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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Royal Rumble 2012

Daniel Bryan v Big Show v Mark Henry
It's interesting how taste changes over time. At one point I couldn't stand guys like Big Show and Mark Henry, now I prefer them to a lot of the more athletic flashier workers. Bryan didn't really get the chance to light it up like I was hoping but he played his role well and Show looked good. The finish came somewhat abruptly but it was something different so I'm cool with it. Decent opener, serviceable title defense.


Divas Tag
I've seen worse but this was pretty bad. Not much to talk about. Kelly Kelly did a high spot which was kinda cool but didn't look very good, Beth hit the Glam Slam, Eve looked decent when she was in the ring but they should show her booty pop from the back view, don't remember anything else. Bra and panties matches are sorely missed.


John Cena v Kane
Wow, I really enjoyed this. Like as much as I ever thought it was possible to enjoy a match between these two. Let me start by saying this is the first time I've seen Kane since his comeback and he looks badass as fuck in that attire. That definitely added to my enjoyment of the match. Always loved me some Kane uppercuts and dug the strike exchanges between the two. Also like that new suffocation move Kane uses. Strong showing from him and Cena held up his end of the bargain in typical Cena fashion. Disappointing finish but I was into this from start to finish. The post match stuff was solid as well.


Brodus Clay v Drew McIntyre
What The Funk?

CM Punk v Dolph Ziggler
Good match with smooth technical work and slick counters as you'd expect. Fell short of being a show stealer but still good. Can't say I cared for the Laurinaitis shit.


Rumble Match
Won't last long in the memory as far as top notch Rumbles go but it had its moments. Enjoyed the comedy stuff early on especially Ricardo's cameo, Kofi's handstand spot was a highlight, and the three announcers being in it was kinda cool although overall I felt the field showcased a glaring lack of star power. Nice to see Jericho back. Solid back and forth action from the final two. Fun Rumble.


Mid-level PPV.

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