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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Taker/Michaels HIAC 1997 is the best match in WWE for me. It's wither that or Taker/Michaels WM 25 (Didn't really dig their match at 26 though). But damn I loved that HIAC match so much to me, it remains the best HIAC match in the company. I never really found Foley vs Taker to be that great outside of those 2 bumps I have the match only at ***3/4, which is still a good rating but Taker vs HBK is no doubt *****.

Oh yeah and I know the brawling style of Austin/Bret soon became the norm and even the norm on it's best night couldn't hold a candle compare to Austin/Bret but personally, the match just never really had that moment. I know a lot of people will cite Austin's pool of blood in the sharpshooter but like I said, how many times have I seen Austin in a pool of blood before watching it. The match is without a doubt a classic and will forever be one but I don't know why after 3 viewings I've never seen anything worthy enough to increase my rating of ****1/2.

The funny thing is though the more that i think of the match as I type and picture it in my head is the more I wanna say "Aww to hell with it *****" but I'm pretty sure if I go and look at it now, I'll be thinking "Nah ****1/2" as I have done in the past lol

I'm down for a list of the top 100 TV matches as well. Man, this thread has become my favourite in the last few months (but jeez is it dead), why the heck was I never posting in here from the day I joined?

BTW is that Backlund vs Valentine match from 1979, the hour match?

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