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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Starting this one off with Jericho/Lashley/Wright was the right move after what went down at World Ablaze. Seeing Lashley all suited and booted is gold and that first line out of his mouth had me dying, Jericho brainwashing right there. Lashleyís little speech was fine, did its job, nothing too shocking, hard to do so with a guy like him. Jericho revealing there was another ace in the hole was a little surprising and then Shawn Michaels? Wow. I knew something was up when Michaels acted a little off at the end of World Ablaze but this is justÖ I donít know. I like the whole angle of Michaels having to win the title, itís a good set up but I didnít like the way this was done. Michaels promised to give Jericho the win if he deserved it? Well uh, thatís the refereeís job for either man isnít it? If Michaels was really gonna be blackmailed then heíd have given Jericho the win at any and all cost.

Van Dam coming out was no surprise and I liked the fact he didnít hold back and showed just how pissed off he was. Big time announcement from Foley here and that is one hell of a stipulation for next week with the loser never again getting a title shot. Major stakes, should be a hell of a match with a lot of outside possibilities Iím guessing.

Very entertaining match to start, no surprise with the six men who were on show. The Samoan Fight Club are looking hugely impressive right now and I can see their dominance continuing a little while longer yet.

Decent exchange here between Hassan and the Mercs. I like the idea of Hassan not putting his hand in his pocket yet until the job is further done, good stuff.

I liked the last little paragraph from Danielson here, the end bit about Danielson dishing out a reality check was nice. The interview as a whole though was a bit nothing like, it seemed more of a way just to get Danielson on the show and have Miz talk himself up some more. I wouldíve had him talk a little more about beating Helms and where he goes next.

Good stuff with Hassan and Punk here, I thought you got Punkís smartass character pretty much dead on and Hassan comparing him to a street rat is a nice analogy lol. The bounty on Punkís head is nice but I thought you were gonna go the route of anytime, any place, allowing the Mercs to strike him down backstage or something but a weekly challenge could be very entertaining. Doane was never gonna win but he didnít come out looking weak so thatís a positive and a nice momentum builder for Punk too.

Nice brawl backstage and Iím glad this is the route youíre going with the SFC. Sons need a feud and after what went down at World Ablaze this is the right way to go, should be a good one between these four.

Really good detail in the video package here, set the scene perfectly. Iím guessing this is Carlito but not a hundred percent sure.

Should be good to see who LowJackís opponents are, Iím guessing WGTT or Londrick.

Interesting exchange here with American Made and the SFC. Wonder what the deal is there then, must be they win the titles, they got a shot? Certainly different though considering SFC couldíve got the shot themselves at World Ablaze? Maybe youíll swerve us!

Ah, the Hooliganz it is!! Certainly a good match up on paper and it delivered as per usual, some nice action from two fan favourites, always exciting for the crowds and for us as readers. Big win for the Hooliganz too, gives them a little bit of momentum back.

Mighty, mighty fine main event here my friend. Loved some of the spots in this one and it really showcased how strong the main event is right now with these four knocking about as well as Christian to hopefully return soon. Huge win for Lashley to keep his momentum rolling right now, heís looking unstoppable and itís another downer for HBK, great call to keep that going. The aftermath was surprising, Samoa Joe returning is great, certainly the right time and to come to the aid of his friend also, my only problem is I donít quite know where he fits in at the minute. The stuff with Finlay was great, whether he and Lashley do battle or even he and Wright, will no doubt be interesting stuff.

On the whole, a very solid show here fresh off a hell of a PPV. I thought the opening did its job but was a little shaky with the whole Michaels thing. Highlight for me was Hassan/Punk here, that advanced well tonight and the main event to close things off was a great read. Keep going with this, the possibilities are endless and the main event next week has me gripped.
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