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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

That match kicked ass and was the perfect cap to the good Omega/Hayashi bout before it.

I beg to differ on the botched ending, though. Akiyama hit his Sternness Dust α, the crowd and announcers were at their peak and Akiyama covered him knowing the match was done. I'm just doubtful he'd pull out his big match finisher only for Omori to kick out (especially noting the build up to this point). If anything it was the ref who botched the ending - slipping his hand in the pretense Omori would kick out, realised his mistake and counted for a "fourth".

Not to continually play devil's advocate, either, but I don't see the issue with the exploder suplexes, too. I'd have found it silly to end that match on an exploder, as it would have been epically flat, but Omori sold it fine. After kicking out of a second exploder, it's not like he went Eddie Edwards style and no-sold everything. He actually looked dazed and collapsed after returning some offence at a charging Akiyama. It's just an exploder, after all. Omori's Full Nelson Suplex later on, and especially the overabundance of German Suplexes in wrestling prove contrary to that statement, too. Both look nastier than an exploder (which saw Omori land more squarely on his shoulders), as the opponent lands on his neck and the tops of his shoulders. If we're to ignore those I don't see why we can't give a pass to the exploder either. After all it is less painful, realistically.

I loved the kicks, as well, and, imo, they played a part in putting Omori's legitimacy over. He endured those exploders, a heapful of punishment throughout the match and some stiff-as-hell kicks that made him bleed and yet still kept on going - that's fighting spirit. It just helped build up to having him put away with the SD-α for me.

Great match and great crowd. I covered my rating for it in my Top 15 list I posted a couple days ago, but needless to say this is still my 5th in line for MotY.

Side note: JA needs to seriously invest in some new spandex. That silver design over his crack continually makes me think Akiyama has a serious anal-sweat problem.

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