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re: WWE 2002: Ruthless Aggression

To answer a few questions before I Post RAW -

Originally Posted by Kintaro View Post
I’m wondering if you’re gonna bring Brock Lesnar in since he already made his debut during this time period. Same goes for Eddie Guerrero as he returned. Will look forward to that if you bring them in.
Lesnar is in OVW at the moment, I will get round to posting the roster for OVW in the near future. Eddie will be back soon. Benoit however had a career ending injury

Originally Posted by Kintaro
Michaels and Foley as GM, that rules. That indeed sounds like fun but I wonder if one of them will go heel. I’d prefer one face GM and one heel GM.
Originally Posted by Phil_Mc_90 View Post
HBK being unveiled as the new GM of RAW surprised me and I'm looking forward to seeing his interactions with Foley as they could be cold. Hoping HBK goes tweener at some point though as I think the GM dynamic works best when there is one heel and one face like Bischoff and Steph.
Heel vs. Face is something both of you have mentioned. There are plans in place, stay tuned

Few thoughts on the draft;
Hope HHH ends up on RAW with his old buddy HBK; could create some great moments
Would like to see Austin go to Smackdown allowing someone else to be the focal point of RAW
Looking forward to seeing how you split the titles and if you split up any teams

Great Show, quick question; will you be writing up the draft show or just posting who went where?
At least the next 5 Raw and SD! will be posted as shows, leading up to Judgment Day, so the show below will explain titles, team-splits and draft picks.

Monday Night Raw
22 April 2002

JR and Jerry Lawler open up the show and say that tonight both Raw and SD! Will have 10 drafts picks each, with SD! Getting first pick due to winning a coin toss. The remaining picks will be determined randomly by a lottery on Tuesday on WWE.COM. Finally they mention that tonight The Rock will be able to choose which brand he defends his title on first.

Opening Segment
Mr McMahon opens the show up. He brings out Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels, the two GMs, to the middle of the ring. Smackdown wins the coin toss and gets the first draft pick. Foley picks Austin (although Austin is yet to arrive at the arena). Michaels then chooses his first draft pick – Triple H! The fans pop as Triple H comes from the back. Michaels meets him on the entrance as the best friends re-unite as the show goes to a commercial.

Match 1: Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Jazz & Ivory
Trish hit Ivory with the Stratusfaction. Lita & Trish stand tall in the ring as Jazz looks on as she walks back up the ramp with her Womens Title.

Draft Segment 1
Stands have been set up on the west and east side of the entrance ramp, one labelled Raw, the other Smackdown. Foley and and Michaels are standing there to make their next draft picks. Foley chooses a man he has had lots of history with; The Undertaker. Michaels then chooses someone he has lots of history with Kevin Nash. Foley then says his third draft pick will be Scott Hall! Michaels looks pissed off as Foley walks to the back leaving Michaels high and dry, as obviously HBK wanted his old friend Scott Hall for a number of reason, including the fact he just chose Halls tag team partner, Kevin Nash.

Match 2: Undertaker vs. Val Venis
Undertaker and Val Venis are in the ring. However Kane comes out and attacks Undertaker before the match really begins. Undertaker manages to escape and actually runs away from Kane. This leaves Kane in the middle of the ring. HBK comes back out and announces Kane is his third draft pick. Kanes pyro goes off as we cut to commercial again.

Match 3: Rob Van Dam & DDP vs. Christian & Lance Storm
Its a fast paced match and RVD hits Christian with the Five Star Frog Splash to pick up the win at 7.01. After the match Foley comes out and chooses RVD, HBK immediately responds by choosing DDP.

Match 4: Big Show vs. William Regal
Hogan goes on commentary whilst Big Show defeats William Regal with a Showstopper at 8.10.

Next Draft Segment
After the commercial, Foley chooses Edge. HBK chooses Angle. Foley chooses Ric Flair. HBK choses Chris Jericho. The camera kept cutting to the back where all the wrestlers were watching on. Jericho and Angle looked very pleased they were on the same show.

Austin Promo
Austin has arrived and makes his way down to the ring. Austin talks about how much he has loved pioneering Raw, but now he is going to Smackdown and will raise even more hell over there and he hopes that Foley can handle it. Scott Hall interrupts Austin. Hall stays at the entrance ramp and rips into Austin, saying that he has had long enough to become Undisputed Champion, and that it is now his time to become Champion. Stone Cold offers to whip Halls ass right now, but Hall walks off.

Another Draft Segment
Next two drafts picks are revealed. Foley chooses Booker T. HBK then chooses Mr. Perfect. It is announced these two will compete next.

Match 5: Booker T vs. Mr. Perfect
The match is strong grappling bout and Booker gets the win via Scissor Kick at 7.10.

Match 6: Matt Hardy w/Lita vs. Hurricane w/Mighty Molly
This match is for the number one contender for the Cruiserweight title. Hardy hits Hurricane with the twist of fate to win at 5.20

Draft Picks and Hardcore Fun!
Foley comes out and choose Cruiserweight champ Tajiri. HBK then chooses Hardcore champ Kama. The camera cuts to both of these in the locker room, but Kama is attacked from behind by Bubba Ray. Bubba and Kama fight onto the entrance ramp where Bubba hits Kama with the smackdown “stand”. Bubba has his own referee and pins Kama to win the Hardcore title!

So impressed Foley then chooses Bubba has his ninth draft pick. Outraged Michaels chooses D-Von! Foley then chooses his last daft pick the number one contender for the cruiserweight title – Matt Hardy. HBK then chooses Jeff Hardy! The camera cuts to the locker room where Jeff and Matt look at each other, acknowledging the parting of ways.

The Rock Chooses a Side
We come back from the commercial. Foley and Michaels are in the ring, The Rocks music hits and outcomes The Rock. JR and The King explain that The Rock will get to choose which brand he defends his title. After lots of back and forth between all three, Rock nails Foley with a ROCK BOTTOM! And announces he will defend against Raw.......Rock ignores the handshake attempt made my Michaels and then walks back up the ramp as the show goes off the air.


Spoiler for Current Draft Results:

Steve Austin
Scott Hall
Rob Van Dam
Ric Flair
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Matt Hardy

Monday Night Raw
Triple H
Kevin Nash
Diamond Dallas Page
Kurt Angle
Chris Jericho
Mr. Perfect
Kama Mustafa
D-Von Dudley
Jeff Hardy

Spoiler for Sunday Night Heat Results:

Crash and Hardcore Holly def. Maven & Tommy Dreamer
Albert def. Planet Stasiak
Test def. Funaki

Spoiler for Raw Results:

Trish Stratus & Lita def. Ivory & Jazz
Undertaker def. Val Venis by DQ
Diamond Dallas Page & Rob Van Dam def. Christian & Lance Storm
Big Show def. William Regal
Booker T def. Mr. Perfect
Matt Hardy def. Hurricane
Bubba Ray Dudley def. Kama for the Hardcore Title

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