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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Honestly, it seems as if the Flair/Steamboat bouts were extraordinary for their time but it seems as if they haven't age well. And it's not because the matches are bad, that 1984 match I give ****1/2. It had great pacing, it was a good old school style match where simple but effective moves were used and it got the job done.

The problem is some spots such as the one at the end where Flair took Steamboat over with the headlock, Steamboat countered into the head scissors and Flair went for the pin and Steamboat reversed with the backslide have been overused to death nowadays. Heck those kind of spots take place within the first 2 minutes of matches nowadays. Not to mention the ridiculously fast pace at which it occurs. This is why I complain about indy wrestling and made a thread about in the Other section. And I'm not trying to stir a pot there, I'm just saying that the more and more high impact moves become regular moves the more unbelievable and hard to sell wrestling becomes. When roll ups are over used they lose the magical feel of the babyface trying to give it all that he's got left in the tank to win this. or the heel outsmarting the face and you're thinking "holy shit" There was a point in time in Japan where guys were kicking out of piledrivers after 1. When the audience is told to believe that you can take a brainbuster followed up with shining wizard followed up by a top rope suplex into another suplex on the floor and still kick out, then what could possibly end a match?

And the indies are not guilty of this alone. I look at Bret Hart vs Steve Austin WM XIII and think damn what a great match. Talk about a ****1/2 match. Only to figure out that the time this was considered a ***** match? By the late 90s, that's the kind of matches we were getting on RAW. That style of wrestling (the brawling, hard hitting style) became the norm. What was once seen as extraordinary is now seen as ordinary.

I'm a fan of that old school style of wrestling that Flair/Steamboat match from 84 demonstrated, but I'm pretty a lot of new school fans aren't gonna have that match any higher than ***1/2. The opening 10 minutes would have put lots of people to sleep.

Pro wrestling has evolved so much over the years that these classic matches are soon becoming just great matches. 20 years from now classics of this time would be seen as just great matches as well. The only thing I'm worried about is WWE turning to the indy style of wrestling that's all about hard hitting, high impact move after high impact move. That may be the day I stop watching wrestling. There's no way I could ever be sold on that style of wrestling.

Then again the WWE did manage to revert itself from the fast paced, brawling style they carried in the Attitude Era back to the old school, more technical side by 2000 (while they were still in the Attitude Era) and by the time the Attitude Era ended, the only time we got those brawling type matches was when it was needed i.e. in matches like HIAC, street fights etc. So in the mean time I'm keeping my fingers crosed that WWE sticks to their more traditional style of wrestling and of course you will always have wrestlers adding a little spice of their characters into their matches such as Ziggler.

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