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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho Summerslam 2000
First off I'd just like to say that I remember the build for this match as if it were yesterday. I'll never forget that night I sat there on the floor (as I always watched wrestling back then, eyes glued onto the TV) wondering if Jericho was dead after Benoit attacked him and slammed the gate on him. I believe it was this feud that really turned be into a Jerichoholic becuase I just found it damn funny when he called Benoit a jackass. This was a match I wanted to see really badly at the time, but didn't have PPV thus couldn't see it. Well here we are 12 years later and my wish as a 5 year old has finally been granted.

Now onto the match. This is a great match. First off, if the words 2 out of 3 falls means nothing but chain wrestling go ahead and give this match ***1/2 while you're at it (I'm looking at you the Dave Meltzer's of the world) but this is a match between two men who HATE each other. Who has time to feel out the other? Right off the bat the match goes into a brawl. Jericho pummels away at Benoit on the outside and Benoit rebounds by slamming Jericho into the post. A well placed shoulder breaker sets the pace for the night and within the early minutes of the match fall 1 goes to Benoit as Jericho taps out to the crippler cross face.

This match was built around Benoit damaging the shoulder of Jericho. Every german suplex Benoit hit, he applied the weight on the left shoulder of Jericho. When Jericho would hit a move, he would the shoulder immediately after. Jericho successfully attempts the Walls of Jericho after trying to turn Benoit over with his injured shoulder. Fall number 2 goes to Jericho.

A couple more minutes and the two men are going at it, Benoit attacking the shoulder. Jericho trying to recover it after hitting Benoit with every that he has. The match ends with Jericho attempting to pin Benoit but at this point there's no strength left in the shoulder. Benoit reverses it, uses the rope for leverage and boy oh boy was a beats of a match this was. Just pure intensity and amazing psychology.


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