goldust/Road Warriors (IYH 16)....fantastic match)

Owen Hart v Faarooq (IYH 18)...Owen wins the vacant IC title

HBK v Undertaker (IYH 18)...the original Hell in a Cell

New Age Outlaws v Road Warriors (IYH 19)

Undertaker v Kane (IYH 21)....one of my fav Taker/Kane match

Steve Austin v Dude Love (IYH 22)...also known as Over the Edge

Undertaker v Kane v Steve Austin (IYH 24...kind of a clusterfuck but I like the ending with Austin running down McMahon)

Val Venis v Goldust (IYH 25...you got to throw Venis in there)

HHH v X-Pac (IYH 28)

Taker V Shamrock (IYH 28)

Austin v Rock (IYH 28...last ever In Your House match...tear)


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