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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by kazukek View Post
Are those 1800 cals net or total per day? I try and do Insanity a few times a week and it recommends 3100 cals a day, and this is not even accounting for my daily 3 mile jog which then states I should be eating 3600, which feels like way to much. I understand that will probably be net 2500 or so, but still feels rather high, but again this could be attributing to my wild cravings if I am only consuming 2000 total per day and I am possibly burning up to 900, for an adult male that might just be too low. Also what type of cardio are you doing?

This is what I hate about nutrition what works for someone doesn't necessarily work for another
apparently I need 2642.89 calories to maintain my weight of 191 lbs.(of sexy steel muscle). with a 500 calorie deficit that's 2142 calories. I don't see how I use up 2642.89 calories in a day though, I usually run in the mornings, lift at night, sit around and study or play games throughout the day. So I have a larger deficit, and I never go hungry at 1800 calories.

according to this:
I need 2900 calories a day to maintain my weight, that's way too much in my opinion. I'd recommend setting a number you feel is low enough and satisfying enough, then wait a few weeks to see results; then fine tune. If I feel weaker at the gym or tired a lot at 1800, I'll adjust it.

for cardio, I have a row machine in my house I do 30 minutes on occasionally. I've been running a shit load because it's nice out now, and I bought a cheap bike to go riding on. I generally do at least 30 minutes of one of those, shooting for 45 minutes; but I also listen to audio books so I don't get bored.

I don't look at what I burn from exercise, that's hard to estimate. I just worry about staying within my deficit.
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