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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I think you'll find it actually means Daniel. But the "Japanese Letters" made me laugh.

Tbh, I added that caption because, from what I've noticed, Sekimoto seems to be in many people's higher rated matches and they have genuinely said he's gunning for their worker of the year. I saw the picture of Casas, was reminded of Condescending Wonka, and knew I had to post it in reference to Milkman7's claim. I had no idea it would get this much attention, but perhaps it's deservedly needed.

Negro Casas Vs Blue Panther (02/03/2012)

What I loved about these two is that they've taken the annoying short-fall concept and integrated it into a meaningful aspect to the match. For instance, the first fall came in around two minutes, but it made sense. Casas knew an early fall wouldn't be as detrimental to him as fighting the Fujiwara would have been and wrestling the rest of the match one arm down. It also gave Panther a target to hone his stiff kicks and attacks on, too. Panther took a different route to Casas' submission, though, and paid for it.

I loved the beginning of the tercero caida, too. It just hit home that these guys weren't interested in anything but injuring each other and making the most out of their grudge match. That sick smile from Casas, as well as him taunting the crap out of an injured Panther is probably one of my favourite moments in wrestling this year (behind Tajiri weeping after his match with Finlay).

It was pretty weird to see an Aspuestas match end in a draw, but my guess is that they're wishing to continue milking this great feud and looking at a blow-off at one of the Anniversary shows (April or September). Exceedingly better on second viewing and definite contender for one of my final top matches of the year.

Rating: 4.25+

Yuji Nagata & Wataru Inoue vs Masayuki Kono & Minoru (AJPW 03/02/2012)

Seabs described the match perfectly way back in the thread, but I'll say it again. This match built on so much from the WK incident and will probably go down as one of the better short matches of the year. Funaki's lackeys going solely for Nagata really added to the dynamic and played a lot on the crowd not giving a single iota about the outsider Inoue. Really loved how whenever he made a gesture or attempted to get into the ring, Kono/Minoru would kick the shit out of him and push him back out. Great little story with a nice ending that played on the WK incident that started all of this.

This was a great event for AJPW. The bout makes it match three for three that I've enjoyed the hell out of on this event alone - Jun Akiyama Vs Takao Omori (4.25), Kenny Omega Vs Kaz Hayashi (4+) and now this. Gently Caress!

Rating: 3.75

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